Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I won’t write about every time Clyde and I had sex because that could get repetitive and I don’t want to bore anyone. Just about the one’s that stand out the most to me. This one will be kind of short.
This is about one of the times that I almost got caught. The husband had an out of town job to do that required an over night stay. I was thrilled at this as I was planning on a great night with Clyde.
As I left the house to meet my sister for an afternoon meal, I noticed some old mag wheels stacked on the front porch which I didn’t really pay any mind to.
We had our meal and some margaritas. The whole time I was thinking about some 1st time drunk sex with Clyde. By now we had already had sex several times so I figured that maybe we should take it to the next level.
After I arrived home I made my usual crown and coke and let Clyde in the house. I’m certain that he already knew what was in store for him by now.
After his bath he went straight to the bedroom. I applied the socks and he was obviously excited. I had had enough alcohol that my inhibitions were minimal and that’s the way that I wanted them to be.
As I was loving on him he licked me on the mouth. Instead of pulling away this time I let him continue. As he licked my face and lips I opened my mouth and let him lick my tongue. I soon began licking his too, so I was basically french kissing him-and I loved it! We kissed like that for a couple minutes I suppose and you can imagine how wet my pussy was!
I was already naked so I laid back with my legs spread and Clyde knew exactly what to do! He immediately began lapping at my soaking wet pussy. I was so incredibly turned on that I knew it wasn’t going to take long and it didn’t-and this time I didn’t stop him!
My orgasm was explosive! I know I cried out loudly in ecstasy as I came in Clyde’s mouth. He was licking every drop of it too! My hips were jerking almost violently from the intense pleasure he was giving his bitch.
I rolled over on all fours and he mounted me. “Please, baby fuck me!” I was literally begging him to fuck me. I guided his hard cock to my pussy, but this time I kept my fingers just at the base of his cock to keep the knot out of me.
He was fucking me in his usual aggressive way. I could feel his knot pressing against my fingers trying to enter my vagina. I could also feel him filling my cunt with his cum.
This time I raised up on my knees and he slid out of me and his front paws hit the spread. His cum spilled out of me and down my thighs. He was still humping because he wasn’t quite through. I pressed his hips to the floor and with my left hand grabbed his right front paw and pushed his upper torso to the floor as well.
I rolled him to his back and could see his cock was already retracting into his sheath so I took his sheath and started jacking him off. His red cock came out as I stroked him. It was then time for the next level.
As I moved down to begin sucking him off, he shot some of his cum on my face. I took his dick into my mouth and began sucking him. There too much cum to hold in my mouth and I wasn’t prepared to swallow any (though I’m sure I did some) so it was running out of my mouth and on my hand and his belly. His cum was much saltier yet not nearly as thick as a man’s.
I didn’t want to stop sucking him off! I gripped his left paw with my left hand to hold him in place. My right hand was gripping his cock just below his knot. I was trying to act as a cock ring to keep his erection. I kept sucking him until he stopped cumming then sucked him some more.
I found out a dog will moan with pleasure too, when pleasure is given in abundance because that’s what he did. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and smeared his cum on my face with it. He was done, spent and tired. When I let go of him he just lay there too weak to even clean himself.
I laid down with my pussy toward his face and began masturbating. I wanted him to watch his bitch cum! I came once again with so much intensity that I cried out loudly. My fingers were so fucking wet with mine and his juices and I began rubbing it on my breasts-reaching between my legs for more then rubbing it on as well.
I got up after we both were rested and once again let Clyde out. And as I did, I noticed the mag wheels were gone!
I texted my husband and told him they were gone. He texted back and said he’d sold them to a co-worker and must’ve picked them up. PICKED THEM UP WHILE I WAS MAKING LOVE TO MY HUSBAND’S DOG!! I freaked out! Our house isn’t exactly sound proof by no means! What if his friend had heard us?!
I was in a panic! I didn’t know what to do. I kept thinking that I’m going to be a disgrace to my family. I’ll have to move away. I’ll never see my mom, my sister or nephew again. I was crying so hard. I kept drinking until I went to sleep.
I woke up the next morning and that was the 1st thing on my my mind and I just lay in bed and cried. I dreaded the phone to ring.
At about 1 that afternoon I heard my husband’s truck pull in the driveway and I was so scared. I got up and put my robe on and met him in the living room. He was acting normal! We started talking about his work and normal things. Then I asked him if he’d talked to “Bob” about the wheels. He said he had talked to him that morning. Why? I said “Just wondering what he paid you for them.” He threw a couple hundred bucks on the coffee table and talked on normally.
BULLET DODGED!! I was so relieved and happy!! I was even happy to see him!! We actually had a nice evening together.
Later on, I promised whatever “higher being” that may be listening that it would never happen again. A promise that I knew in my heart could never be kept.
(To be continued…)

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