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Part I, Djamila’s pov.

We had known eachother since kindergarten. Our parents were best friends. We had grown up together and had become almost twins. We were beautiful, had a nice allowance and were popular at school. We had discovered eachother’s bodies in highschool. We started out kissing eachother but soon moved on to fondling eachother’s tits and oral sex. I loved the taste of Kimberly’s pussy. We started driving the boys crazy soon after. Sometimes we shared a boy, sometimes the boys shared us.

I loved sucking cock, the feeling of a guy fisting his hands in my hair and taking control, shoving his hard cock down my throat never failed to turn me into a total slut. Once for my birthday Kimberly got six guys to facefuck me while she fucked me in both holes with a double strap-on. It was awesome to have both my pussy and ass fucked by my best friend and have one guy after another plaster my face with his slimy cum!

The day before yesterday our lives had exploded in the most horrific manner possible. Our parents had gone to a restaurant together as they regularly did. This time however they had become the victims of some fuckin’ truckdriver who reckoned it was okay to go truckin’ while he was so drunk he couldn’t see straight. Motherfucker.

They had taken us to the police station while they organized a place in an orphanage. Orphanage. Just the fuckin’ word. Not once in my life had I imagined being orphaned. Next morning we overheard the cops talking about the places they were going to send us. Places. Plural. Fuckers were gonna separate us. As if being orphaned wasn’t horrible enough. No, they were gonna send us to different homes. As if I would survive by myself. Without my best friend. Fuck that!

We quickly hatched a plan. When the cop came to get us, Kimberly fumbled around while I moved ’till I was behind him. Then she lifted her t-shirt and showed him her tits. He was shocked immobile and stuttered something, but I didn’t care. I slammed the heavy glass ashtray into his head and he went down like the proverbial ton of bricks.

I took his gun and keys. Kimberly started screaming. This was a small town and there were just two other cops on duty. They came running into the room. Dumb fucks. They came to an abrupt stop as they saw me with the gun. “Now missy, what you’re trying to do here?”, one of them asked. “Shut the fuck up and put your keys on the table. Now!”, I hissed. They didn’t move. I squeezed the trigger and a bullet whizzed by the ear of the closest one. Thank daddy for teaching his little girl to shoot. It sure got their attention and got them dropping their keys on the table.

I tossed a set to Kimberly. “Now pick him up and all three of you will get into the holding tank so nobody will have to get shot”, I said. They did as ordered, Kimberly locked the tank and they were locked up. We made our way to the back of the police station, went out the backdoor, got into a patrol car and drove off. We didn’t have much time, the search would soon be on.

We drove to the river. There was this bend where the river was wide and deep and the drop from the road was vertical. We got out, pushed the car off the road and into the river. We watched it sink below the surface and not much showed where it had gone off the road. What tracks there were we brushed over with fallen branches. It would buy us time. Time to do what, we didn’t know. We crossed the road and walked into the woods. The woods here went on all the way into Canada. The plan was to just keep walking, get lost and probably die. It would be better than being send to different homes. At least we would be together, wherever we were.

Part II.

We walked for about an hour and then stumbled upon an almost overgrown trail. We started following it, figuring it would lead somewhere, but also afraid that it would lead back to civilization and capture. We just kept walking. We walked all day. We were bone tired and numb with grief, but just kept plodding along. Slowly daylight faded into dusk. We stumbled into a clearing and stopped. There was a cabin and right next to it a shed. Everything was dark and the whole place looked abandoned. But you never knew. Nothing moved, we didn’t hear a sound, other than the wind and the birds in the forest.

We made our way over to the cabin. It was locked and though it looked old and abandoned the door wouldn’t budge. We tried the shed next. Not locked, the door opened with a little creak. There were three horsestalls and a haystack. The hay looked good, even if it smelled a little old and musty.

We let ourselves fall into the haystack and held each other. Kimberly started crying. “How could this happen to us? Why?”, she sobbed. I just held her. I didn’t say anything. There was nothing I could say to comfort her. I just held her tighter and kissed her while the tears started falling from my own eyes. We held each other and cried until we finally must have drifted off to sleep.

