Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Dawn was a sixteen year old blonde haired girl who lots of boys drooled after and could only dream of dating her, many boys had tried to get her into bed on a one night stand but all had failed, Dawn was staying true and faithfull to her boyfriend Steve who she had been dating for just over a year she was happy with him and in love with him. It was the night of Steve’s brother brother Andy’s birthday party, Andy was two years younger than Dawn and despite her knowing that Andy was a creep who tried spying on her Dawn was attending his birthday party with Steve, the party was in full swing and Dawn had just finished talking with her mate Mandy and was looking for Steve and after being told that he was upstairs Dawn went looking for him and after checking a couple of rooms went into the spare room and got a shock there was Steve kneeling on the floor in front of Sara who had her louse wide open, the house fell silent when Dawn’s very high pitched scream of ” you bastard ” echoed round it followed by a heavy thud then Dawn came running down the stairs and out into the street, after a few minutes Dawn was sat in the park in a very angry mood, after being there for ten minutes Andy appeared he looked at Dawn and was about to speak to her when Dawn said ” your brother is a two faced cheating scum back” before Andy could make any form of reply ” Dawn said ” well if he can cheat so can I ” she then said to Andy ” you been trying to get a look at my tits for ages so here they are” and raised her jumper letting her naked ample boobs fall free, Andy stared at them thinking very nice and feeling his dick go solid” and when Dawn said ” come on have a play with them” Andy did not hesitate and went over to Dawn and started to massage her boobs and after a minute felt Dawn’s hand slide over his crutch then start to undo his trousers and after a minute he was stood playing with Dawns boobs while she slowly stroked his six inch dick and after a minute Dawn knelt down then took Andy’s dick into her mouth and started to suck it, Andy stood there enjoying his very first blow job and after five minutes was squirting his cum into Dawn’s mouth which she swallowed, after five minutes Andy was walking back to the party in a daze hardly believing what had happened while Dawn walked through the park on her way to her home when she saw Mark who was in her class at school and hated because he was a flasher, Steve had beat him up for flashing at Dawn, Mark was sitting on his bike when he saw Dawn and when Dawn lifted her jumper exposing her naked boobs Mark was so surprised that he fell off his bike, when he got up Mark could not believe what he was seeing, Dawn was now stood in just her panties, Mark lowered the front of his joggers letting his seven inch erection to spring out and when Dawn took her panties off and lay on the ground spreading her legs Mark walked over to where she lay looking down at her love tube and when Dawn said ” do not just stand there fuck me” Mark knelt down between Dawn’s parted legs and after bending forward slid his throbbing erection into her love tube and started to thrust in and out glad he had taken viagra and after five minutes felt Dawn cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and soon felt her climax a second time and not long after he pulled his dick from Dawn’s love tube and squirted his cum over the grass and after a few minutes watched as Dawn put her jumper and skirt on leaving her panties on the ground before she walked off, Mark rode off on his bike and like Andy was in a daze not believing what had happened, Dawn arrived home to find her best mate Cindy waiting for her, her mate looked at Dawn and said ” your a stupid cow you got things wrong Steve is a trained first aider he was not fucking Sara she had gashed her shoulder Steve was putting a dressing on it her brother was in the corner” Dawn looked at her mate and said ” what” Cindy said ” you forget Sara is a lesbian” Dawn then realised that she had made a very big mistake, Cindy then said ” I followed you from the party and saw you suck Andy off and also strip naked and let Mark fuck you” Dawn looked at Cindy who then said ” sucking Andy off makes you a dirty pedo and stripping naked and letting Mark fuck you makes you a dirty slag you are a dirty slag of a pedo” Dawn looked at Cindy and said no Cindy said ” oh yes you are your finished here you pedo slag” Dawn said no, Cindy smiled and said you are going to do what I say or it is all over town what you are, there was a knock on the door Cindy opened it and let Andy in, Any looked at Dawn and said ” when you hit Steve with that vase you cracked his skull he is in hospital” Cindy said to Andy ” you want to fuck her” Andy nodded saying yes, Cindy looked at Dawn and said ” get your clothes of bitch” Dawn knew that she was beat and after a few minutes was stood naked, Andy looked at her and said ” very nice” Cindy made Dawn lay on the table and part her legs, Andy looked at her open love tube and smiled and when Cindy said to him ” go on get stuck in” Andy quickly lowered his trousers and soon slid his dick into Dawn’s love tube and started thrusting in and out and after five minutes squirted his cum over the floor and after ten minutes was walking home thinking this has been the best birthday ever and I lost my virginity, the next morning twelve year old Asif was delivering the papers and when he approached the house where Dawn lived he got a pleasant shock he could see Dawn sat on a kitchen chair naked masturbating Asif stood still watching and admiring Dawns ample boobs and after a few minutes saw Dawn gush, Asif put the paper through the door and walked away happy at what he had just seen, Inside the kitchen Cindy said to Dawn your days of teasing boys are over a lot of them are going to be happy from now on. Later at the hospital Cindy was talking to Steve and said to him ” I told Dawn you were not cheating on her with Sara she now knows she made a mistake” Steve said good I am dumping her” then after a short pause added ” it is a very good job that she do not know about us” and slid his hand up Cindy’s skirt.

By Yumiko

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