Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Steve lived in a small quiet town in England with his dad who owned and ran a building business, Steve often did clean up for his dad, when a job had been finished Steve often went to the site and cleaned any mess that was left and today was on his way to a farm a couple of miles out side of town where his dad had fitted new doors in the farm house, Steve knew that the farmer and his wife were away leaving their daughter July to run the farm, July was in the same class at school as what Steve was, her sister Sara who was two years younger than what Steve was had a reputation for being a trouble maker and was often involved in fights. Steve arrived at the farm as he did he saw Sara stood by the barn door and was totally surprised to see that she was naked, she was stood back to him looking into the barn, Steve thought what a cute bum she has got on her, Steve saw Sara go into the barn closing the door behind her, Steve wondered why she was walking around naked and walked over to the barn to find out, when he got to the door he heard Sara say ” bitch I wanted that one ” Steve saw a crack in the panels of the door and looked through it and smiled when he saw Sara stood rubbing her love tube her nipples fully erect, Steve looked through another crack and could hardly believe his eyes when he saw July was also naked on her hands and knees with a pig humping her from behind, Steve watched his mouth open wide, he saw July’s large boobs swinging around as the pig humped away he then saw Sara on her hands and knees move into view as she did he saw a pig start to sniff around her, as it did Steve saw Sara stop, he could see the nipples on her ample boobs were very erect and when the pig mounted her she pushed backwards, Steve stood watching as the two girls were humped by the pigs, he could hear them both groaning, he saw that another pig was near Sara and watched as Sara started to suck the pigs dick, when he looked at July he saw that she was also sucking the dick of a pig, Steve could hardly believe what he was seeing but stood watching feeling his dick throbbing inside his trousers, after a few minutes Steve saw the pigs round Sara back away from her then saw July was standing so he quickly went over to the farm house where after a few minutes he saw both the sisters leave the barn fully dressed, the girls walked over to Steve and let him in the house, after a couple of hours Steve had finished the clean up without telling what he had seen knowing he would return to watch more.

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