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Hello guys, hope you all liked the first part of the story.

So after that late night at Shalu’s house, particularly after that lip-lock, we became a lot closer. We started chatting even more, like, all the time. I started reducing my time for Pavithra and even had a few fights with her for neglecting her. I lied to Pavi that it was because of my work, but it was actually because of Shalu. I never regretted that because, Shalu was such a charming girl to talk to. Shalu was so caring and outgoing, while Pavi was a more holding-back type of a girl. I too started caring her more than my own GF; and in fact she became my routine.

Our chats became intimate in no time. Late night chats happened almost every day. Kissing smileys were the first ones among frequent smileys used. She would ask me to confess every night before sleep, that ‘Love you Shalu’ became the phrase that my autocorrect suggested every time. She was so much into me that she started calling me as Saran baby.

Even when we met a couple of times for lunch, of course without our friends’ knowledge, our talks began taking a turn. I would flirt with her blatantly and she too enjoyed it so much. I complimented her regularly and she kept falling flat for me. She used to hold my hands and lay on my arms, which Pavi never did in public, and everytime I felt the urge to ‘take’ Shalu right away right there. There were times that I called her “Princess of Ass-gard”. Once we were on a self-driving car after lunch and this happened.

“Ya baby..?”
“Nothing.. You’ll kill me if I said :p ”
“I’ll kill you only if you don’t say.. Say it”
“No.. It will be inappropriate..”
“Oh.. You think..? “ she smirked.
“Why that smirk?”
“Even after everything we have gone through after that night, you still think it’s inappropriate?”
“Babe.. You won’t like it”
“I’m giving you 2 minutes. That’s it”
“Ok here you go. Have I ever told you, how beautiful your back is?”

She blinked for a few seconds.

“I don’t get you..?”
“See, I told you, you might not like it”
“Hey idiot, I really didn’t get you da.. Did you mean my butt?”
“Yeaaaaah” I grinned ear-to-ear.
She blushed so much that her dusky cheeks showed red.
“They aren’t butts. They are my door to heaven” I said.
“Too much”
“Hey loosu, I’m damn serious. Your butt is the sexiest one I’ve ever seen.. I’ll die for it”
“You don’t need to die, it’s yours anyway 😛 “
“Thank you, princess of Ass-guard” I made a bowing gesture. She laughed hard and hugged my arm. She gently kissed my shoulder. I stopped the car and we kissed madly. But she stopped me again in few minutes.

“Shalu please, I need you” I acted like pleading her when she stopped me.
She laughed and bite my chin. “I need you more baby.. But not here. I need you in private. I need to feel like home”
“You are merciless” I started driving again.

We both wanted to get intimate badly, but it was hard managing our relationship a secret. Yet that didn’t stop me from misbehaving with her in public places :p We had a gang-outing with our friends, but Pavi was not with us that day. We played adventure games as teams. We got handcuffed in pairs and all were locked inside a dark room. To escape, we were asked to solve photographs inside the dark room using a UV pen-torch. It was so fun playing that, but more importantly, it was a great chance for me to touch Shalu.

I got cuffed with her voluntarily. While our friends tried to solve the pictures with interest, I kept touching her in all the places I wanted. She was caught in between being a good girl and being mine. We held our hands; she leaned on me romantically by standing in front. She didn’t expect me to cross limits there. But I had other ideas. I gently rubbed and measured over her ass curves and gently squeezed them by standing behind. She was shocked but couldn’t move thanks to the handcuffs.

When the guys moved to the next room to find more clues, she turned and stared at me like “hey..! What are you doing!” I laughed. She then started looking for something with the little torch we had. I suddenly grabbed her waist from behind. Her belly had a little extra flesh, and was so soft like chapatti flour. I gently rubbed over her t-shirt and sent my hand inside and reached for her navel. She took a big breath and closed her eyes. She placed her other hand on mine, leaned on me and let me have my way with her. She leaned further back and tight into my arms, forgot everything and decided to go with the flow. I loved the way she gave in to her temptations, which I have never seen in my 2 years of relationship. I decided to stop in a few seconds, after a small kiss on cheek. Then we continued the game and escaped the room.

When we came out, the managing guy smiled at us and jokingly refused to remove our cuffs. “It looks good for you two, why not we leave it this way?” We both blushed at each other. If it were Pavithra, we would have had a mini break up that evening. But Shalu was opposite. She melted with me in the phone instead.

