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Kemp stood, his cum still oozing from Claire’s arse. Kemp stood back a couple of steps and she tied him to a post.

” Stand up ” she said to Morris. ” You have been a good boy, not like that arsehole. You get to fuck pussy. Do you want to fuck that whore pussy. ”

” Yes Mistress. ” He said looking at the muscular Kemp bound and blindfolded his big cock half hard.

She stood next to Claire rubbing her hands over Claire’s breasts.

She lead Morris around to Claire’s groin. Morris admired Claire’s wet shaved pussy.

” Stand at wait. Patient boys get whore pussy. ” She said.

Morris stood looking up and down Claire’s body admiring it. He couldn’t wait till school the next day. The teachers meetings with Claire and him would not be the same.

Nicole got some warm water and washed Claire’s pussy and arse.

” Lets clean you up a bit you whore, don’t want a messy arse do we. ”

” No Mistress. ” Claire said.

” On your knees old man. ” Nicole said.

Morris knelt on the small stool, his mouth level with Claire’s pussy only inches away, he could almost smell her wet fanny.

” Wait. ” Nicole said. She stood at Claire’s head looking over her body. She looked down. ” Want to eat my pussy whore. ” Nicole asked.

” Yes Mistress. ”

” Use your nice words whore. ” Nicole said.

” Yes Please Mistress. ” Claire said.

Nicole reached down lifting her mesh dress to her hips, she stood over Claire’s head. Claire’s tongue licking over Nicole’s underwear.

” See arsehole, oh you cant see your
blindfolded good old men and good whores get pussy, your still haven’t learnt your lesson so you still get arseholes for arseholes is that clear arsehole. ? ”


Morris knelt longing to taste her pussy only inches away, he could see her vagina hole her open labias and clit awaiting his tongue. She lay there on her back, because of the wooden stocks her neck was in he couldn’t see her head her wrists in the stocks he couldn’t see her hands.

Her legs tied open, and bent at the knees, Nicole stood over Claire’s head, Claire licking over Nicole’s underwear.

” You may start your meal. ” Nicole said to Morris.

” Yes Mistress ” he said. ‘ Yay about fuckin time.’ He thought. Five minutes sitting waiting to give Claire oral sex was a long time looking at her pussy only two inches away.

He leant in licking up her labias to her clit, circling his tongue around her pussy, his tongue exploring every part of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. He would love to touch it with his hands but they were tied up.

” Enjoying your whore pussy ? ” Nicole asked Morris.

” Yes Mistress ” he said looking up.

” Make the whore orgasm, then you can fuck her. ” Nicole said.

Nicole stepped back lowering her underwear taking them off. She stepped forward again lifting her head pushing it into her pussy.

” Lick the fuckin thing like you mean it whore. ” Nicole said.

” Yes Mistress. ” Claire mumbled over her pussy in her mouth.

” Yes whore, eat mummy’s pussy. ” Nicole leant over fondling her breasts. Morris getting the most out of Claire’s pussy. Licking and circling her clit and labias, pushing his tongue into her pussy. Claire moaning. Nicole rubbing her nipples. ” That’s it bitch whore, orgasm, fuckin orgasm. ” Claire licked over Nicole’s pussy lips.

Nicole leant down rubbing Claire’s clit fast.

” Ummmmmmm. ” Claire moaned.

” That’s it whore orgasm for mummy. ” Nicole said

Claire’s body convulsed. ” Aaaaagh fuuuuucccck. ” She groaned.

” Mistress whore. Aaaghhh Mistress. ” Nicole ordered

” Aaaaggghhhhhhh Mistress. ” Claire mumbled. ” Fffffiuuuucck Mistress. ”

Claire orgasmed.

” Good girl. Good little whore. ” Nicole said. Morris kept eating her pussy for a minute his cock hard waiting to fuck her. Nicole pushed her mesh dress down, with no knickers walked around to Morris.

” Stand. ” She ordered. She made him step back. She picked up.a paddle and spanked Claire’s arse. ” Ready to be fucked whore. ” Nicole asked.

