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He quietly walks out of his room, not wanting to wake up his daughter on his way to make coffee. As he passes his daughter’s door he hears some shuffling around and grunting in there. He pauses for a second, wondering what she is doing awake at 4 in the morning. He eases the door open to see what she is up to, the light on her bed side table is on giving out just enough light to softly illuminate the room. He eases the door open a little more and is stunned, his 16 year old daughter is there in the floor with their dog Rex fucking her hard and fast. He notices that she is fingering her pussy so if he is in her it has to be in her ass. As he begins to slow, she pulls her finger out and grabs him by the hind legs and whispers, “Mmmm, Rex, fill my butt with your hot cock and cum. One day I will let you in my kitty, but not until someone else has been in there first. I’m not giving my kitty cherry to you.” she continues to talk to him as he unloads stream after stream of K 9 cum into her ass. Her dad softly closes the door and heads to the kitchen to make coffee, not knowing what to do, or hell even what to think. A few hours later he is setting there watching tv and finishing off his last cup of coffee when she opens the door and lets Rex out of her room, about 10 minutes later she comes out, perfectly composed just like a little girl who has just woke up from a good nights sleep.

“How did you sleep, Kitten?”

“Good, how about you, Daddy?” She asked as she kissed him on the cheek, then went to the kitchen to find something to eat.

“I slept like a rock. Did you have a nightmare last night?”

“No, Daddy, why do you ask?”

“Well I thought I heard moaning coming from your room this morning when I woke up.”

She blushed, “No, Daddy, I didn’t have a nightmare, I was just playing with Rex.”

At the sound of his name Rex went running to the kitchen where Sara was. As she was trying to fix her breakfast he began to stick his nose under her shirt, snuffling her pussy and licking at it. When his tongue hit her moist little pussy she realized that she forgot to put on any panties. There she stood in the kitchen, 16 years old today wearing only a T shirt, her Dad setting on the couch, and the dog sticking his tongue in her virgin pussy. She moans as his tongue hits its mark and slides inside her, she bends over the counter, spreading her legs allowing him to stick his tongue in deeper.

“Kitten, are you ok in there? “

“Yes, Daddy,” she manages to say as Rex’s tongue hits her G spot. She bites her lip in order to stifle a large moan of pleasure. After she cums she runs him out of the kitchen, fixes her self a bowl of cereal and heads to the living room. She sets on the couch across from her Daddy, being sure to keep her legs closed, and begins to eat her cereal.

“Well it is your special day, kitten, what would you like to do today? Go to the mall, out to dinner, maybe the zoo? I hear that they have a new litter of wolf cubs.”

“Me, Sarah, and Kim were planning to go to the mall for a while, then the rest of the day I want to spend with you, Daddy. I should be home around 1 if that is ok?”

He smiles at her as he gets up to take his cup to the kitchen, “That is fine, kitten. Let me get you some money so you can buy yourself a gift.” He returns with some money just as the door bell rings. She grabs it, kisses his cheek again, then rushes out the door into a small crowd of squealing girls. He smiles as the door is closed then heads to his office to get a little work done while she is gone. He finishes his work and reaches to turn off the computer when the image of his daughter getting fucked by his dog comes back to him. He thinks about it for a second then opens a search engine. He spends the next few hours watching bestiality porn. He had never thought about it before, but the site of woman after woman being mounted, pounded, and knotted by dog after dog really started to turn him on. He got curious and did a search to see if there were any Daddy Daughter type of porn, he was surprised to find thousands of movie where Daddy’s and daughters were getting down and dirty. He began switching back and forth from bestiality to incest.

Crystal slowly opened the front door, figuring her dad would be in his office working and she didn’t want to disturb him. She set her bags down in the living room, walked to the office door, and cracked it open to see if he was in there. She saw he was, but it looked like he was watching a video, not working. She opened the door a little further to see what he was watching, she knew he watched porn, she has found a few sites saved to his favorites before. She thought it was funny, but hell old people get horny too she would think to herself. She saw the screen and let out a yelp in surprise, he jumped and turned off the monitor before turning around to see her standing in the door way, red as a beet. He began to blush as well. When he stands up she looks down and notices that his cock has pushed through the flap of his boxers, her eyes widen as she covers her mouth and she blushes deeper. He looks down, covers his hard on, and turns his back to her. He hears the door close and knows that she has left the room. He stands there, cock in hand, trying to figure out what porn she saw and wonder for the second time that day what he was going to do about what just happened.

Thirty minutes later he was setting in the living room watching TV when she came into the room. “Daddy, what kind of porn were you watching,” she asked as she sat in the chair across from him. He takes a minute before answering her. “Do you really want to know, kitten? You know I don’t lie to you about anything.” She folded her long smooth legs up into the chair, thinking before she answered, “Yes, Daddy, I want to know.” He had spent the last 30 minutes thinking about how he would answer this question if she asked it and he had decided to be blunt. “Well, kitten, I saw you ‘playing’ with Rex this morning. After I got done with work I thought about it and began watching dog on girl porn, it was a little more interesting than I thought it would be to be honest.” She looked at him for a minute, “I watched you switch from a video with a man and a girl, to a girl and a dog,” she said as she rubbed her knee, drawing her shirt a little further up her legs. “Well, I heard you tell Rex that he couldn’t have your kitty until you lost your cherry so I looked to see if there was anything with Daddy and daughter, I was surprised to find a lot with that subject.” She cocked her head and smiled slightly at him, “Daddy, do you want to have sex with me?” He blushed again and she noticed that the head of his cock was beginning to peak out of his boxers again, he didn’t seam to notice so she didn’t say anything, kinda curious how big he would get and a little turned on by the thought of him, her Daddy, being the first one inside her. ‘I wonder if he would cum in me or pull out if we had sex,’ she thought to herself as he set there thinking about what to say.

