Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

My cousin Lina is a married lady. She is in her mid twenties and now came to Delhi for some work. She is bold, hot and wild. Today she will leave for her home, jaipur on her personal car. Its a coincidence that I have to go Jaipur for my examination. So we will leave for Jaipur in the evening. Its a 4-5 hours journey.

Its 05:30 pm and we both are sitting on the back seat of a long and luxurious car sonata. She is wearing a long skirt with kurti. She has white complexion, height of 5’5 feet, round shaped bum and lovely tits. Looking at me, she came closer to me and asked…. ” Garry I want to know a single thing from you.

(Garry) sure sister you may ask

(Lina) have you lost your virginity ?

(Garry) no but please don’t ask me such question, you are my elder sister Lina

(Lina) Garry in our modern society every act is justified, so just look me like a newly married lady. ” And she put her lips on my lips, I moved away my face and she hold me in anger in her arms. I am feeling her breasts on my chest and she kissed my face as well as lips forcibly. My dirty mind is in joy but my resistance is making her angry..

In the car, black glass on windows and curtain in between front and back seats are making us safe. Car is now on Delhi-Rajasthan border waiting to pay toll tax. Looking at Lina I moved closer to her and put my lips on her lips, her anger turned into joy and our lips are locked for some time. Now car started moving and I took her on my thighs. She is sitting on it with her arms on my shoulder. Now she put her rosy lips on my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking it my hand is on her breast to massage. I can see her eyes closed with face becoming red and my penis is now becoming rock hard in my undies. I sucked her tongue till she took it out, breathing heavily she put her head on my shoulder. My hand is on her back rubbing her hot body.

Lina left my thigh and she is sitting on seat. Now I put my hand on her skirt, slowly took it to her waist and her nude thighs and g string is making me hot. My palms are on her thighs just moving on it. Lastly I got the string of her g string panty. I removed it and she is bit shy to show her vaginal parts, moved her skirt down to cover it, but I grabbed her tits in my palm and put my lips on her lips. Slowly I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she is sucking it fastly. Now my hand have got the hook of her long skirt. No need to lift skirt up but to remove it, now I unhooked her skirt and forcibly put down to her legs. She left my tongue and put her thighs well crossed like a scissor, not to show her vagina. I put my hand on her strong thighs and palm is rubbing it slowly. Her control on tight thighs are losing and her face is reflecting my sexual act. I moved down to car seat, sitting on her legs, I started kissing her thighs and she is screaming, while her hands are on my hairs..

I am kissing her thighs and her both legs started moving away. Now I started rolling tongue on her soft thighs and her thighs are wide open. I can see her reddish clean shaved vagina. Now she put her back on seat just to make her legs wide and her vaginal parts is on seat’s corner. I put my lips on it and while kissing it, my hand is pressing her breast. She is screaming in pleasure and now put her finger on vagina to open its hole. Its not so wide like my hot mom’s vaginal mouth but my 1/3 rd of tongue is licking her cunt. Like a dog my tongue is fucking her vagina and she started screaming……… ” Ooohhhhh uuuhhhh Garry please suck my cunt my darling……. ” And I took her labias in my mouth to suck, I sucked it for 5 minutes to taste its cum but not ejaculated..

Car has stopped near a food plaza. I moved away from it to urinate and than came back to buy a chilled beer. Now I have it and than bought a water bottle to wash my penis. I am in car and Lina is now in her long skirt. Looking at me, she said…… ” Want to pee, is there lonely place for it.

(Garry) sure come out. ” And we left the car and moved in opposite direction of food plaza with a water bottle. She sits near the road side and urinated, than washed her cunt with water. She said….. ” Garry I want a cane of beer (Garry) oh you drink beer, ok go inside car. ” And I bought 2 canes of chilled beer. Now we are in car and its in speed of 100-110 km/h. Lina looking at me, opened the cane and have it in 3-4 minutes, means she is regular in drinking beer..

Lina put her hand on my pant and she removed it, my hard rocked penis is in her hand and she came down from her seat to sit near my legs. Now opened her mouth and took it to suck but she is sucking with her head still. My hand is moving down and hold her tits tightly to press. She is a nice sucker, sucked it for 5 minutes and than her tongue is moving on it. I am feeling her long tongue moving on it. She took it again and this time, her head is swinging faster. I am screaming in joy…… ” Ooohhhuuummmmaaahhhh Lina suck it hard my baby… ” And again she licked it with her tongue.

Lina is back on seat and I took out her skirt. Now our lower parts are nude. She bends herself on seat like a doggy, keeping her face on the back of seat and her nude ass is facing my front. I pushed my penis inside her vagina. Its a curtain, black glasses on windows and light music playing on…. That’s make us safe and after my 1/2 of penis rammed inside, I hold her waist and fucked her hard…. Her vagina is tight and she is married for only 5-6 months, so my penis is feeling the narrow way inside her vagina. I am hard in fucking her cunt and its wet. She started moving her bum fastly.

I took out my dick and put my tongue to lick it. Lastly I spit on her cunt to make it wet and pushed my penis inside….. Now fucking her vagina with full speed and power, she is moving her ass fastly and screaming in joy……. ” Ioihhhuuummmmaaahhh Garry its in fire please pour your cum my darling

(Garry) oohh but if you will conceive my baby

(Lina) oh baby there is no name written on the sperms, pour it make me pregnant I am ready…. ” And after deep penetration for 12-15 minutes, my cock ejaculated cum in her cunt and she tasted it also……….. Our sexual journey ends.

By Yumiko

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