” Yes Mistress. ”

” Want to fuck this fuckin slut whore now ? ” She asked Morris.

” Yes Mistress. ” He said

Nicole reached for Morris hard cock guiding it the Claire’s pussy sliding his knob to her pussy. Morris slid it into Claire. She groaned as he entered her.

” Fill her with cum. Nicole said.

” Yes Mistress. ” Morris replied thrusting Claire’s pussy watching his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Watching her pussy lips hugging his shaft as he fucked her.

Nicole picked up some scissors cutting Claire’s bra open her breasts falling out. Nicole gripped her breasts squeezing them. She lifted her dress again standing over her head again. Claire licking and eating her pussy. .

” Fuck her harder. ” Nicole ordered.

” Yes Mistress. ” Morris said.

” Did you wank yourself before ? ” She asked Morris.

” Yes Mistress. ” He said.

” See arsehole, boys who wank themselves beforehand get pussy as well. ”


Nicole slapped Claire’s breast again. ” Lick harder. ” She said.

” Yes Mistress. ” Claire mumbled.

She slapped Claire’s breast, she started rubbing her pussy against Claire face pulling Claire’s face into her.

” Oh yeh whore. That’s it. ” Nicole said. Claire’s face been rubbed over with Nicole’s pussy as Nicole rubbed Claire’s clit harder. Morris thrusting Claire’s pussy.

Claire kept groaning. She tensed as Morris fucked her and Nicole rubbed over his clit. Claire orgasmed.

” Good little whore. ” Nicole said smiling. ” She orgasmed for mummy. Nicole leant down holding her head kissing her lips.

Nicole then got off Claire she walked over to a cabinet and opened it. She pulled out a head harness with a dildo attached. She walked back to Claire putting it over her head. The four inch dildo protruding from her mouth. Nicole stood over her again.

” Fuck mummy. ” Nicole ordered. Claire positioned it at Nicole’s pussy sliding it into her. ” Oh yes whore, good girl, fuck mummy. ” Claire moved it in and out off Nicole’s pussy as Morris kept fucking Claire.

Morris tensed up he felt his balls tighten he groaned.

” Cum in the whore. ” Nicole said slapping Claire’s breast.

” Yes Mistress. He said slapping against her groin his cock sliding between her pussy lips. Claire fucking Nicoles pussy with her mouth dildo.

Morris then cum deep inside Claire’s pussy.

” Oh yes. ” He said as his cock emptied into her pussy.

” Good boy. Whores pussy needs your cum. ” Nicole said. ” Leave it in there. ” She said

” Yes Mistress ” he said. Nicole slapped Claire’s breast again.

” Fuck mummy faster. ” Nicole said leaning on the stock groaning looking at Morris standing his cock in Claire’s pussy.

Morris looking at her clit her pussy lips around his shaft. Nicole standing as Claire fucked her pussy with the mouth dildo.

Nicole then got off she walked around to Morris leaning in rubbing Claire’s clit.

” Lets take this cock out. ” She said. She walked Morris around to Claire’s head taking the harness off. ” I have a cock that needs cleaning. ” She said. Claire lifted her head to Morris cock putting it in her mouth sucking it. Licking and sucking her pussy juices and his cum.

Nicole walked around to Claire’s pussy rubbing it. Morris cum dripped from her pussy.

” Nice seeing a whore pussy dripping cum. ” She said. ” Suck his cock clean slut. ”

She unhooked Kemp.

” Has arsehole been behaving ? ” Nicole asked.


” Good ” Nicole said lifting his hardened cock. ” You can fuck arsehole again. ”


Claire lay there for another five minutes in the stocks her head and hands clamped sucking Morris cock, Morris cum dripping from her pussy as Kemp fucked her arsehole again as Nicole stood slapping Kemp’s arse and Claire’s breast.

Kemp cum again filling Claire’s arse with his cum again. She sucked Morris cock clean.

She lead Morris next to Kemp.