I came awake as Kimberly shook me. “Well, well, what have we here?”, a man drawled. I opened my eyes and looked up. A man stood watching us, surrounded by three of the largest mutts I’d ever seen. He was about thirty, well built and not bad looking if a bit rough. “Two little kittens… STRIP!!”, he bellowed the last word. We just stared at him. “STRIP, BITCHES!!”, he bellowed again, “or my dogs will have you for breakfast!” We still didn’t move, unable to believe he was serious. “Apollo”, the man said and pointed at us. The dog growled menacingly and started slowly making his way over.

That was enough for me and for Kimberly as well. We pulled our sweaters and t-shirts over our heads, pulled our shoes off and then pulled our trousers down and stepped out of them. Now we were just in our panties and bras. “Better but not good”, the man said. “Off, STRIP NAKED!!”, he bellowed again. I looked at the dogs and figured we didn’t have much choice. I stripped. Naked. So did Kimberly.

There we stood. Naked. Our teenage tits firm, nipples pointing upwards and hardening in the crisp morning air. Our pussies on display for this man with his scary dogs. Just what the fuck did he want anyway?? It didn’t take him long to make that clear. “You”, he said to Kimberly, “get in the last stall. Kimberly walked over to the last stall, opened the door and got in. “You, close it, then get in the second stall”, he said to me. I did as instructed. The man closed the door on my stall and slid the bolt home. We were locked in.

Then he walked out and came back in with a horse which he put in the first stall. “You bitches! Training will begin shortly, but first I’ll have breakfast. With that he left the shed. Training?, I wondered. What was he on about? Rape he probably meant. “Kimberly”, I whispered. “Yeah?”, she whispered back. “We gotta keep our eyes and ears open, so we can get the fuck away from here”, I said. “We’ll knock him out first chance we get”, she answered.

He was back half an hour later, his three dogs in tow. Damn dogs would make escaping a whole lot harder, if not nearly impossible. He opened the door to my stall and told me to come out. Not having much choice, I complied. I stood in front of him in all my teenage, naked glory.

I didn’t hold my hands over my tits or pussy, figuring there was no point. I felt the blush creep into my cheeks though, as he stood there, his eyes roving over my naked body. He showed me a collar, pink leather with the word SLUT on it in metal letters and four rings evenly spaced along it’s length. “Turn around”, he said. I did as ordered. I felt him fasten the collar around my throat. Next I felt him put wrist cuffs on my wrists and something clicked. He pulled my hands high up my back and there was another click. My hands were now fastened high up my back to my collar.

I was a slut, I knew. I had done things that most teenage girls didn’t even imagine. But this was a whole new level of kinky. I was a bit scared, but I didn’t think I was gonna get killed. He could’ve killed us this morning when he walked in on us. Part of me was even curious where he would go with this. Another part of me was getting horny. Quite a large part actually. I felt my pussy juice trickle down the inside of my thighs.

The man in front of me didn’t fail to notice that. “Cunt’s getting wet slut?”, he asked me. I blushed with the shame, but I had no control over my body. My pussy was wetter than ever and my nipples were hard as bullets. “I asked you a question. Answer it, slut!”, he growled. “Yes mister”, I answered. “Yes mister what??”, he asked. “Yes mister, my pussy is wet”, I replied, my face glowing red with shame. “Slut, it’s not a pussy. It’s a cunt. A pussy is for petting. A cunt is for fucking. That is a cunt, I’ll make you realize that before sunset. Get down on your knees”, he said.

I complied and licked my lips in anticipation. I couldn’t help it, lust had completely taken over. I needed a cock, in my mouth, my pussy, my ass… Hell, I didn’t care as long as I got some….

He fished his cock out of his pants and fisted both his hands in my hair. I opened my mouth and moved my head forward. I stuck out my tongue and licked along the length of his cock a couple of times before taking him in my mouth and sucking him all the way down my throat. It took some doing because he had a big cock. “Eager little slut, aren’t you?”, he asked. “Uhmuhng”, was all I was able to get past the cock in my mouth.

