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Tuesday. 6 Pm.

She sat with Angela over a glass of wine. They laughed and chatted.

” So I hear on of my teachers is your client ? ” Claire said to Angela. Angela smiled knowing exactly who she was talking about.

” Morris yes, hes fun. It took him a bit to get used to me, its only light bondage but Im sure he will go to the next level.

” Yes, its just confidence ” Claire replied.

” You are certainly confident. ” Angela said.

” I have been fuckin horny today. ” Claire said crossing her leg.

” Really. Good. ” Angela said. ” Shall we get started.

” Lets. ” Claire said smiling. My pussy needs a good fucking tonight. My husband is working late tonight, Dana’s at a girlfriends. Jordan is at work. ” Claire replied.

” Good ” Angela stood up. She wore black high heel boots. Black g string and bra with a black esh short dress. ” Get undressed. ” Angela said.

Claire took off her blouse and skirt. She wore red crutchless knickers and a peekaboo bra. The ribbons tied keeping her nipples in.

” Brought especially. ” Claire said.

” Good slut, because I have a new man for you today. His name is Kemp. ” Nicole said putting a collar around Claire’s neck. She tied a chain to it. ” Your my bitch now. Bitch, now on your knees you little dog.

Claire got on her hands and knees. Nicole walked her to her room full of restraint frames, furniture and chains on the walls.

Before long she was kneeling in a spanking bench on her stomach. Her head in the stocks been closed down and locked. Her hands been restrained behind her back chained to her collar. She felt hopeless as her ankles were been tied to the leg rests on the bench she was leaning on. Her ankles, her knees both secure. She felt the mask been put over her head and zipped shut. She couldn’t see anything it was black.

Her pussy wet with excitement. The crop been dragged over her back as she heard the high heels clank on the floor as Mistress walked around her. A small tap on her arse cheek.

” Have we been a naughty girl ? ” She was asked.

” Yes. ” Claire said.

” Louder slut. I cant hear you. ” A whip on her arse

” YES. ” She said louder. She felt the crop circle her arse cheeks and down over her pussy.

Her arse spanked. ” Look at this sorry arse. ” Nicole said spanking it again. It was silent for a minute. She waited.

” Lift your head bitch and open your mouth. ”

She did as she was told. She felt the knob slid in her mouth. ” Suck it slut. ”

She sucked up the cock. She knew it was big. Her mouth open wider than usual to accomodate it. This must be Kemp she thought. She felt a hand on her head pushing her head up his cock as he thrusted in her mouth.

Nicole picked out a dildo rubbing it over Claire’s arse down her pussy to her clit. Claire groaned as it was rubbed over her pussy, pushed in between her crutchless underwear and pushed into her pussy.

She flinched as it was pulled in and out of her. She then felt it vibrate.

” Ummmmmmm. She groaned her mouth held against Kemp’s cock. She felt lube been poured over her arse. Nicole’s fingers rubbing over her anus circling her hole as the vibrator slowly vibrated her pussy.

” Spank the slut. ” Nicole said to Kemp. Kemp leant over spanking Claire’s arse. She heard Kemp’s arse been spanked a second after hers was.

” Oh fuck. ” Kemp said as Claire sucked him.

” Your not to cum you piece of shit, Understand ?. ” Nicole said.

” Yes Mistress. ” He replied.

” I cant hear you. ” She said again slapping his arse harder.

” YES MISTRESS. ” He yelled.

” Good boy, you like that little whole sucking your cock. ? ”

” YES MISTRESS ” he said and was slapped on the arse harder.

” Do you want to fuck the little whore ? ”

” YES MISTRESS ” he said.

Nicole walked around to Claire’s arse spreading her arse cheeks. ” I think you should fuck this nice tight arse. ” Nicole said. ” Would you like that slut. ” Nicole said leaning in whispering in her ear. ” A nice big black cock in your whore arse. ”

” Ummmmm ” Claire mumbled nodding her head. Kemp’s cock in her mouth.

” Good. ” Nicole said leading Kemp to her arse. She pulled her underwear to the side. ” Lick her arse. ” She said to Kemp.

Kemp leant in licking over Claire’s arse.

” It has to be nice and clean before you can fuck it. ” Nicole said.

” YES MISTRESS. ” Kemp said loudly again. Claire felt a wet tongue licking her anus and arse cheeks. The vibrator turned off. Nicole teened it on again.

” Fffffffuuùuuuuccccck. ” Claire said.

Minutes later she heard more foot steps.

” Stop ” Nicole said. She felt her head been lifted by her chin. ” Open your mouth slut. ” Nicole ordered another cock entering her mouth.
” Suck it whore. ” Nicole said.

Claire sucked up and down the new cock. Kemp kept licking her arsehole and arse cheeks. Nicole occasionally slapping kemp’s arse. Claire not knowing the two men. One about to fuck her arse. The other one who’s cock she was sucking.

Nicole cut Claire’s underwear pulling it open.

” Do you want to fuck her arse ? ” Nicole said slapping Kemp’s arse.

” Yes. ” He said.

” YES MISTRESS. ” Nicole said slapping his arse.

” YES MISTRESS. ” He said.

” I provide you with a whore and you are naughty. ” Nicole said ” Lets have some fuckin manners you fuckin peice of shit and ask me if you can do things and say YES FUCKIN MISTRESS. Do we fuckin understand. ” Slap slap on the arse.


” Good boy, now what do want to do ? ”

” Fuck her arse Miss fuckin mistress. ” He said.

” Who’s arse, my arse, his arse, whores arse. Fuck be a bit more fuckin specific arsehole. ” SLAP.

” Whores arse, Miss fuckin mistress.

” Ok lets lube this cock up. ”

Nicole poured lube on Kemp’s cock, she poured lube over Claire’s arse.

