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This is a story about my sexual experiences with my sister’s dog.

When I was around 16, I visited my sister’s house quite often. We had a great time together, just talking and catching up. She was my best friend. I told her everything that happened in my life. Almost…

What she didn’t know was that when she went to bed with her husband, I’d cuddle with her golden retriever and let him lick my pussy. The first time this happened, I was fast asleep. I guess the blankets had fallen off the couch because I woke up cold. I got up to reposition the blankets, bent over, and felt a warm and wet tongue graze the crotch of my lacy panties. At first, I was surprised. I didn’t know much about the sexual behavior of animals, so I thought humans did it with humans and dogs did it with dogs. No crossover. I ignored him and continued to work on the covers. He kept licking me, tentative at first. It felt really good. So I slipped my panties down and slumped on the couch with my legs open, leaving my pussy exposed. He sniffed the air for a second or two, perked up his ears, and rushed over to me. He began lapping at my pussy lips, his tail wagging furiously. Once he realised that this was going to happen for a while, he sat down and continued licking, only deeper now. I could feel his tongue slip across my pulsing lips, narrow to penetrate, and then go broad again once it was inside. His long tongue filled me. By now, I’m trying my hardest not to make any sound. My sister and her husband are just upstairs in their bedroom. But it feels so fucking good!! I caress the dog’s head and scratch behind his ears and whisper “Good dog. Good dog!”

We continue like this for a minute or two. Maybe he licked up all my wetness and he wanted more. He started pushing his nose against my clit area as he licked me. Then it felt almost like he was forming a seal and sucking the juices out of me. I could feel his little front teeth, the ones between his top canine teeth, running across my lips. It stung, but I loved it. He did this for a bit, but it was getting to be too much. It was starting to actually hurt now. I gently pushed him away and went to fix the covers so I could go back to sleep. He mounted me, pulled me towards him, and started thrusting. I was still horny from his eating-out session, so I let him hump me. Because it’s not like he was going to penetrate (my naive thoughts here). His slimy dick was rubbing on my left ass cheek and his front legs were pulling harder and harder. I bent over some more to get his weight off of my belly and he trust his cock inside my hot cunt. I gasped, having not felt something this forceful, and then gave way. I got all the way down on my hands and knees and let him go at it.

He had quite a hard time keeping his dick inside me, so he never formed a knot, which was a bit disappointing. But the speed and force of his thrusts and the hardness of the bone in his cock were amazing!

He got tired of not being very successful and dismounted. He smelled my jizz though and licked me, his tongue going deep deep inside of me, for another 10 minutes or so. I stopped him when he started doing the thing with his teeth because I was already sore from earlier. It felt so good, but it hurt. I wanted to continue, but I was afraid of what it might feel like to pee the next morning. Plus, the sun was beginning to rise. I didn’t want anyone to walk in and see my legs wide open and the dog’s head bobbing between them.

Finally, I put my panties on, fixed the covers, and went back to sleep with the dog laying on me.

For the next few months, whenever I visited my sister’s house, I got some action from the dog. To this day, my sister and her husband have no clue of what happened.

By the way, it did hurt when I peed the next morning. It fucking stung, but it only lasted for about 10 seconds.

Every time I see that dog now, and I see him panting with that wide, long tongue, I feel a surge of hot run through me. It lingers in my pussy lips. I just want to take off my bottoms and let him eat to his heart’s content.

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