Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

This is our fifth story, my hubby left me in deep forest for my research and there was no one in the place, my husband told me that he wants to be with me for safety and helping my thesis but I neglected, after from tent in dense forest I had taken a lot of photos for my research. I went much deeper I saw a tribe woman, I went to her to talk, she was very black & chubby, she must me 35+ (ugly black face, smelly). While we were chatting some animal sounds came, she ran on the way which the sounds came, I followed her, there was some animals (wild donkey, fatty wolf, monkey, muddy pig) which belong to her, they were hungry, she took them to her hut and I also joined them after reaching hut, she gave some meats to animals and to me some drinks. I drank it, I felt sleepy after that drink, then she turned towards my side and removed my dress and threw it in no time, she became nude then only I realized she is a transgender (she male or lady boy). Then he came near to me. He touched my breasts. I stopped him, but he did not stop. I saw his penis were much bigger than before now. He was getting impatient and started to put his hand, started to press my boobs. He went pick up all animals and his cock was right in front of my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth, it was very warm. I sucked it hard. Then I moved him and guided his cock in my pussy. Oh it was so hot, I felt as if a burning iron rod is pushed into my pussy. He started to fuck me very hard. I was getting fucked by a transgender in an open forest and all the animals were watching us. He kept fucking me for some time. Suddenly he gave a full thrust into me and felt as if a burning hot water is following into my womb, his cum was very hot. Then he removed his cock and all the cum was flowing out of my pussy, he licked it. Then he sat on bed, I lay on mud floor.

Suddenly the Monkey inserted his cock in my mouth. My legs were open and the pig came near me and started to smell my pussy. I saw money cock was getting bigger and red. Pig started to lick my pussy. Monkey’s cock in my mouth. It was sitting with his cock in my mouth and the dog was licking my ass. Monkey to lie down and I sat over his cock with bending forward in such a way that my ass was exposed to the dog. Dog took no time to push his cock in my ass hole. After some time I got monkey to sit in front of my mouth and took his cock in my mouth and guided dog’s cock in my pussy. It was so aggressive; I felt my pussy will tear. Dog was fucking me like a bitch. Then suddenly it pushed very hard and I cried in pain I could feel his cum running like hot water in my womb, but we could not move. Suddenly the monkey cum filled my mouth. My womb was full of dog’s and mouth was full of monkey’s cum. suddenly the donkey came in, it pushed his cock in my mouth. I had dog’s cock still in my pussy and his cock in my mouth and monkey was sucking my nipples, pig’s cock in my ass After some time they changed their positions, dog came in mouth and forced me swallow his cum, monkey cock in and out of my pussy, donkey fucking my ass. I drank dog’s cum, pig’s cock popped out with pain. Monkey’s cock into my pussy, I sucked pig’s cock cum in my mouth and I drank all of it, then after went back home and I took medicine to avoid health problem.

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