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This is our seventh story, Me and my husband once went to Brazil to enjoy, he had second honeymoon there then after one fine morning he went to business work, I roamed around RIO city with FERRARI, it was noon I took nice Mexican and Arabian, my hubby called and said he will not come back for 2 days due to projects. I rode my Ferrari, as I passed near 10 miles I saw a revised forest area, immediately I stopped the car and went in to deep forest, it was very cool. I saw huts and went near. There was a few tribe girls and one white man was also there (later only I knew he was WWE manager). The tribal girls took me deep into the forest and suddenly they attacked me by bow and arrows, surrounding me, they came and forcibly took me with them to their hut. I was horrified. White man told me that he wanted to have sex with me and will not hurt us if we do it willingly, I scared and tried to run but failed, the white man started pulling out my sari and he was amazed to see a fair woman naked but he was not able to fuck me because of his weak cock. I thanked god to escape from the problem but after that a gangbang held.

I was still naked for an hour, a helicopter landed, from that five big monster human came, they all are wwe wrestlers. (readers can check the wrestlers on wwe website who gangbanged me)

1. BIGSHOW 7ft height, 330 kg – very big white man
2. MARK HENRY 6.3ft height, 195 kg – chubby black man
3. BIG DADDY V 6.9ft height, 229 kg – ugly dark fatter man
4. ROBERT BOOKER 6.5ft height, 116 kg – tall strong black man
5. BOOGEYMAN 6.2ft height, 120 kg – dirty man (eating warms)

