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This is my true story. I’ve never told ANYONE about this, but, no one here knows me or will ever know me. I suppose I’m doing this as a kind of therapy so some feedback, good or bad, would be so welcome.
Sexually, I suppose I’ve been “different” (twisted, some might say) for as long as I can remember. My bio on here tells much more about me so I won’t go into everything while telling this story.
My story begins about a week before my 27th birthday. I’m at what I know is the beginning of the end of my 2nd marriage. My husband stays out drinking with his buddies so I had a lot of extra time on my hands.
I really can’t blame him for cheating because I had absolutely no interest in sex with him. But slapping me around? I didn’t deserve that. I knew it was time to get out but I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I had no job because I wasn’t allowed to work so money was definitely an issue.
I don’t know how I could’ve cheated on him because I always had to answer for every minute I was gone. But, the accusations were a regular occurrence in my little corner of hell. And honestly, I could care less when he cheated because then maybe he’d leave me the fuck alone.
When it came to sex, I was completely frustrated. Masturbation can only go so far. Hell, even the mail lady was looking pretty darn good. So, to say I was desperate, is the understatement of the year.
As far as looks go, I will toot my own horn 😊 I was and still am a very attractive woman. I credit much of it to genetics but I always have been a work out freak as well. Due to jealousy, however, my membership to the gym was a no-no. So bowflex became my pal.
The thought of cheating was constantly on my mind. My interest in men was pretty much non existent. I’d been with women before and that’s what I really desired but the chance of a decent looking woman just happening to come to my door and wanting sex, I was certain, was never going to happen.
Other than tv I read a lot on the internet. One day I was unusually horny so I was looking for something wild and different to masturbate to. That’s when I stumbled across the story of this girl and her dog.
I had never really thought of sex with an animal of any kind but her story really aroused me. I suppose it was the taboo-ness of the act itself that turned me on so much. My husband had a dog I’ll refer to as “Clyde”, I know he was part G. Shepard and I think part lab but I can’t be sure. He was a good 125 lbs.
For the next couple of days I began letting Clyde in the house more often trying to get my nerve up. I wasn’t sure of what to do or how he might react. One day while sitting on the sofa, I was petting him and I thought: “Oh what the hell”. I eased my right hand under him and found his sheath.
I can’t tell you how fast my heart was beating. I was aroused yet scared because I felt I was crossing that line of something so taboo that, if found out, would absolutely ruin my life. But, now I was for all intents and purposes, committed to going ahead with my new fantasy.
As I softly grasped his sheath I slowly began stroking it. Clyde’s normal panting immediately stopped. I could see he was watching me using his peripheral vision, I figured he was sizing me up as to my exact intentions.
I could feel his sheath get harder as his cock began to swell inside it somewhat. I stopped stroking him and decided to let him “get to know me” a little better so I got naked. I sat back on the couch with my legs spread exposing my shaved pussy.
Clyde didn’t hesitate. A couple of sniffs then he started licking me. I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic it felt! I do remember the 1st thing I said was “OMG!” His tongue was wider and of course longer than a human’s with no technique but the sensations it produced was unlike anything I’d ever felt. Very vigorous and aggressive-and TABOO which made it all that more arousing.
I was moaning louder than I normally would’ve. My arousal was at a feverish pitch and I knew what I wanted next. I wanted to cum so badly but I stopped him before it happened because I didn’t want the post orgasmic “guilt” to stop the forbidden act that I was engaging in.
I eased his head away and slid off the couch to the carpet on all fours. Clyde didn’t seem to know what to do next-at least at 1st. His snout found my ass and wet pussy again and started his “cunnilingus” back up. But by now I was ready for more.
I turned slightly toward him just enough to reach his sheath then after a few strokes his cock came out and he was humping the air then he mounted me. The way he was humping, I knew he’d stick it in the 1st hole he came to so I guided it to the hole that I preferred.
His cock found it’s way in me as he began thrusting. His intention was to please himself but the pleasure that I felt was amazing!
The one thing that I didn’t count on were the nails on his paws, which were digging and scratching my thighs. But I didn’t care at the moment. I pushed them away as best I could. There was no way I wanted him to stop.
I could feel him cumming in me a lot. His sperm was definitely warmer than a man’s. Then the knot! I still remember loudly saying “Oh fuck!” as Clyde pushed it in me. He sopped the thrusting and stayed on top of me. I could feel him filling my vagina up with his hot cum and it was at that moment my own orgasm exploded as I literally yelled “OMG Clyde!”
I’ve probably had more intense orgasms before but I don’t remember when. I did not want him to stop either. As Clyde slowly slid off of me his knot stayed inside my pussy and it was still pulsing what I assumed was more cum. I’d seen dogs mate before and the thought of him being stuck inside me kind of frightened me a little, but that didn’t happen. We both just kind of stayed in that position. His front paws were on the floor on the right side of me and he was was trying to lift his leg over my ass.
As he lifted his leg past my ass his knot slid out of me and I felt his cum run down the inside of my thighs. I rolled over on my back with my legs spread and Clyde instinctively began licking my pussy. That was all it took for my next orgasm to come. A fucking dog made me cum twice! And I’m not prone to multiple orgasms! My back arched as I grabbed my hair and moaned pretty loudly. Another extremely intense orgasm.
I had to push Clyde away from my overly sensitive pussy so it could “recover”. Clyde walked to the other side of the room and laid there cleaning himself. I just lay there and watched him and tried to wrap my mind around what I had just done. I did have a feeling of guilt but at the same time the pleasure that the dog gave me over rode it.
I got up and then cleaned the dog cum off the carpet. I let Clyde out the back door then went to shower. Worrying about the scratches on my thighs I came up with an excuse. When my unsuspecting husband got home that evening, I reminded him of the loose handrail on the back deck. I had already pushed it over to the ground before he got home. I told him that it gave way when I leaned on it and I fell into the bushes. He hardly said anything except “I’ll fix it later” (the day I moved out it was still leaning against the side of the house).
He had no idea that his buddy Clyde was a much better fuck than he ever was. I learned to put thick socks on Clyde’s paws and for the next few months that our marriage lasted, Clyde and I were lovers. Occasionally I would suck his cock, though I never could bring myself to swallow his cum.
It’s been almost 8 yrs since I’ve had sex with a dog and I do think about it often and I do miss Clyde. Will I ever do it again? Yeah, if the right opportunity arises. I also think about how things in my life would have been so bad if it would’ve been discovered that I was fucking a dog. I believe I was pretty lucky.
That’s the condensed down story. What do you think?
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