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Kaylie was pulled out of her uneasy sleep by the early morning sounds of a manor farm. On the barn floor, far below her refuge in the hay loft, there were voices and sounds of horses being led out and hitched together into a team. There was the teamsters low chatter, the answering whickers and grumbles of draft animals being put into harness turned her initial panic into a deep aching homesickness. She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling hot tears making tracks over her dirty face. Another day on the run, another day of constantly gnawing hunger, another day of the terror and loneliness of being hunted down in a strange kingdom, far from home. Another day spent as an outlaw and deserter from her Laird’s army.

Kaylie had been born as Moibeal Brìde-Ceilidh ap Dòmhnallach to the Clannad MacMhiadhchain, although the village cleric had been the last, and probably only, person to use her full name when she’d been christened at their little chapel. Every child was taken, soon after birth and presented to the sigil of their Holy Patron, the Lady of Plenty in hopes of a long and fruitful life. For the first nineteen years of her existence, the Goddess had seen her through the mix of good and bad that marked every life in their little village. Until the soldiers of Mad Gregor, the Laird’s War-Chief and first son, arrived at their village.
She’d been out in the fields, far from the secret places the villagers maintained for this exact event. Gregor’s outriders had caught her in the open with nowhere to hide. They ignored her pleading, not even letting her say goodbye to her family. Kaylie had joined the ranks of Mad Gregor’s latest expeditionary force against the elvish settlements to the west.

She was given an iron cap and a plate with straps to wear over her chest, all of it ill-fitting. Instead of a sword or bow, she struggled to carry an unwieldy 12-foot pike with the other conscripted soldiers. Shackled and guarded at night, they marched at the rear of the column, the days so similar that Kaylie lost track of how long she’d been stumbling through the dust. It had felt like forever.

Everything changed again when they’d reached a broad and shallow river, noisy in its rocky bed. The meadows on the opposite side of the water were already covered with the camps of the defenders, their white tents and pavilions a stark contrast with the human camp. The nobles had their own tents, a few of the upper ranks had rough lean-tos, but the rank and file soldiery huddled out in the open, like always.

Kaylie collected her meal and managed to eat before she fell asleep where she sat. She opened her eyes again in the pre-dawn half-light, woken by some unknown sound. Yawning, she peered through the early-morning ground fog. There were a series of thumps, and then a high, burbling shriek from her left. A low thrumming sound came from the direction of the river and she got up, confused. She went toward the noise, finding a knot of conscripts gathered around a body laying in the dirt. A long shaft protruded from the chest of the man, gray fletching on the end.

A hissing whisper grew in the sky above them and the conscripts looked up, just as the second flight of arrows struck. A gray fletched arrow appeared in the face of the man next to her and he dropped to the ground without any sound at all. In contrast, there were screams and shouting all around her. Another whispered thrumming from the river sent Kaylie running. Her helmet and chest plate were too heavy, and she pulled them off, leaving them behind her as she took cover in a stand of trees.

She stayed hidden through the rest of the day, hearing the noise of the fighting. The thunder of hoofbeats mixed with unearthly bird-screams above them. Once she caught sight of the gryphon sky-calvary, wheeling and diving as they harried the humans from above. Kaylie had no idea how long battles were supposed to last but the noise of fighting died away long before the sun had reached its peak overhead. She stayed hidden, waiting. They’d been told over and over that desertion was a death-sentence. If the humans had won, unlikely, she’d be hung from a tree-branch and left for the ravens to pick clean. If the elves had wiped out the human army, the outcome of all Mad Gregor’s other adventures…she had no idea what they’d do to a human survivor, but it probably wouldn’t be pleasant. She stayed on the leafy floor of the little copse until well after dark. Then she got up and began to run.

Three days later, she’d come across a large manor and had climbed into the empty hay loft of a horse barn. It was the most comfortable place she’d slept since she’d been dragged away from home. Now, she was awake again. Once the barn was quiet again, Kaylie crept down the ladder and stole a couple of handfuls of oats from the feed bin. She’d have to eat it raw, but it would quiet her over-noisy stomach. She’d keep heading east today, looking for anything she remembered from the earlier march.

