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Mr. Khan was on his hourly patrol of the zoo where he worked as a night time security guard, he liked doing the job as it not only helped with his pension but he was able to see all the animals free of charge, he wished he could work more shifts but he only worked Saturday and Sunday evenings. It was just after midnight as Mr Khan checked the monkey enclosure throwing a couple of bananas into the cage as he went. After checking all the animals he returned to the office sat down and looked at the note from his boss warning him of an animal liberation group in the area and not to tackle them if they got into the zoo. Mr Khan got the flask of homemade soup from his bag undid the top and poured the soup down the sink, he then got a bottle of rum from the locker and said aloud ” best soup there is” As he took swigs from the bottle he saw a couple of girls on the security screens, he knew both girls one was sixteen year old Dawn a local loud mouthed trouble maker and her sister Amy who was a couple of years younger than Dawn, after checking all the screens Mr Khan saw the girls were the only ones in the zoo, he thought time for police back up went to his locker opened it and took out his grandsons baseball bat that his grandson had given him to protect himself with, after getting the bat he walked out the office heading towards where the girls were as he approached the area he could hear that the monkey’s were excited and making a lot of noise as he rounded the corner he stopped and saw that Amy was kicking at the cage her tee shirt was very badly ripped and was hanging in shreds on her body, Dawn was trying to free her sister, a monkey was holding Amy by the hair pulling her head. Mr Khan stopped where he was and watched he saw a monkey grabbed Dawns joggers pulling them as he did, other monkey’s joined the mayhem at the cage bars, Mr Khan smiled when he saw Amy’s bra get ripped of revealing her firm boobs, he also saw that Dawn’s joggers were in shreds and that she had no panties on showing off her cute bum, Mr Khan smiled thinking to himself keep up the good work my little pets, after a few minutes Mr Khan saw that Dawn was naked having had her clothes ripped off by the monkey’s her nice large boobs swinging free as she tried to free her sister who was now wearing just a pair of skimpy panties, Amy with the help of Dawn was able to pull free, Mr Khan moved forward with a stun gun in his hands he banged the bars of the cage with the baseball bat the monkey’s all went into the enclosure, Mr Khan took the girls to the security office where he gave them a blanket to cover over with. Mr Khan told the girls they were lucky not to have been hurt. Dawn replied in her normal loud mouthed way ” what you saw me naked that aint lucky” Mr Khan got the girls some overalls and after they had dressed he let them out through the gate.  The next evening Mr Khan was sat in the office when he saw Dawn in the zoo on her own heading towards the office, Mr Khan got the baseball out and put it by the table. Dawn entered the office she had the overalls she had been given the previous night, Dawn gave the overalls to Mr.Khan saying you enjoy seeing me naked last night have a good luck at my tits and cunt did you, Mr Khan just sat looking and when Dawn asked him how old he was he replied telling her that he was sixty four, Dawn smiled then said bet you would have liked to have fucked us both, to his surprise Dawn lowered her joggers rubbed her love tube and said to Mr Khan  ” you want to fuck me now” Mr Khan watched in disbelief as Dawn stripped naked, he saw her nipples were erect, Dawn lay down on the floor parted her legs and said ” come on fuck me” Mr Khan stood undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection spring out and was soon sliding it into Dawn’s wet and willing love tube then started to thrust away with Dawn groaning in pleasure as he did after half a hour Dawn had cum twice Mr Khan pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the floor before standing up, Dawn got dressed looked at Mr Khan and said ” you coffin dodgers are better at fucking than boys my age” a few weeks later Dawn made another late night visit to the zoo and was then visiting every Sunday evening and during her visits Mr Khan never did his rounds he was to busy with other things.

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