Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My first job ever was working at a small restaurant. I was mostly working a closing shift on a very slow location so it was easy money. There were many people that helped me close through out the week and one of them was this small but fun blonde girl. We were really bored through out the day and would talk about random topics. We were both in relationships and she asked me if I would be comfortable with the idea of my girlfriend starting an only fans. I said that I would most likely be quite uncomfortable of the idea. She was a little surprised and said that she thought I would be supportive of my girlfriend. I explained my stance further and ask her what her boyfriend would think of the idea of her doing the same. She said that she hopes her bf would be supportive and most likely would be. I asked why. And she said that she has always been comfortable with her body and the idea of showing it off and getting money from it would be cool. I asked just how comfortable she was with showing her body to people. She made deep eye contact with me and said “very comfortable actually”. I jokingly said; “damn show me then”. She was quite for a moment and then said. “Ok”. We stood there in silence for a moment and I checked the clock. We closed in around 45 minutes and asked her if she wanted me to lock the door and we could close early that day. She said yes. As I went to close the door she said she would be in the office waiting for me. I walked to the door, turn the open sign off and locked the door. I even turned some lights off in the front to make it look closed. I walked to the office and went inside. She was waiting in there and when I shut the door she asked me “what now?” As I sat on the office chair, I told her that it was up to her, that she could show me as much or as little as she was comfortable with. She smiled timidly and slowly lifted her shirt up. I saw her pale flat stomach and then I saw a sexy pink bra being uncovered. I started getting hard and rather than hiding it I let it bulge up for her view. And in one quick movement she removed her shirt uniform. She spinned around a couple of times showing off her body to me. She reached towards her belt and undid it along with her pant button and zipper. Revealing some cute black underwear. She was lowering her pants slowly and by the time her pants were down to her knees she turned around showing me her butt, and across her panties there was a text that said “fuck me daddy”. I smiled and she giggled as she completely removed her pants. She gave a little show as she spinned and showed off her beautiful sexy body. She came closer to me and sat on my lap. I slipped my fingers between her thighs and her pussy and asked her. “What would your boyfriend think of this?” She said; “fuck that asshole, I don’t want to think of him right now” she gave me a kiss and started undoing my pants. She was shocked. She said;

“I assumed you would have a nice cock, but wow. It’s bigger than I thought.”

I said; “well I’m glad you like it, how about you get on your knees and show me just how much you like it”.

She got on her knees and gave me the blowjob and handjob of my life, she made me feel amazing, better and more intense than my girlfriend ever made me feel. After 10 or 15 minutes I came and filled her mouth with my cum, she swallowed every last drop from me and she licked the tip of my dick for another minute or so. She got up and said; “you don’t know how much I’ve been wanting you to fuck me”. She said this and she removed the rest of her clothes. “I stopped having sex with my boyfriend because I’ve been saving myself for you, I’ve been wanting to use your cock for the longest time, so don’t think of me as your slutty whore, you are mine now and your cock serves me and only me”. My cock began getting hard just hearing her claim me and she quickly noticed and got on top of me. Her naked body felt so nice and smooth, her tits were medium size but really perky. She grabbed my cock and said. “You are mine now, and nobody else’s, understood” as I said yes she quickly let herself drop and penetrated herself with my cock. She began shaking and instantly felt what she desired for such a long time. She hopped on my dick rapidly for what felt like hours, after a while she said she was close so I picked her up and laid her on her back on the office table and fucked her hard and fast. Her eyes were turning behind her head and she said; “I’m cumming baby I’m cumming, cum with me please, fill me up baby please”. I fucked her harder and faster than before and began pumping her pussy with my cum. She began shaking harder and I can tell she had lost it all. We fucked for a while longer and I pumped her pussy a few more times that night. We eventually had to close the store, so we clocked out and fucked some more in my car. We eventually got dressed and we headed to our homes. She later told me she was on the pill and from that point on, closing the store early became a habit whenever we worked together.

By Yumiko

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