Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

In the weeks since Clyde and I became “lovers” we had sex quite often. There were times when he just wasn’t in the mood no matter how hard I tried. And I was genuinely disappointed by that. Most of those times, however, he would lick my pussy until I was satisfied that way. Being his bitch I really didn’t complain any.
There was this one time when he was in the mood-big time. We did our usual foreplay. Only this time when he mounted me he was thrusting so hard and fast that before I could get my hand back there to guide his cock into my pussy, he jabbed it into, what’s called the “taint” area.
That hurt so bad that I screamed out in horrible pain. That fuck session was over! I had to keep pushing him away and at the same time I’m crying and writhing in pain on the floor. Clyde got the hint that something was amiss and sat and just watched.
It took a good 5 minutes for the pain to subside. And let me tell ya, It was over a week before I even thought about sex with him again. That hurt and frightened me a great deal. So, if any ladies are reading this (I guess this could go for men too that want to try it) Beware of the “taint” attack! Trust me, it ain’t pleasant!
I discovered other things too about making love to Clyde. For one, he didn’t like his balls fondled. I also figured out that a dog’s penis is really sensitive to certain touches. For instance, I couldn’t jack his actual cock off with my bare hands.
As long as it was inside my vagina or mouth there was no problem (I never would try anal with him).
I came to really enjoy sucking his dick. Some of the times he wouldn’t fuck me, I would roll him to his back and jack him off until his pointed red cock came out and suck him off. He never seemed to mind. Like I’ve said before, I never actually swallowed his cum but I would let him shoot it on my face. Rubbing it around on my face with his cock was really hot to me. Sitting up and letting his cum run out of mouth onto my breasts then rubbing it over them was extremely hot!
I don’t remember the source or know how reliable it is, but I’ve since found out that dog cum is completely safe for consumption. So, if or when there ever is a next time I’m definitely giving it a try.
I really enjoyed “making out” with him as well. He seemed to enjoy it too. His long tongue in my mouth was very erotic and actually tasted clean. A little dab of toothpaste in his mouth is recommended. He didn’t care much for it but he got over it.
I really loved feeling his knot inside me. Clyde tended to want to dismount and turn his ass toward mine and sometimes I would let him and we’d stay in that position until he was done. Usually 15 minutes or so. I prefer to feel his body weight on me so I would hold him around his neck or his collar to keep him on top. I can still feel his knot inside me, filling my pussy up with his hot cum! (As I write this, I’m so fucking horny I can hardly stand it!).
I’ve found dog penis dildos with the knot on the net and have actually considered getting one. I’m not sure how my partner would react so I’m reluctant to order it. I have casually mentioned dog sex to her in a way as to not give away the fact that I’ve done it and she seems totally not into it. I would so love to watch her get fucked by a dog and for her to watch me as well! Every straight man’s dream: 3 way with 2 pretty blonds. What a lucky dog that would be!
That’s about all I can think of at this time. Sorry this is so short and may not be what you were expecting. I’m just putting my thoughts to words right now.
I would still like to know what you think. ❤😊❤

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