Then he took control and started to facefuck me, fuck my throat. He went at it for a couple of minutes, then let go of my hair and stepped back. I just sat there, panting, slime drooling down my chin and onto my tits. “Stand up”, came the order. I did, stumbling a bit because my arms were still restrained high on my back.

“Spread your legs”, came his next command. I did. He fixed cuffs around my ankles with a spreader bar between them. “Kneel”. He grabbed my hair and pushed me forward. I felt him push his cock into my wet pussy. He started stroking. “Uuuuooohhmmm”, I moaned. It felt so good to have that big cock inside of me. Then he pulled out and started pushing it into my ass. I pushed back and slowly felt that big cock slide all the way in.

He started fucking my ass, harder and harder. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, I groaned with each thrust. I was collared, had my hands restrained high up my back, the spreaderbar between my ankles. I was on my knees, he had both his hands fisted in my hair and his big cock buried to the balls in my ass. He had complete control over me, and I loved it, even if a part of me was ashamed and wondering how I could enjoy being restrained and raped by a complete stranger like this.

After a couple more minutes I felt him pull out. He pulled me upright by my hair, back into a kneeling position and presented his cock to my mouth. I opened my mouth. There were brown smudges on his cock which had to be shit. I started licking his cock. My shit tasted bitter, but not as bad as I had feared. I kept licking him ’till he was clean. Then he started facefucking me again, grabbing my head with both hands. When he came he pulled out and shot jet after jet of his slimy cum into my face and eager open mouth.

Then he just left me sitting there and opened the door to the stall in which Kimberly was locked up. Kimberly walked out and looked at me with eyes that held wonder, anticipation and a little fear. She got the same collar as me, but hers was purple and had WHORE on it, instead of SLUT. Her arms were restrained same as mine and he started fucking her.

That’s when it happened. One of the dogs jumped on me and started humping my back. “EEEEYYYYY, GET HIM OFF ME!”, I yelled. The dog pushed me over and just kept humping me, trying to find a hole. I was yelling at the dog to stop, at the man to get him off me, all to no avail. “Better give him what he wants, there’s no stopping him anyway when he get’s like this”, the man snickered. The dog bit me then. Not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to scare me. By now I was lying on my side, awkardly because of my restrains. He bit me again. Motherfucker!

I managed to roll on to my stomach and pull my knees under me. Now my ass was sticking up, my legs spread wide and my face on the floor. The dog wasted no time. He mounted me and almost immediately found my cunt. He shoved his big dogcock in and started hammering away. Kimberly was looking at me wide-eyed, while being fucked herself. I felt my cheeks glow red with the shame. I was letting a dog fuck me! A dog! I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Then I came. And kept coming. The dog just kept fucking me as hard and fast as he could, while I screamed and moaned and came. Finally I felt the dog spasm and shoot his hot slimy load deep into my cunt. I realized that indeed it was a cunt. Nice girls had pussies, sluts like me, who liked to be restrained and throatfucked, who orgasmed when a dog fucked them, had cunts.

The dog dismounted and ambled off. I awkwardly rolled onto my side. I met Kimberly’s eyes, my cheeks red with shame. Kimberly’s eyes though… they shone with wonder and love…. love! For me! She didn’t care that I had let a dog fuck me, that I had let a dog make me cum, even if I didn’t have a choice. That’s when I knew we were soul mates.

Oh, we wouldn’t get married, we might not even be lovers, we’d have sex together, we already had. But I just knew that somehow we would stick together in life. Circumstances would change, men, girls, friends, would come and go, but we’d be by each other’s side through all of it, no matter what happened.

Mister tensed up and I heard Kimberly moan as he shot her full of cum. Then he pulled out and sat back. I saw his cum run down Kimberly’s thighs and I desperately wanted to crawl over and lick it all up. So I did. I licked her thighs clean, then covered her pussy with my mouth, stuck my tongue in as far as I could. I loved the taste of their mixed juices. When she was clean we both sat up.