They all came near started folding and licking me all over my body, they made Me lie on the bed and were all over my naked body, it looked like hungry monsters feeding on their meat, mark Henry licking my pussy and other were licking my thighs and feet and sucking my boobs, I could turning red due to the hard sucking and could see many hard bites all over my body. Robert Booker got up and ordered the rest of them to leave me alone as now he wanted to mount me, he took his big 12’’ dick and keep it on my wet pussy and slowly started pushing it in my hole it looked like a black anaconda was trying to get into my pussy, then he gave one mighty push and his full 12 inches disappeared into my pussy, my eyes popped out, I loud screamed, it was too big for me and without any emotion the Robert Booker started ramming my pussy with all his power, poor me was screaming like hell. I could see the happiness on these savages’ faces as their Robert Booker fucking me. He gave me long and fast strokes and he put his hands under my ass and buried his head in my boobs and fucked me like an animal. I started moaning loudly with my eyes closed and my hands over his back with my finger nails dug into his shoulder. He fucked me for about 2 hours in the same position, increasing the speed never, he was like a machine, fucking me was totally in trance and was hypnotized by the pain got by fucking him, he then started moaning loudly and I could see this balls contract. He was coming wildly in my pussy, he lay still for some time and then got up and as he pulled out this dick from my pussy I could see a river of cum flow out of pussy, I could barely open me. Robert Booker saw me and laughed, he came near me and caught my hair and pulled me to her wife’s dirty pussy and ordered me to lick it, which I did. Then they took me to bath after. This made me horny and I started licking my lips, I could taste tribal cum in my mouth, she then told me to lick her pussy and ass hole which I did at once, I then put his dick in my pussy and fucked me but I couldn’t feel a thing as my pussy was fully stretched up and slippery. Then next Big Show came and fondling my boobs. He has 16 inch length and 5 inch girth huge cock. He planted a kiss on my lips and then he put a finger inside my ass. Sucking Big Show’s cock I climbed onto the sofa and this time I sat on Big Show’s lap crossing my legs around his waist. He looked at me, smiled and slowly guided his cock into my pussy. Big Show looked at me and said, “Now you will see how a man fucks a woman. Come closer for a better view.” I went closer and between Big Show’s legs I looked at the Big Show’s big penis fully. Big Show slowly started to fuck me. Gradually Big show picked up pace and started ramming me like a wild stallion. I started screaming in a pain, he went on for at least three hours. Finally Big Show exploded with a huge cum inside me. I lay and his cum started to drip out of pussy. Then next round with two monsters, Mark Henry took my nipples in his mouth then from back side Bigdaddy came and entered his finger in my pussy. Bigdaddy made me sat on knees like a bitch. I was begging but they did not show any sympathy, my hands were caught by Mark Henry and boobs were in his mouth. Bigdaddy held my waist and put his 12inch cock head on my butt hole. I just cried in pain but as soon as I opened my mouth for crying Henry entered his cock in my mouth and I could not cry. In the meantime Bigdaddy put his cockhead on my butt hole and pulled my waist towards him but could not enter his cock into me. Mark Henry squeezing my boobs then Bigdaddy applied some butter on my butt hole and some on his cock then he put his cock on my hole and applied some pressure. I was feeling a lot of pain but I was not reacting at the same time, they counted one, two, three and Bigdaddy pushed his cock forward and Mark Henry pushed me backward and I gave out a large gaseous bomb out of my anal and now something was inside my butt hole After a few seconds. Bigdaddy pulled his cock little outside and again they both did the same one, two, three and with another fart now I think his half cock was in my butt hole. My outer rim of my hole was torn & blood oozing out. Oh! That was so tight and big! I screamed in a loud voice “ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee hi pleeeeease help, I wiiiill dieeeeeeeeeee. ooeeee my back its torn oo oo hi maa oee ooeeee my back it’s torn…… Then they both gave some jerks, after a while Bigdaddy told Mark Henry now it is moving easily so you leave now and see the show. Henry left me and sat on sofa, now I was in Big Daddy’s hand, he told me darling now it will be more enjoyable for you also now assume you and me like a bitch and dog and move to and fro, then I also thought while it is being helpless & no one to help me out then why should not I enjoy with this big cock. And I started to give support to Bigdaddy he was now increasing his speed and I also. My boobs were hanging to and fro. His cock was feeling my hard shit inside my ass. I again requested “please take it out or I’ll die please I beg you” There were tears in my eyes. Then Bigdaddy pressed my boobs a little hard and while licking on my ears said ”I will not let you die, just enjoy it.” While ramming my ass he moved his hand under my belly and placed his rough palm on my sweet chubby pussy as I felt the touch on my pussy I shivered and moaned. Then he pulled his cock out. As his half cock became out he pushed it in me with great force. I started crying “ooeee haeee noooooooooo I’ll die, its tooooooo much painnnnnnnnnn, please be still for a moment, pleaseeeeeeeee !” but he didn’t listen to me and started fucking my ass madly. I collapsed! He continued fucking without listening me and held my hips with his hands and started fucking faster. During fucking his cock was touching my hard shit inside my ass which after some time felt soft and I discharged a lot of gasses from my ass, with smell, & with great noise. By then I had also controlled my pains and started moving my ass with his motion. By that Bigdaddy gestured “look the bitch is enjoying!” He continued fucking, then with his jerks my shit became soft and