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“Aah, aarghh..!! No… Please Saran, I can’t..! please lets stop” Pavithra screamed in discomfort, as I tried to get into a rhythm with my cock inside her. She was seemingly in pain and nervousness as she curled up the bed with tears in eyes. I was very disappointed, after all this is the 3rd time we try to get steamy in our 4 years of relationship and all every time I haven’t been able to keep doing it for even 2 minutes. I was still worried looking at her weeping face. I took her in my arms and kissed her.

“Its ok, Pavi.. Its ok.. Why are you having tears for a small matter”

“I’m sorry Saran.. I’m trying but I just can’t do it.. Its paining a lot.. I don’t think I can do it.. I’m afraid I may faint” tears welled more.

I giggled. Kissed her on her forehead and said “No you won’t babe.. But its ok enough for now.. Don’t be sad your prettiness is your smile”

She smiled and hugged me. We cuddled until she fell asleep. But I wasn’t able to. I went to the bathroom, jacked off – seeing a latest porn video of Kirsten Scott and then came back to bed. I was unhappy. Especially after jacking off, I was unhappy.

I’m Saravanan aka Saran. Pavithra is my girlfriend for 4 years. She, I and 3 other friends are a gang from college days – 2 girls and 3 guys. I was quickly charmed by her good character. She was pretty, slim, fair and a good enough body. She is that kind of girl that any guy would want as girlfriend. I wasn’t able to play a friend for long, and confessed my feelings for her. She took her time and obliged – making us the only pair in the group of friends. We all got jobs, split off but stayed in touch. We visited friends homes together sometimes to stay for couple of days. Pavithra and I grew thicker over time. Everything went well until I found that she doesn’t like sex.

She was very lovely and sweet. She was willing to have a baby, but afraid of sex. As said earlier, we got steamy when we were alone few times, but she was never willing to. I talked to her but nothing was helping. She wont even give me a blowjob, and as much as I would hate to admit, have never received a single blowjob in a relationship of 4 years. I was desperate as we grew older – we are 25. Even when we went on a hill station trip as a gang, we both stayed alone in a room. The friends envied us a little, but only I know that nothing happened apart from kiss and cuddle. I told her we could get sex counseling, but she was reluctant until we get married. So basically I was a virgin until god knows how long.

As days were passing desperate, I used to touch Pavi in sexual ways. I would grab her ass while walking. I would gently press her little boobs in the theater, and rub her thighs. I thought she might eventually come around, but she only dreaded sex more. She termed me ”desperate pervert” once in a heat of the moment. Though she apologized quickly, she was very hard. And then the universe planned something for me in an unexpected way.

We had planned a 2 day stay at my favourite  friend’s home – Shalini. She is the only other girl in the gang. She was short, shy and a quiet girl by nature. But she would get talkative when I’m around. She’s caring by nature. I used to tease her for her height many times. We have hit each other, even hugged each other so many times, but never had any sexual inclinations towards her. During the visit, all others slept off by night and I wasn’t able to. I was watching youtube on my mobile and was sitting outside. By 1 am suddenly Shalini came near and called me.

“Hey idiot, what are you doing here outside?”

“Hey weasel, I wasn’t able to sleep. So just came outside for some air. Why are you here by the way?”

“I couldn’t sleep either.. Saw you missing and came outside”. We had a little walk on her stairs with fresh air. We talked. About whatever that came up – the 1 am talk. We talked about the sky, the stars, the climate, the nature, cinema, everything. Then we came to our relationships.

“So whats going on between you and Pavi?”

“What..? No, nothing, why?”

“No, I sensed a little tension between you both.. That’s why asked.. It’s ok”

“Hmm.. No prob..”

“Does she torture you often?” she asked naughtily.

“Sometimes” I smiled.

“Girls nature” she said. “But Pavi is a good girl”.

“Would you torture your boyfriend?”

“Me..? I don’t have one don’t you know?”

“Okay your husband?”