The man looked at us. “Well, you must be the two girls that got away from the cops in town yesterday morning. What exactly was your plan anyway?”, he asked. “Our parents got killed in an accident. They were gonna send us to separate orphanages”, I said. “We want to stick together, all we have now is each other”, Kimberly added. “We figured we’d run off into the woods, get lost and probably die. It’d be better than being separated. At least we’d die together”, I finished.

His eyes got a faraway look. After a couple of seconds he shook his head as if to clear it from some disturbing thought. “You girls twins or what?”, he asked. “Nope”, Kimberly said. “BFF’s since kindergarten”, I added, smiling at her.

“Enough talk of dying”, he said. “You’re not going to die anytime soon, at least not by my hand. You’ll stay here, be good little sluts and do as you’re told. You’ll get fed and fucked by me and by my dogs. But you’ll be together.

I looked at Kimberly, who was looking at me. I saw confirmation in her eyes. “Fine by us”, I said. “Best thing I heard in three days”, Kimberly added. “I have a feeling we’ll get along fabulously”, the man said, “by the way, my name is Rick, but you two will call me Mister.”

Then he undid the restraints keeping our hands up our backs and our wrists together. He also removed the spreaderbar. We rubbed our arms to stimulate the blood flow. He left the wrist cuffs on. I looked at them and realized we were now actually his sex slaves. We were just teenagers and in three days time we had gone from popular school sluts with unknowing but loving parents to sex slaves living in a clearing in the woods with Mister Rick…

“Go next door, there’s hot porridge on the stove. Feed yourselves while I take care of my horse”, Mister said. We did as told. His porridge was good. Oatmeal with raisins and dried berries. After we ate we cleaned up his kitchen which was quite a mess. He still hadn’t come in and we didn’t really know what to do so we crawled into his bed and held each other. After a while we dozed off, exhausted by all that had happened to us in the last couple of days.

Part III.

That afternoon Mister told me to get on all fours and present my cunt to one of his dogs. The dog started licking my cunt. It was the most amazing feeling ever! His long soft tongue found its way into places no human’s could. “Uuuooohhhmmmmyesssss”, I moaned. It only took him about two minutes before I came. I shuddered and shivered for about a minute as the dog licked up all the juices that flowed from my cunt.

Then he mounted me and started humping. I could feel him spray precum all over my ass and cunt and thighs as he tried to find a way into my body. Then his red, pointed cock found my ass and he grabbed my middle even tighter between his front paws. He started pumping his cock into my ass like he was on meth. Good thing I had been school slut for two years and a lot of the guys had had a liking for anal sex.

I looked up and saw Mister kiss Kimberly tenderly while he twisted her nipples. Kimberly had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying herself. Mister was looking at me. I felt my face start to glow with the shame of having a dog assfuck me while a stranger watched me. Even so it felt good. The dog could fuck like a champ. In about four minutes he had me coming. Hard. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, I grunted with each thrust.

Another dog came up to me and mounted me from the front. He started humping, thrusting his cock into my face, spraying my face with precum. “Suck him, slut!”, Mister said. I looked at him. I saw that Kimberly was now looking at me as well, which somehow made me feel even more ashamed of myself. I had no choice though. I opened my mouth and the dog started facefucking me. Of course he had no regard for me, for my comfort. He just thrusted his big dogcock as far into my throat as he could. Every time he pulled back I spit out a mouthful of slime which drooled down my chin and onto my tits. And I kept coming, and coming…

Finally I felt the dog behind me tense as he shot all of his hot slimy cum into my ass. He pulled out and I felt his cum run down my thighs. Then the dog facefucking me came as well, filling my mouth with his cum. I looked at Mister. “Swallow it, slut”, he said. I swallowed.

I sat back catching my breath. Mister told Kimberly to assume the doggy position and I saw her face clench. It was now her turn. It was Mister, however, who took up position behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt. After a couple of strokes he pulled out and started to push his cock into her ass. He slowly pushed his cock all the way in and then started to slowly fuck her. Kimberly started to moan. “Uuuoohhmmyess, fuck my ass…”, she moaned. I was watching them, dogcum still flowing from my cunt, drool still hanging from my face and tits.