Kaylie kept to the forest, skirting clearings and any signs of habitation. She hoped that the gryphon-borne elf scouts couldn’t see her under the trees. Otherwise, her doom would be announced with the arrival of an arrow in the back. Or maybe they’d just have a gryphon bite her head from her shoulders. It didn’t matter that she didn’t want to be here, never wanted to be a soldier, never wanted to take part in a battle. An elf rider wouldn’t know that and probably couldn’t care less if he had. All her life, she’d heard stories about the elves and their hatred of humans. It was best to stay hidden from the sky, as much as she could.

A few hours after midday, Kaylie came to the end of the forest. There was a long grassy slope leading down to another river she didn’t recognize. She knew she needed to stay under the trees until darkness, but the oats had made her thirsty and the light glinting off the water was too much for her dry mouth to bear.
This stretch of river seemed to be empty. Boulders were strewn across the land here, making any kind of farming a daunting prospect. Kaylie lay on her stomach on the bank, drinking until her insides sloshed. After washing the grim from her face, she waded across the river and headed toward a distant tree line.

As she dodged from one boulder pile to another, she noticed a whistling rustle from overhead. It was followed by a triumphant sounding scream and before she could find a place to hide, Kaylie felt a thud through her boots. She spun and saw one of the creatures examining her with a predator’s eyes. It had no rider but wore some kind of harness made of green leather. Whether it was wild or elf-trained didn’t matter to her fate. The majestic beast’s beak could easily nip the head right off her shoulders. Or, from the look of the massive claws on its feet, disemboweling her without much bother.

She was weaponless, not even a stone or stick in sight. Kaylie breathed a prayer to the Goddess and stood her ground, tired of running. It watched her for a moment then paced to her left. She turned to watch as it circled her. The gryphon made a chattering noise, reminding her of ravens croaking at each other. It paced closer then reversed course, keeping her pinned against a large stone. Kaylie clambered up on top of the boulder and it froze, gaze locked on her. Kaylie closed her eyes, face to the sky.

“Protect my soul and receive me into your service Great Lady,” she whispered, ready for the end.

Then the massive gryphon struck. Instead removing her head or entrails, Kaylie’s legs were hit, knocking them from under her. Before she hit the ground, she was grabbed by the gryphon’s talons. Nothing pierced her and Kaylie opened her eyes again as she was placed on the top of the boulder, face down on the smooth, sun-warmed stone.

Kaylie felt the gryphon’s talon sliding up her back to the base of her neck. She felt a coolness and knew it was her blood running out, the pain was too great to even feel yet. Its beak would be snapping close, ripping limb from limb…except none of that had happened. Her heavy canvas trousers and jacket had been sliced away, falling down her sides. She was confused and risked picking her head up to look back at it. The raptor’s head regarding her didn’t show any emotion that she could see. It stood on the ground beside the rock, one paw on her back as it sniffed the air.

A cry echoed down to her and she froze as another gryphon circled low. Her captor greeted the newcomer with squawks and chattering as it folded its wings and paced closer. Kaylie watched, amazed by the scene. She didn’t know anything about gryphons, no human did. She’d thought they’d be vicious predators, killing her without a moment’s hesitation. She gave a start as the beast holding her down gave a sort of muted trumpet call that seemed to have a questioning note. The newcomer replied, making a complex set of noises that sounded like language to her. Were gryphons intelligent enough to speak? The second gryphon paced closer, watching her with intelligent eyes.

The heavy weight was removed from her back and Kaylie scrambled to her knees, kicking the remains of her pants away. With her feet free, she might be able to escape, given half a chance. But the first gryphon squawked angrily, knocking her knocked her flat to her stomach again. Kaylie squeezed her eyes closed, waiting.