“Yeah maybe.. That’s in our genes, can’t help it na”

“Why don’t you have a boyfriend by the way?” punched her shoulder.

“Not my type da.. I’m not made for emotional drama.. You know right”

I put my arms around her shoulder in a usual friendly way. “But you are a very good friend weasel” I said. She leaned on my shoulder and I kind of gently hugged her around.

After long talk we had already had, I felt like opening the matter up to her.

“Actually you are right.. There is a problem between Pavi and me”

“What is it?”

“She doesn’t like my touch”

“That’s ridiculous.. Why does she think so what happened?”

“Hard to explain”

“You guys are cute together.. You have even slept together.. What happened now?”

“That exactly is the problem.. We have only slept”

She was taken aback a little. She was controlling but she eventually laughed “Ha ha you mean NOTHING happened..? :P”

I hit her shoulder and pulled her back. “Yes.. She doesn’t like it at all”

She didn’t laugh this time. “That’s hard.. Don’t worry she will come around.. Give her time”

“2 years already.. Things only get worse she has started to dislike even my touch”

“Sad.. Don’t know what to say” she said.

“Getting hard as we grow older.. Don’t know what wrong I did” Time was about 2 AM.

There was a little silence. “You deserve to be happy da.. Not like this..”

I smiled at her. Her look was telling something. I asked her what it is. She said nothing. I asked her again to speak out. Then she confessed something that changed my life altogether.

“I never thought I would ever say this out.. I like you Saran.. Always.. From the beginning”

“Is it a prank?” I asked and she turned away. I asked her to continue.

“I had a soft corner for you always Saran.. A crush.. I feel you are kind, caring, and charming.. I even thought of a guy like you as my ideal husband.. I was really jealous of Pavi when you both got committed. But I thought I made peace with that”

I was blank for words. I never had sexual thoughts on her until that moment, but her confession and having her close to me, made my mind dirty. Let me tell about her here – she is a dusky, average looking girl. She is little short, and has good busts for someone 5’5. If she dressed well – yes she was hot – but not so cute. Yet I have myself seen many guys drooling at her bosoms. Let’s come back to the story.

“I thought I made peace with both of you.. Until I heard what you said now”

I was silent. “I don’t know what to say”. But in my mind I have already started to dream of fucking her”

“It’s ok.. You don’t have to say anything” she said.

“Maybe if you had opened up your feelings back then, things would have been different now”

“Maybe” she said, staring away.

“Why did you tell me this after all this time” I asked.

“Because I thought you were happy with her”

Once again I was lost for words. She broke the silence again. “Be with me”

I was confused. Didn’t know if she dropped THAT sign. I safely said “I’ll be with you always.. Don’t worry”

She turned to me. “I love you Saran.. You are my joy.. I want you to be happy.. I can give you that happiness.. Be with me”

My nerves were full of current by the time. I realized that she just dropped THAT sign finally. Suddenly she hugged me and got herself lost between my arms. Though I have hugged her so many times, my cock stood up instinctively for the first time. I gave in to my man-instincts and grabbed her hip tight. She was so soft and thick, it felt so arousing to have a best friend – my girlfriend’s best friend like that. Just as I started to take things further, she moved away. I looked at her in disappointment.

“Not here da.. Not today..” She kind of smiled (but she hid it) at my disappointment. As she was moving away, I grabbed her hand and pulled her close. I held her face with both my hands and kissed her on her lips.

A nice, deep smooch it was, with a little tongue play too. I never felt so much blood surge through my cock for just a kiss. It felt so pleasing and arousing, knowing that the girl I’m kissing would do anything to please me. I lost count of how long we kissed.

“I wanna make love to you Shalu” I said, after the kiss. Still holding her face.

“I want you to give me all the love you’ve bottled up for her so far” she said, placing her hands on mine.

“I promise I will” I sucked her lips hard again and we parted off. I was waiting for the day we would make love.

To be continued..

By Yumiko

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