After some minutes Mister said, “crawl over here, slut, when I pull out you will suck the cum from her ass”. I crawled over to where they were, drool dangling from my face, my thighs sliding together, slippery with dogcum. Mister grunted as he came, then pulled out. I quickly covered Kimberly’s ass with my mouth and sucked.

I was rewarded with a mouth full of bitter tasting cum, probably mixed with Kimberly’s shit. “Open your mouth, slut, let me see”, Mister said. I opened my mouth and showed him his cum, letting my tongue play through it. Kimberly and Mister looked at me while I played with his cum in my mouth. “Isn’t she the perfect slut? , he asked Kimberly. “Yeah, she is”, Kimberly said. “Swallow it, slut”, Mister ordered, and like a good little slut I did.

Then Mister spit in my face. And again. And again. “Spit in her face, whore”, he commanded Kimberly. Kimberly looked at me as if she wanted to say she was sorry. Like me she didn’t have a choice though. She spit in my face, and again, and again. “Open your mouth slut!” Mister ordered me, so I did.

Together they kept spitting in my face and open mouth ’till it ran down my chin and drooled onto my tits. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. What made it worse was that I was still horny. My hands were massaging their drooling spit into my tits as they were still spitting on me. Mister reached between my legs and pinched my clit, hard. And I came screaming. “Aaaarrrghhhyesssss…..”

Mister had put a double bed in one of the stalls and after he had locked us in and we had crawled into bed Kimberly held me while I cried, for our parents, our freedom, our lives that were irrevocably fucked, and also because of the love I felt coming from Kimberly, and the love I felt for her. It was because of our love for each other that I knew we would make it through.

Part IV.

We lived like this for about two weeks, time was pretty meaningless. We got up, did some chores for Mister, I would get done by the dogs and Kimberly would get done by Mister. At night in our stall we would hold and comfort each other. We were still planning an escape, but the ever present dogs made it impossible so far.

Then one morning Mister told us there would be visitors that afternoon. He had invited some of his friends to come and watch his dogslut at work. My heart sank into my stomach and my face started to glow. It was bad enough having Mister and Kimberly watch me while the dogs fucked me in my cunt or my ass or blasted their cum into my face and open mouth. But to have complete strangers come over for the express purpose of watching me whoring my body to a pack of dogs….

There was nothing I could do about it though. Kimberly comforted me when we were alone, preparing ourselves, doing our make-up, with stuff Mister had gotten us. Kimberly’s task would be to keep the visitors supplied with beer and have herself available to service their sexual needs.
“Don’t worry, honey, it’ll be alright, nothing you haven’t done these past two weeks, except more people watching…”, she whispered to me.

When it was show time Mister told me to get on all fours in the shed and fastened a chain to my collar that he then connected to a ring in a concrete block that was buried in the floor. Then five men came in and found seating in old chairs and on bales of hay. Kimberly presented everyone with beers and then Mister came in with his dogs.

Apollo, who was the alpha, immediately sniffed my cunt and then started licking my cunt and ass. I kept my head down, my cheeks glowing bright red with humiliation. Even so, Apollo had me coming in three minutes with that big soft tongue of his. I couldn’t help myself, it just felt so good. “Uuuooohhmmmyesssssfuckyesssss….”, I moaned. Then Apollo mounted me and I felt him spraying precum all over my ass, cunt and thighs while he was trying to find a hole he could fuck. He found my ass and shoved his slimy dog cock all the way in. “Uuuooohhmmmmyesssyesssfuckmyass!”, I screamed. All the men hollered and yee-hawed.

When I looked up I saw everyone had out cameras and mobile phones to make pictures or film me get ass fucked by Apollo. By now I was coming almost continuously so I didn’t care anymore. I looked over my shoulder at Apollo. He licked my face and I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He kept licking my open mouth and tongue while he kept pumping his cock into my ass for a couple more minutes, then tensed as he came. I felt him shoot his hot cum into my ass. “Aaaahyessssfillmyasswithyourcum!”, I yelled.