Again, a deathblow failed to land. Kaylie jumped as something brushed the skin of her back. She risked a look behind her and saw the gryphon behind her, paws on the stone to either side of her body. Something was emerging from its belly and Kaylie’s eyes widened as she realized the gryphon’s penis had emerged. There was a pointed tip that curved slightly. The shaft was shaped oddly as well, ending in a wide, bulging base that thickened as she watched.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Kaylie muttered as the beast crouched over her.

She was hardly a blushing maiden, Kaylie had grown up on the farm and was familiar with all kinds of animal and their mating habits. Later, she’d imitated them with a special friend. Being a conscript had showed her even broader horizons when two of the senior file leaders chose her as a bed warmer that first week. They hadn’t liked waiting for the other to finish so it wasn’t long before they both were inside of her at once, one from either end. This was much stranger by far.

Kaylie froze, feeling the tip of the cock rub along on hip. It was very warm and the clear fluid it was coated with was slippery. The gryphon grumbled in frustration as it shuffled slightly. The penis slid along her leg, making her captor grumble louder. She looked back and met its too-intelligent eyes and realized that it was indeed trying to get inside of her.

As close as she’d imagined death, Kaylie had found a new desire to survive. If it was this or being eaten, the choice was clear. With any luck, she’d survive this and then maybe they would let her go. So, Kaylie scooted back toward the gryphon’s belly and opened her legs. The gryphon thrust again, and the head of its cock slid along her inner thigh and pushed against her sex, making her gasp.

Kaylie reached back and spread herself as gryphon pushed again. She reached back and spread herself as the gryphon shifted again. This time she moaned involuntarily as the head pushed between the lips of her sex. The gryphon made a triumphant noise and thrust again. The cock pushed against her sex again but instead of filling her, the slippery head slipped upwards and lodged against her ass. Kaylie tried to grab the cock and move it between her legs, but the gryphon didn’t give her a chance.  Feeling the warm constriction, he pushed deeper.

Kaylie gasped as the head pushed deeper. She’d felt this before, it was the only guaranteed method to avoid children. It had been uncomfortable the first time, but her body had quickly learned to take as much pleasure this way. She usually orgasmed with a cock in her bottom, pushing back and wanting more.
Kaylie closed her eyes and concentrated on those memories, feeling her back-hole stretch. The gryphon pulled the penis slowly back and she took a deep breath and spread her ass cheeks wide to try and lessen the discomfort from the strange shape and size. The beast pushed forward, burying about half of his cock in her. It wasn’t burning as much as she had thought, but she felt incredibly full.

He pulled back and pushed forward again, a little slower now that his prick had found a target. As he moved in and out of her, Kaylie pushed and pulled across the rock below her. The warm stone slid over her nipples and her cunt began to respond. She had the feeling of something warm melting in her lower stomach as the moisture built between her legs.

Hot tears wet her cheeks again. Kaylie didn’t know if it was grief for her lost life or the shame of knowing she was beginning to enjoy this violation. Then the pleasure built, drying her tears. Kaylie began to pant, grunting as the gryphon forced more of himself into her ass.
There was another scrabble as the second gryphon got his claws on the rock in front of her. The rock was scored with lines as it pulled itself up, presenting her with another erect cock. This one was a bit more graceful than the first and his cock bumped her face on the first attempt. She simply opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the head, before she could pause and think about it. The second gryphon pushed forward slowly, starting to pump her mouth in the same sort of rhythm as the one behind her. The cock in her ass and the depravity of the act filled Kaylie with growing lust and she reached under herself and began to rub at her clit as she was shoved back and forth.

Kaylie began to cum and pushed back against the gryphon, forcing as much as she could into her ass. The gryphon roared and she felt the cock expand in her ass, cum flowing into her, hotter than she would have imagined. There was more than she would have imagined as well, and Kaylie grunted as she felt stream after stream dousing her insides. She realized she’d been moaning and her low pants of “fuck me, oh Goddess fuck me” turned into animalistic grunts as Kaylie abandoned herself to the pleasure of her orgasm. Behind her, the cock in her ass was withdrawn as it continued to spasm and she felt the hot cum splatter and run down the back of her legs.