” Keep sucking that cock whore, ” Nicole said.
She directed Kemp’s cock to Claire’s anus. ” Push it in the whore. ” Nicole said.

Claire groaned as Kemp pushed his cock in her arse slowly fucking her.

” Ummmmmm ” Claire groaned.

” Silence whore. ” Nicole said turning the vibrator up and slapping her arse. She kept sucking the cock. Nicole lifted Claire’s head.

” Push your fuckin cock right in. ” Nicole said. Claire felt herself been deep throated. He pulled out she gagged it was pushed in further. Her face red and gagging, her arse been fucked. The vibrator vibrating her pussy. Kemp been slapped, her been slapped. She felt her arse been stretched.

” Do not cum. ” Nicole said to Kemp.


” Good boy. ” Nicole said.

She walked over to the other man softly slapping his arse.

” Yeh little whores arse been fucked, while she sucks cock. Good little whore. ” Nicole said stroking her back. ” Might have to turn you over soon whore. ” Nicole said smiling.

Five minutes later. Kemp pulled out if her arse. The other man pulled out of her mouth. She chains. Then her stock been unlocked the restraints on her knees and ankles been undone.

” Stand whore. ” Nicole said.

Claire stood up Nicole took off the mask. Claire saw a big black muscular mam standing with a blindfold on, a cock ring his arms restrained behind his back.

Then she saw him. Morris the same. A blindfold cock ring and hands restrained behind his back.

” Look at these two naughty boys. ” Nicole said. She kissed Claire’s lips.

” Lie down ” Nicole said Claire lay on new bench her head in the stock, how her hands in the stock. Nicole closing it and locking it. He Nicole put restraint on her ankles and her knees. She bent her legs restraining her ankles to the bench. Opening her legs tieing them open. She heard a chain been pulled from the ceiling a sling been put under her knees and been tied she could now rest her restrained legs.

” Good the whole is ready for more. ”

” Right whore, no talking. ” Nicole said.

” Yes Mistress

” I said no fucken talking. ” Nicole slapped her breast over her bra.

Claire saw Kemp been untied and brought over. Nicole took the vibrator out. She knelt Kemp at her pussy his head been pushed into it.

” Eat that yummy delicious pussy. ” Nicole said. ” If your a good boy you might get to fuck it. ”

” YES FUCKIN MISTRESS. ” He said still blind folded licking her clit and pussy lips. Nicole brought Morris over.

” No fuckin talking. Only arsehole is allowed to talk. ” She said to Morris.

She stood him at Claire’s head guiding his cock to her mouth. She stood behind taking off his blindfold. He saw Claire. Not believing it was her. He got a phone call from Angela asking if he would like a free session she had a surprise for him.

It was Claire. Fuck if anybody at school found out. He smiled at her she looked at him a long gave in his eyes.

” Suck that cock. ” Nicole ordered. Morris looked down at her his cock in her mouth her bust, her cleavage, down at her pussy been eaten out by Kemp. He wanted her so bad. He never knew she was so involved with bondage. She seemed so ‘ Normal ‘ at school three children, married, he would never have picked her as this kind of woman. The school principal. He watched Claire mouth slid up and down his cock her long blonde hair hanging down. He loved been here his cock been sucked. But would love to be where Kemp was eating her pussy.

” Fondle her breasts. ” She ordered Morris. He leant forward fondling over her bra.

” Undo the ribbons, lets see those nipples. ” Nicole said. Morris pulled the ribbons free. Her nipples poking out.

” Look at those succulent nipples. ” Nicole said. ” Suck them. ” Nicole said to Morris

Claire kept sucking Morris cock. Morris leant in sucking her nipples balancing with his arms tied behind his back.

Kemp licked and sucked Claire’s pussy. Circling her clit and pussy lips. Nicole stood him up guiding his cock to her arse again.

” You get to fuck arse tonight. ” She said to him.


Kemp plunging his cock in her arse again still blindfolded and tied up. Plunging his cock in and out of her arse. Claire moaning as she sucked Morris cock feeling her arsehole full of cock.

” Cum in her arse. ” Nicole ordered.

” YES FUCKIN MISTRESS. ” He yelled again.

He fucked her harder standing thrusting his hands tied and blind folded.

Morris circling her nipples, his cock in Claire’s mouth.

” Do you want to fuck the whore. ” Nicole asked Morris.

Morris nodded, he would love to fuck Claire. His principal.

” Answer me, yes or no. ” She asked.

” Yes Mistress. ” He said.

” Do you want to fuck that slut pussy hard. ” Nicole asked.

” Yes Mistress. ” He said returning to her nipples.

Nicole stood slapping Kemp’s arse. ” Cum in that arsehole. ”


He fucked her harder. A minute later he cum filling Claire’s arse with semen.

” Oh good boy. ” Nicole said slapping his arse. ” Take your cock out. ” She said. Kemp taking out his cock. Cum oozed from Claire’s pussy.

” Look at this fuckin mess you made in her arse. Lick it up. ” Nicole ordered.

” YES FUCKIN MISTRESS. ” Kemp said. He knelt down finding her arse with his tongue. He licked his cum from her arse sucking it out.

” Good boy, she put her foot under Claire’s arse. Some cum dripped on her foot.

” You made a mess on my fuckin boot, lick it off. ” She ordered.

” YES FUCKIN MISTRESS. ” He said leaning down finding her boot licking it off. She then lifted his head back to Claire’s arse. He kept licking her arsehole.

” Good boy. ” She said. ” Lick her clean lick that arsehole. Only arseholes get arseholes. ” She said. ” Does she taste nice ? ”


” Good. Now FUCKIN STAND UP. ” She ordered.

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