” Look at her pussy and arse, the mess you have made. Mummy has to clean it up now. Morris smiled as he looked at Claire’s pussy and arse dripping cum.

Nicole lead Kemp out. Kemp dressed and went home. She lead Morris out. Morris dressed and went home leaving Claire in the stocks. She pulled out a head rest for Claire as she lead the guys out.

Ten minutes she came back in.

” Well well. Claire my darling. Did we enjoy that ? ” Nicole asked running her finger down from Claire’s throat, over her breasts circling each nipple down to her pussy rubbing her clit looking at the dripping cum from her arse and pussy.

” Yes Mistress. ” Claire said. Nicole knelt at Claire’s pussy. She leant in licking the cum from Claire’s pussy and arse.

” Yummy feast for mummy. ” Nicole said. She licked up the cum off Claire’s pussy and arse kissing up Claire’s body to her breasts sucking her nipples fondling her red breast from the slapping. She stood between Claire’s tied open legs leaning over her fondling her breasts. ” Bit tied up babe. ” She said.

” Yes Mistress. ” She said smiling.

” The boys enjoyed them selves. ” Claire said.

” Kemp actually likes arsehole. ” Nicole said.

She knelt back at Claire’s pussy licking and circling her clit and licking her pussy lips.

” I love cum filled pussy. ” She said. Licking and sucking Claire’s clit.

She stood up getting a strap on dildo putting it on lifting her mesh dress over her head. She reached behind unclipping her bra taking it off her 36C bust falling out.

” I know. ” Claire said ” I don’t know how many men you have licked out of my pussy and arse. ”

” A few. ” Nicole said. ” A fetish. ” She said. ” I love cum filled pussy. Its nice having a friend willing to do it. ” She said.

” Yes ” Claire said. ” No still not doing your other one. ”

” No babe ? ” Nicole said.

” No ” Claire said.

Nicole put a condom on the strap on dildo and plunged it into Claire. Claire groaned as she was now been fucked by Nicole.

” Good little slut. ” Nicole said fondling Claire’s breasts as she fucked the still bound Claire.

” I love been called a little slutty whore. ” Claire said.

” If your husband knew. ” Nicole said smiling.

” Hes more a prop in my life. ” Claire said. ” He gave me children. Certainly didn’t marry him for the boring sex. ” She said.

” That’s why you have me. ” Nicole said.

” Exactly, how many men have fucked me on this table. ” Claire said.

” Yes ” Nicole said. ” They have all been blindfolded and bound. So no one knows who they have fucked and haven’t touched you, except blind oral sex. ” Nicole said ” So kinky.

” Except Morris, my daughters teacher and my staff teacher at school. ” Claire added.

” True, will be a fun day at school tomorrow then. ” Nicole said.

” Yes well we have already played in the biology room. ” Claire groaned as Nicole slowly fucked her with the strap on dildo.

” You have ? ” Nicole said.

” Yes well, we had a little chat about how I knew he was seeing a Mistress, and there would be parents against it, their children been taught by a teacher in the BDSM scene. I told him that, if my daughter could be picked to go on a biology trip where only three out off 150 students doing biology are chosen. ”

” So he said yes ? ”

” Yes, he scratches my back, I will scratch his, so we went out the back. I gave him a blowjob. He got my tits out and played with them. I gave him my panties to keep. But I had a important meeting other wise I would have fucked him right there and then. Claire said as Nicole sped up.

Nicole looking down at Claire’s moist cum stained pussy. Her dildo thrusting in and out of it. Cum sticking to the condom as it slid in and out of her.

Eventually Claire orgasmed again. Nicole pulled out and knelt licking and sucking the rest of the cum out of her pussy. She then slid it in her arse fucking her arsehole pushing the rest of Kemp’s cum from her red arsehole.

” Lets untie you babe. ” Nicole said. She got the keys and freed Claire from the restraints on her legs, thighs and ankles that were keeping her legs apart and bent giving un restricted access to her arse and pussy.

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