“Well, kitten, I had never thought about it before, but seeing you naked, on your hands and knees, Rex thrusting into you as you pushed against him, moaning, I did feel a little jealous. I have not got any action in a long long time. It is a shame that my dog is getting more than me.” He sat there looking at her, noticing that her small nipples began to poke through her thin T shirt, this caused him to begin to get harder. He glances down and notices that his cock has found its way out of his boxers again so he quickly covers it with a pillow, she smiles at him. “Daddy, you don’t have to cover it if you don’t want to. It kinda turns me on, I like looking at it.” With this said she slides her shirt up over her waist and adjusts her self so that he can see her smooth little pussy. He moves the pillow and they set there for a few minutes looking at each other.

Rex comes trotting into the room and heads straight for Crystal, he sticks his muzzle in between her legs and begins to lick her wet little pussy. She begins to push him away until she notices the look on her Daddies face, ‘He is enjoying this,’ she thinks to herself so she opens her legs a little further, letting Rex get his tongue into her. She reaches down and spreads her pussy open further letting him lick deeper and deeper. Rex keeps attempting to mount her and she keeps pushing him back down, “I have told you over and over that you can’t have my kitty until a man has popped my cherry.” She looks at her Daddy, “Would you like to watch him mount me, Daddy? I only let him in my butt right now, but I really really enjoy the way he feels.” “I would love to see you and him do it, kitten. When you are done maybe we can do something that would allow him to mount your pussy.” She smiles, knowing what he is talking about. She takes her shirt off then gets on her hands and knees, Rex, knowing exactly what to do jumps on her back. She has a thought and sits down so that his cock is poking her in the back instead of the butt. Her dad looks at her questioningly, “Would you like to get a really good view of the action, Daddy? If so you can lay in the floor and I can get over you so you can watch the entire show.” He looks at her, setting in the floor, naked, Rex poking her back with a cock that has to be 8” long, then he lays in the floor, his cock still poking out of his boxers.

She got on her hands and knees positioning her pussy right over his face so that he will be able to see the whole show. Rex once again mounts her. He watches as the dog begins to poke around, the tip of his cock poking into her pussy, she lowers her hips, putting her pussy closer to his face and bringing her ass hole inline with the dogs growing cock. As the tip enters her ass, Rex pauses for a second to adjust his stance, then pushes half of his cock into her. She moans as she feels him slid into her, with another few thrust he is pushed in up to his knot, which has swollen to the size of a lemon by this point. Her dad lays there watching as the dog begins to push harder at her ass hole trying to push that huge knot into her and some precum begins to leak out of his cock. Crystal looks at her Daddy’s cock as she feels Rex trying to push his knot into her, she sees the precum that starts to leak from Daddy’s cock and without a second thought she licks it off of the tip.

This one action had 2 effects, it opened and relaxed her ass hole enough to allow Rex to finally push his now orange sized know into her, which cause her to open her mouth, the feeling of her tongue on her Daddy’s cock cause him ti tighten his abs thrusting the head of his cock into her open mouth. In the blink of an eye the whole situation changed. Crystal felt Rex grow bigger and longer than he ever had before, his huge knot pulling against her ass hole and pushing deeper into her as he continued to thrust into her. With out realizing what she was doing she began to bob her head, up and down, sliding her Daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth, only being able to take half of his 8” cock with out choking on it. After 15 minutes her dad began to moan and his cock started to swell in her mouth, she knew from her times with Rex that her dad was about to cum. When he tried to pull out of her mouth she grabbed the base of his cock and began to stroke what she couldn’t get into her mouth, he didn’t put up much of a fight and let her do what she wanted. As she began to stroke and suck herder he watched Rex begin to slow his thrust but hitting harder each time. Almost at the same time Rex gave one last hard thrust, pushing into her to the point where his nuts were pressing into her ass, she took another few inches of her Daddy’s cock into her mouth just as he exploded in her mouth. She sucked hard with every pulse of Daddy’s cock, catching, savoring, and swallowing every drop of him and his cum.

Crystal sat there, her dog filling her ass and her Daddy filling her mouth, she was in heaven. She continued to suck her Daddy until he began to go limp, Rex began to pull at her ass trying to get loose, but before she could grab him her dad did. She sat there licking her dad’s now empty limp dick as the dog continued to pump cum into her. 20 minutes later Rex had deflated enough to pull out of her with out any problem. Rex sat down next to them and began to clean himself as she continued to lick her Daddy’s cock, enjoying the feeling of her dogs cum in her ass and her Daddy’s cum in her belly. Her Daddy kisses her on the pussy before sliding out from under her. He sets in his char and looks at his daughter, still kneeling in the floor with her head on the floor now and her tight little ass still in the air. Her eyes are closed and she is slowly and gently rubbing her belly with a small smile still on her face.

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