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(To Kuro, my #1 fan. Thank you for being a gentleman)
This story seems to be the most popular one of all so, it seems a follow-up is only appropriate.
After Clyde and I had our 1st sexual encounter, as odd as it may seem, my sexual frustration was all but a thing of the past. It seemed to be all I could think about. I definitely had guilty feelings about what I had done and the little devil and the angel on my shoulders were really having it out.
I know it was wrong, but at the same time, the satisfaction that I felt was too amazing to just put behind me. I somehow had managed, in my mind, to justify it by using my husband’s infidelity, verbal and physical abuse and down right assholishment as a good enough reason to continue “getting back” at him via his dog.
I had rummaged through my husbands sock drawer and found a couple of pairs of his thickest socks. I put one inside the other for more thickness to protect my thighs from Clyde’s nails.
It was about 3 days after our 1st encounter. I let Clyde in and gave him a bath. I made sure to clean that special spot real good. As I was soaping it up I could feel his cock getting hard and I was instantly wet.
After his bath and I had dried him off, I took him into the bedroom to where I had already laid an old bedspread on the floor. I slid the socks on his paws and used a rubber band to hold them on. I took my clothes off and sat on the edge of the bed and petted Clyde.
I remember thinking: “Why are you even pretending like you don’t want this?” I was so nervous, I have to admit.So, I laid back on the bed with my legs spread and waited for Clyde to make the 1st move… and he did.
My ass was about halfway off the bed to make sure he had full access to me and it didn’t take long before I felt his cold, wet nose on my pussy. At this point I’m so wet that I had to be dripping, my scent had to be strong to him. Clyde’s tongue begins working it’s magic on my pussy. I spread my legs even farther as his tongue laps at my pussy. I’m moaning almost constantly. I can’t be certain at what I was saying at that moment but I’m sure a few “fuck yeahs” were said.
Once again I’m amazed at how good his tongue feels. I can’t explain it. Vigorously he’s licking me. His tongue is so long and wide it’s covering my whole pussy with almost every lap, clit and even to my asshole. The sensation, to me, was unimaginable! The point to where I couldn’t hardly take it anymore is when it felt like he was trying to push his snout inside me. His tongue was actually going inside my vagina. Once again, I knew I was about to cum and I wanted to so badly but I again pushed his head away. This time he was having none of that. He kept licking at my pussy and I kept trying to push his head away so I could get to the floor.
Then he tried to mount me while I was still on the bed, missionary style, but I didn’t want it that way. I took his front paws and pushed them away to the floor and at the same time slid down on all fours.
Clyde needed no persuasion. He immediately mounted, his hips were thrusting trying to find a hole. I guided his cock to my extremely wet pussy and he slid it in me. I do remember saying “OMG” several times. I was moaning non stop.
He was thrusting into me harder than it seems he did the 1st time. The socks were doing their job too and for that I was thankful because I didn’t have to worry about scratches and that made the experience much more enjoyable.
It seemed like he hadn’t been inside me for too long before I could feel his hot cum shooting in me. As I felt some running down my leg I suddenly felt his knot against my vagina. Then he pushed it inside me. Thank goodness we had no really close neighbors or they probably could have heard me squeal with the pleasure Clyde was giving me. I found out after the 1st time that a dog cums much more than a human and he’s really filling my vagina!
It was then as he was fucking me and filling my pussy with his cum that I myself came. It may sound cliché but my moans, at that point, sounded like they were coming from someone else. My orgasm was incredibly intense! My vaginal muscles gripped his cock as I lay my face left side up on the floor.
He had stopped his thrusting and is still on top of me. When I felt he wanted to dismount, I raised up and held on to his collar. I didn’t want him off of me yet. We just stayed in that one position for several minutes, 10-15 maybe, I don’t remember exactly.
Remembering how it felt with his weight on me and his cock and knot still in my pussy, I’m not going to lie, I’m extremely aroused as I write this.
While Clyde and I are still in that position and after some time had passed, I can feel his knot starting to shrink. I know the fuck session is over. I let him slide off of me and as he did his cum ran out of my pussy and down my legs. I rolled onto my back with my legs spread and Clyde again started licking my pussy.
I didn’t want him to stop. The pleasure is washing over me again and I cannot contain it any longer as I cum again. It’s every bit as intense as the 1st. My hips are rising and falling as my orgasm explodes.
When I can finally take no more I push Clyde’s head away and I roll over on my side, closing my legs. The whole experience probably takes about 25 or 30 minutes and the sex is simply amazing! Clyde lays down next to me and begins cleaning himself. I lay there and watch him and wonder if in his mind he thinks he owns me. Then it hits me: I am literally his bitch! He does own me! And I readily accept the fact that I now belong to him.
(I have since learned that when intercourse is over, the male dog instinctively will lick the female’s vagina so it will close itself off, allowing more of the male’s cum to stay inside assuring impregnation. Clyde wanted to make sure he had gotten me pregnant. I guess it worked because when I stood up more cum ran down my leg.)
I let Clyde back out, clean up the mess and back to the shower. As I’m showering I’m already planning our next fuck. As Clyde’s bitch now, I have to make sure he’s “taken care of.”
(To be continued…)

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