She could sense the pace of the one in her mouth quickening as well and without warning he exploded in her mouth. Kaylie swallowed all she could, but it wasn’t long before it was running out of her mouth. The second gryphon pushed forward as it came and she felt the head slip into her throat, the cum being fired into her belly. She had the sudden thought of the hot cum in her stomach and in her ass and she came again, gurgling and gagging on the clock down her throat. It withdrew after a moment and Kaylie coughed and tried to recover as the two gryphons groomed themselves. Then there were voices from the trees behind her. She sat up on the rock and saw two slim figures wearing forest green emerge from the forest’s edge.

Her heart sank and Kaylie realized that she hadn’t had a chance after all. As they came closer, she saw that their heads were covered by cowls and masks that covered their faces from the bottom of the throat to the edge of the eyes. She’d heard of these Ghost Rangers before. It was said to be dangerous to be in the same county as just one of them and here were two, staring at her as they approached. The elves were speaking as they approached but were silent when they reached the rock she sat on.

Both of them?” one of them asked in a lilting voice.

She just nodded. The elf unfastened its mask, letting the cloth fall around her throat. The female’s cool grey eyes studied her a moment. She turned to her partner and said something in Elvish, sounding more like a brook in the summer. The other stepped closer and lowered its mask as well, revealing another elvish woman with unnaturally green eyes. This one didn’t say anything to her directly but nodded and made a complicated gesture between her breasts.
Then they turned to the gryphons, soothing them in quiet voices. The green-eyed one took both bridles and her gray-eyed partner came back to where Kaylie was sitting. She put a bundle on the edge of the rock and stepped back. Kaylie opened it and found gray-green pants and tunic. There was a small twisted metal broach there as well. She looked up at the elf, confused. Gray-eyes pointed back to the forest Kaylie had been sneaking through.
“Travel that direction, less than a league into the trees. The sigil will guide you and let you pass through our wards.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

Gray-eyes smiled for an instant, lighting up her face. “We’ve been watching you since you fled the meadows, human. We wouldn’t have harmed you, just guided you back home. Perhaps your stories would have convinced your leaders to stop sending their soldiers.”

Kaylie shook her head. “I’m from a small place and my family is not important. If any of the Laird’s men knew I’d returned, they’d hang me before listening to anything I have to say.”

The beautiful elf’s face twisted in disgust. “That is the way of humans. It is well that our mounts got loose and stopped you here. That was unusual, I think perhaps you have a powerful patron watching over you?”

“I prayed for the Great Lady to spare me, but…”

“Then not only did she spare your life, she saw the greatness in your heart and sent these gryphons that we would know you as a worthy soul full of passion and courage. We are chosen by the gryphons in the same way but two of them mounting a single rider is very unusual.”

“What does that mean?” Kaylie asked, pulling on the new clothes.

Gray-eyes shrugged. “You will have to follow us and discover that for yourself.”

The elf took the braided metal sigil and put it over her head. Kaylie’s eyes widened as she realized what the elven woman had said.

“So, you’ve…” and her glance went to the gryphons held by the other elf.

The elf smiled again, as fast as heat lightning. “Been mounted? Eagerly, and often. All of our company is thus. We are mostly female, but a few men have had the bravery to be chosen as well.”

Heath closed her eyes a moment. Unbidden, the image of a beautiful male elf being mounted warmed her stomach again and she took a shuddering breath. There was a quiet chuckle and green-eyes placed a warm hand on Kaylie’s shoulder.

“If you are composed, we will go and meet your new siblings. There will be a great joy that another rider has been found.”

Kaylie walked with the two elves and their mounts, back nearly the same way she’d come. Once again, life had changed forever but this time, thoughts of the future wheeled and danced in her mind, like a gryphon in the sky.

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