Apollo dismounted and ambled off, satisfied. Thor was next. He mounted me and humped away ’till he got his cock buried all the way in my cunt, then he started jackhammering away. I immediately started coming again. God, I was such a slut! It didn’t matter that I was being fucked by a dog, as long as I had a cock in me. “Yessssyessssgodyessssfuckme”, I yelled. Then Zeus joined in and mounted me from the front, spraying precum into my face and open mouth. By now I knew the drill. With my left hand I grabbed his cock at the base and guided it into my mouth.

I let my tongue play around it’s pointed tip, then sucked it all the way into my throat. Then I pulled it out, letting his precum and my spit drool down my chin. Some of the men came up to get close-ups and I looked into their lenses while I used Zeus’s cock to smear the slime all over my face.

I saw Kimberly got her fair share of attention, she was getting gangbanged. One guy was lying beneath her with his cock up her cunt, another was fucking her ass while Mister and one of his friends were getting their cocks sucked. She was moaning so I assumed she was letting herself have a good time.

Then Thor tensed up and shot his hot slimy cum into my cunt. That pushed me over the edge again into one of the most intense orgasms ever. “AaaargghyesssI’mcominggodyesssss”, I screamed. Then Thor pulled out and walked off, which left me to finish sucking off Zeus. That didn’t take long. As he came I pulled his cock out of my mouth and let him spray all his slimy cum onto my face. Then I let him go and sat back as far as the chain would allow.

Kimberly’s gangbang was also at an end, the men having all cum. Kimberly was sitting back, cum drooling off her face.

That’s when Apollo walked up again, sniffed my face and apparently didn’t like the way I smelled. He lifted his leg and pissed right in my face. I tried to get away, but the chain was too short. “SLUT!! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!”, Mister bellowed. Shocked, I did as he commanded. Apollo’s warm yellow piss hit my face, my open mouth, and I swallowed. I swallowed mouthfuls of dogpiss while the men quickly came up to get more close-ups of the teenage slut swallowing dogpiss.

Then Apollo walked off and Mister spit in my face. Of course all his friends immediately joined him. Six men were spitting in my face, in my open mouth, onto my stuck out tongue while I was dripping with dog cum and dog piss, chained to the ground. My humiliation was complete, I was nothing, just a teen slut who got fucked by dogs, who let dogs cum in her face, who swallowed dogpiss and came doing it.

That night I cried while Kimberly held and soothed me. “Ssshhhh babe, it’s alright, you’re still you, still my girl, I’ll love you forever, no matter what happens, no matter what we’ll have to do to stay alive, to stay together…”, she cooed in my ear. I finally settled down and fell asleep in her loving arms.

Part V.

The next day Mister yelled at me to come to him while he was using the latrine. I hurried over as he was quick to give me a whipping whenever I was slow to do his bidding. As I approached him I saw him smile. “All out of toilet paper, slut. Come here and lick my ass clean!” I sat down next behind him as he stood up. I used my hands to spread his butt cheeks and started licking his ass. I knew Kimberly had followed me to see what was up and was watching me from a distance. My face glowed with the shame of being a total slut, a beast whore and now toilet paper for Mister. I didn’t want Kimberly to see me like this, a total slave…. There was nothing I could do. I licked his butt cheeks clean first, then started licking his anus. His shit tasted bitter, but by now I had somewhat gotten used to the taste. He’d had me eat the cum from Kimberly’s ass quite a few times these past few weeks.

When I was done I sat up. “Good job, slut”, he said and spat in my face, then walked away, took Kimberly by the hand and walked over to the cabin. They disappeared inside. I just sat there as the tears started to roll down my cheeks. How were we ever gonna get away from this place? I didn’t wanna spend my life as a slave, my tongue being used as toilet paper….