“Saran.. Miss you baby”
“Miss you too darling.. But it’s been just 2 hours since we said bye :P”
“Ya I know.. But I don’t know why.. You only did something to me”
“I haven’t done yet, trust me :P”
“I want you here now”
“Yes.. Come hereee”
“Guys won’t be allowed there babe :P”
“What happened to you today :P”
“I’m melting with your touch”
“I know J”
“Was it so obvious?”
“Yeah, like ‘pleease-take-me-my-lord’ kind of obvious :P”
“Achooo.. No.. I don’t want it to be like that”
“Ha ha”

I didn’t just stop there. I used to misbehave with her in many places, and she never got angry for that. I spanked her butt in an ice-cream shop once when no one watched. When she asked why I did that, I just said her ass looked sexy in her tight jeggings. She only blushed when I said that, and I spanked her thrice again the same day before we left. Once we attended a classmate’s wedding in traditional attire, and she came in a saree which we bought together for the wedding. I fell ‘splat’ on seeing her attire. I have seen Pavithra so many times in saree, but Shalu was totally a level above.

She knew herself, her curves, and she knew how she had to dress. The saree we took was navy blue in color. She wore a silver colored semi-bare back blouse with a short sleeve for that saree. She had straightened her hair for the occasion, and had a simple but elegant make up. I was drooling at her and she signalled to me to close my mouth. I texted her immediately as we couldn’t talk in front of friends.

“You look like an angel”. She blushed looking at her phone.
“Thanks, you are handsome in veshti”
“No you don’t understand babe. You are killing..!”
“Stop it da.. I only have simple make up”
“That’s why you look sexy”
“Oh, you think I’m I sexy now? :p”
“Yes.. I feel like eating you like a cake J”
“Aaahaan..? Go ahead who’s stopping you? 😛 :P”
“I want to see your hip.. Disappointed to see that you’ve covered”
“Don’t think we can meet in private here”
“No need right, just lower the saree for an inch dear”
“No. If you wanna see me, only you are gonna see me 😉 no one else“

“Okay, what will you give me if I make it happen”
“A hundred kisses :* “
“Hmm, no. I want only one”
“Just one? I thought my baby would be hungry seeing me in saree 😉 “
“Just one.. On your navel”
“Poda.. No”
“If you don’t like it then kisses are fine”
“First let’s think if it’s possible at all”

I then gave her an idea.

“Tell the others you need something from the room you girls are staying near the marriage hall”
“For what?”
“Tell them and then ask me to accompany you”
She understood. “Why should I say that.. I will lose the bet we had”
“You will do. Because you want me to kiss you. You want me to eat your lips, you need to feel my grip on your body when we lean on each other. You want my breath on your neck. You need me now as much as I need you. So you will do it 😛 “

She stared at her phone for a while, probably re-reading that text. She lifted her head and looked at me with a smirky look. She then told the same to others 😉 We left the place. And as we went near the room, I pulled and hugged her in the corridor itself. I lifted her while hugging, went inside the room and locked it.

I was like a hungry bull. I pushed her to the wall, grabbed her waist with one hand and her cheeks with the other. I kissed her cheeks and breathed hot on her neck. She pulled my face and kissed me herself, out of impatience. We kissed so hard and deep, and let our tongues make out. After a few minutes of kissing, rubbing her body and hugging tight, we stopped.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have seen in a saree” I said, kissing her forehead.
“You should have said that first before doing all this” she slapped my shoulders.
I laughed. “Ok let’s leave.. They may think what takes so long” I said and turned towards the door. She pulled my hand and turned me.

I looked at her eyes and she blushed. She made me sit on the bed. She put my arms around her waist and got herself tugged into my grip. She held my face and kissed me on my forehead. I was amazed and wondered what she was doing. She gently moved her saree and exposed her navel. Her glorious hole, was there right in front of my eyes. It was soft; it was deep; it was like a wheat flour made designed to torture me. I looked at her beautiful navel and looked at her face. She smiled at me. I spontaneously moved forward to eat her hole, but she held my head and stopped me.

“Just one gentle kiss. Be a good boy” She said. She knew I won’t stop with that. I buried my face into her navel first and sniffed her. I loved her body fragrance. I started by gently kissing the surrounding skin around her navel. She didn’t complain or ask me to get done with it, instead she closed her eyes and lived in the moment. After teasing her for a few seconds, I kissed her navel and slid my tongue into her heavenly hole. She felt the warmth of my tongue and my breath at the life-point of her waist. She grew weak on her knees, and leaned on my body, placing her breasts above my head. I felt her boobies like cotton balls massaging my head, and my cock grew rock hard. She moaned slightly and enjoyed my actions, but we knew we had to stop.

I kept kissing and sucking her navel for a few minutes non-stop, before we left the room without wanting to. We badly wanted to get intimate. And it happened, in just a couple of weeks after that marriage.

To be continued…

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