it started oozing out when his cock was moving out. Both Bigdaddy lay on my back for a few minutes and then he pulled his cock out. It came out with a “pucch” sound and my shit also came out. Both of them started yelling and laughing like maniacs! I lay gasping and then got relaxed, now this was 3 am at night. Then Bigdaddy told Mark Henry I got satisfied now I want to rest. Mark Henry replied Ok let me enjoy now but I told loudly I am not satisfied, they both look wondered me. I told, you want to take my ass I gave it to you but now I am interested to take your 10 inch in my pussy because I never took such a big thing in my ladyness. I lifted my hands to tie up my hairs and gave him full look of my ripe mangoes and got success to attract him on them. He came near and took one tit in his rough hand and another tit in his mouth, he was really sucking my nipples like a baby. I was smiling and was pleased that in last I made him mad on my boobs. After some time he changed his mouth and hand position on tits, after feeling passionate sucking After getting satisfied with my boobs he told me let us do 69. Pussy on his thirst lips and I took his tool in my mouth, I was kissing his tool like a banana and he was fucking me with his tongue. He entered his thumb and finger into my pussy and found my clit and took it in his mouth. I was in heaven no doubt he was a complete man, I said Bigdaddy between my legs, I spread my legs and gave a full look of my pussy. Now he began to rub over my pussy. He was by no means hard Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm. Suddenly he stopped & placed his raging bull on my entrance. He gave a big thrust. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo. Plzzzzzzzz slowwwwwlyy. I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzzahh..ahhh ohhh yess…ohhh..oooooo woooo ooooooooh…. my god. Really he was giving me full pain. He fucked & fucked & fucked me. I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed my juices on his cock. I was moaning and producing sexy voices like ”OOhhh Yeahh. Uuuuummmmmm OOHHHHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo Yeahhhhh. He fucked me at least three and half an hour, I scratched his face with my nails & started pushing him back. I begged please take it out, please don’t do this please take it out, please, then he started fucking me more hard & with in next thirty seconds the bastard exploded deep inside my pussy. He totally filled my absolutely fertile womb. It seemed like a dam was broken. He filled me entirely & some even spilled out. With his discharge he held me strongly and tightly jammed my pussy and right then I arched and reached another orgasm. I was gasping with tears rolling down my eyes. Next, Mark Henry came in. He was already nude. He was a very ugly man. He was big, bald and had a very huge cock and I saw it was half erect. I was lying on the bed. He watched my whole body with a very evil look for few seconds, he said that madam you are really very sexy. Then like a hungry wolf he jumped on me and started kissing me everywhere, he was too much passionate. As he kissed on my neck I let out a gasp. After about ten minutes kissing on my lips, face and boob sucking he licked my belly and went down and touched my hairy pussy with his tongue. It was coated with Big daddy’s cum and my juices. I shivered & jerked as if I got a massive shock. He widened my legs and started licking more wildly. Hooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started moaning badly. Now he stretched my fair flabby legs further upto the point that it can be stretched no more, and so it hurt me like hell. Now my pussy protruded out in front of him, totally exposed. said OHHHHHH! MADAM, YOUR PUSSY IS CUTE!!!!!! I closed my eyes in shame. Then he spit on the nasty cock and rubbed its head with it and then placed it on my pussy. As his cock touched my pussy my body shivered. I was moaning. Then he cupped my big boob with right hand, was playing with my boobs wildly. His cock was ready to enter my pussy. He asked me to put his tongue in my mouth. I took his tongue in my mouth and with powerful jerk he entered his full cock in my pussy, he started pumping slowly but in a very hard-core manner. Just then my screams converted into loud passionate moans. He tried to stretch my legs further but it couldn’t go anymore and I moaned real loudly due to my pussy. I moaned in sexy voices “ooze, voodoo noooooo yesssss ooooooooo uffffff……….. he stopped pumping and started kissing my boobs. I moaned hoooooooo, he was fucking me very slowly, fucking me like a mad dog. I rolled my head back and started moaning real loudly! My legs were stretched apart by him and he tightly held my legs in this position. But I didn’t know why my hips were moving up and down with his cock’s rhythm and I screamed continuously with pleasure. Suddenly I got a massive orgasm. I arched my back & splashed thick juices out on his cock. I was moaning loudly in sexy voices like ”OOHHHH Yeahhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmm. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster. Ohhh No. Ohhhh No… and inserted the full length of his big thick cock in me and loaded his hot sperm in my ovary. Ho! it felt so hot and in pleasure I just seemed to pass out. Right then I arched and shivered my whole body like a malaria patient and got the biggest orgasm of my life…. I went on Cumming and stop my squirt…. I screamed and gasped madly in pleasure “Ooooooooooooooo Oooooooohhhhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh. Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo.I… I… I…. am Goooing Toooo Die. Plzzzzzzzzzz.Oh Noooooooo. Yeahhh Babyyy. Ooohhhh Yeahhhhh. Faster he cummed inside me. Finally its Boogeyman, he always eating worm, insects and reptiles, he is the most dirtiest man, he inserted his dick in my pussy. He put his dick in my mouth and I started sucking his dick. He cummed within minutes and my mouth was full of his juices. He then inserted his dick in my pussy and fucked me for 45 minutes then came inside.

I got back to hotel with wild memories of unbelievable accident.

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