That afternoon Mister called me into the shed. He fastened a spreaderbar between my ankles and fastened my wrist cuffs to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Then he put little nipple clamps on my nipples, ones with really sharp teeth that bit into the soft flesh. It hurt, but also made my cunt wet. “Uuuuooohhhhmmmmm”, I moaned. Then Zeus walked up and started licking my cunt. He had me cumming in about a minute. The more my juices started to flow, the more enthusiastic he became. I kept coming, I just couldn’t help it. Mister called Kimberly into the shed and proceeded to make tender love to her on a blanket he had spread over a couple of bales of hay. He did that on purpose, I knew. He treated me like a real sex slave, whipped me, had me drink his piss and spat on me regularly, had his dogs use me and used me as toilet paper while he treated her almost like a little princess in comparison. I was just happy that he didn’t do the same things to her that he did to me. Kimberly however hated him more every day.

I watched him fuck Kimberly while Zeus kept licking my cunt and I kept coming as a result of his administrations. “Uuoohmmyessss….” I moaned, over and over again. Then Mister came and shot his load into Kimberly’s pussy. He got up, ordered Zeus away and the dog obeyed immediately and walked outside. Mister got a riding crop from a nail on the wall and started whipping my ass. SWISH, SWISH, SWISH! “AAUUGHHH”, I screamed every time the whip bit into my soft ass.

KADONG! I looked up. Mister was lying at my feet, blood flowing from a nasty head wound. Kimberly stood next to him with a shovel in her hands, poised to strike again if he moved. He didn’t… She threw the shovel away and quickly undid the chain from my wrist cuffs and then removed the spreaderbar. I fell into her arms, held her for a long time. Then I whispered, “I think maybe you killed him.” “A big fat fucking whatevah!”, she said, “that’s what he gets for treating you like that…”
Well, I guess the chickens had come home to roost….

We looked around for clothes we could wear, there were none, really, all we could find was two leather thongs and matching bras with metal studs. Mister must have gotten rid of the clothes we had worn when he found us. We dressed in what we had, leather thongs and bras, then we got on his horse and rode off. Funny thing is, the dogs didn’t look at him once, they just got in line and followed us. Must not have liked him much either. We followed a path that left the clearing at an angle to the one we had followed on that fateful day that brought us here.

I asked Kimberly how she felt, how she was doing, thinking she might be troubled by having killed a man. “Pah!” she spat, “I couldn’t care less, I hated him more everyday he treated you like shit and me like a princess, I couldn’t fucking stand his touch..! I wouldn’t have minded so much if he had treated me in the same way he treated you, but to try and drive us apart like that really made me hate him! That’s what he was trying to do you know, he was trying to make you hate me….” I was silent for a bit. “I never really thought about it much, but you’re probably right…. I could never hate you, Kimberly, you are the love of my life, my soul mate, I love you so much, it’s like the sun and there are no shadows on the sun. Whatever he did is like he was trying to cast a shadow on the sun…
“I know, girlfriend, I know, nothing will ever come between us….”, Kimberly replied softly.

We rode on in silence for several hours until the path ended in a highway rest area. There were about six bikers sitting at a picnic table drinking beers. They all looked up when we exited the forest. Small wonder, two scantily dressed girls on a horse followed by three dogs. Then one said, “hey, you two look familiar… you’re the girls who escaped from the sheriffs after your parents died in a car crash… “Right, that’s us….”, Kimberly said. “You’ve been missing a couple of weeks, most people think you’re dead…..”, the biker said. “Well, we’re not”, Kimberly said, “and we’re not going back to the fucking sheriffs to be put in a fucking orphanage…” “Right”, the biker said.
We drank the beer they offered us and told them what had befallen us since we disappeared into the woods. We told them everything. Hell, dressed like we were, and still wearing our collars and cuffs, we had just forgotten about them, they had become almost a part of our anatomy in the past few weeks, there was little point trying to convince them that fairies had taken care of us!
They explained that they belonged to a biker gang called “Mad Dogs”, and that they could offer us a home if we wanted. In return we would work behind the bar in their headquarters. Kimberly and I looked at each other. We needed no words. “Sounds like a good offer,” I said. “We’ll be the best bar ladies you ever had,” Kimberly added. “You’ll be the first bar ladies we’ll ever had,” one of the bikers laughed. “By the way, I’m Mike,” he added.

And that’s how we came to be the first “Bitches in Heat”.

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