Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Sherry DeAnn’s Submissive Weekend
by Sherry DeAnn & Mark Patrick
My name is DeAnn and my husband’s name is Mark. In most ways we’re just your average mature, white couple next door. Mark owns a construction company and I take care of things on the home front. The big difference between us and our neighbors is that we are a full time lifestyle couple. Our lifestyle consists of BDSM and swinging with select people. Mark is my dominant and I am his submissive. I wear his collar and consider him my owner as well as my husband and we have a deep love and trust between us. We’ve been married for over 30 years and the marriage has never been boring. Love and trust and fantastic sex is a winning receipt. I’m 5′ 2″, blonde, and a curvy, 145 lbs. of sexual energy. I can be a real slut once the action starts up. I’m always ready for whatever Mark has in mind and he’s always got something new and exciting in mind. Mark is 6 feet tall and 235 lbs. of tattoo’s and muscle, a very handsome guy with an enormous sex drive. We compliment each other perfectly in most things, and certainly in our sex play. Yeah, I used the word “play” because Our relationship is based on a consensual power exchange. We won’t engage in anything that involves somebody being forced. I submit because I really like it. I do have a safe word but have never used it. In truth our play doesn’t usually get real rough. The turn-on is in the exchange of power. It’s a form of foreplay that is very intoxicating. So far I have never been ordered to do something that I wouldn’t do. At times, it’s a challenge but I really do get off on my role and so I am always driven to obey. Just for the record we do have some rules: No minors play, No animals, and nothing that is going to get anybody arrested. Pain? Yes, there is some pain involved but I accept that as part of being a submissive and we don’t get extreme with pain. No injuries or blood. My limits are tested at times but it thrills me to be in the hands of a dominant ( Male or Female ) that will take control of me and explore the depth of my submission. Mark came home the other night and said his crew had started a job up in the mountains and the client was a very interesting guy. I looked at Mark and said, “How so?” Mark’s face lit up with one of his killer smiles and he said, “We’re invited up to the estate this weekend so you’ll be meeting Robert and his wife Suzy then, and that’s all you need to know for now.” I tried to get more out of Mark but he just smiled and said, “You’ll find out Saturday.” When Saturday morning rolled around I showered and dressed in the clothes that Mark had laid out for me on the bed. Today I would be wearing black leather pants, a red sheer blouse, with a black push up bra and panties set and of course a pair of cute Harley boots since we were riding up to the estate. Mark has 3 motorcycles and the one we were riding today is my favorite. A custom built Harley Davidson Shovelhead that looks great, sounds great, and vibrates oh so good. It’s old school and I really love this bike. We rode up out of the city and into the mountains as Mark skillfully went through the curves. The ride was actually shorter than I had expected as we turned off into a private driveway with a large iron gate. I noticed a camera move at the corner of the gate checking us out and then the gate slid open. Mark rolled on the throttle and in we went. I was in awe of the grounds as we rode down the driveway, which was really like a road rather than a driveway. A couple minutes later we pulled up in front of a gorgeous, secluded mansion. Whoever these people were, they were rich, with a capitol “R”. Mark pulled up and dropped the kick stand and we walked up to the double doors and then he turned to me and said, ” I want you to be a good girl this weekend.” The tone of his voice told me he wasn’t kidding. I replied, “Yes Sir”. Then Mark rang the door chimes.
Continued in part two
The weekend begins

By Tommy

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