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It was late on a Friday afternoon and the school had closed for the weekend, all the students had gone home for the weekend except for the school bully Tracy who was sixteen years old, her class mate Mark who was a flasher and Sara who was four years younger than the other two and a right Trouble maker, the trio were in detention sat in a classroom waiting for the tutor Mr. Jenkins to return, other than those four the school was empty. Mr Jenkins had gone for a cup of tea half a hour ago but Tracy knew that the tutor had a drink problem and kept a stash of Gin in his locker and had told the others that he was probably getting drunk, suddenly there was the sound of a loud crash which sent the trio rushing to the windows and on looking out saw a circus lorry laying on it’s side and three big gorillas climbing out of the back and head towards the school, none of the trio could get a signal on their phones and decided to see if they could get into the office to call the police, the trio set off down the corridor heading towards the office as they turned a corner they saw two of the gorillas, Mark was the quickest of the trio to run and went up the stairs as Tracy turned to run a gorilla grabbed out at her getting the hood of her flimsy one piece track suit and pulled the material was light and weak the tracksuit ripped clean from Tracy’s body leaving her in just a pair of flimsy panties, Mark was on the stairs and smiled at the sight of the near naked Tracy and her ample naked boobs laying on the floor, he saw Sara was in the arms of the second gorilla being held upside down her skirt hanging down the gorilla over Tracy grabbed her ankle and pulled her as she slid over the floor her panties were dragged down Mark admired her bare bum and when the gorilla tried to pull Tracy up by her panties that were round her knee’s the panties ripped away leaving her naked Mark watched as the gorilla sniffed at Tracy’s naked body when the gorilla went up on it’s hind legs and started beating his chest Mark saw a long pink shaft sticking out from it’s body and realised it was the gorillas dick and when the gorilla got Tracy by the waste and pulled her towards him Tracy screamed ” get the fucking the off it is fucking my bum” Mark looked at Sara and saw she was still upside down but the gorilla holding her had it’s dick in her mouth, the gorilla on Tracy dropped her to the floor then the third gorilla appeared and made a grab for Sara trying to pull her from the other gorilla as it tried to pull her free Sara’s clothes ripped away and Mark smiled even more at the sight of her naked bum, Tracy had rolled onto her back trying to get away from the gorilla Mark had a clear view of her love tube and thought cool he then watched as a gorilla grabbed Tracy by the ankle and drag her towards his body and when the pink shaft entered her love tube Tracy screamed no get it off, Sara was now laying on the floor with a gorilla sniffing her naked body as Mark admired her developing boobs and love tube, Mark looked back at Tracy and saw that her nipples were now erect and she seemed relaxed as he watched he heard Sara scream looked at her and saw a gorilla was now pounding her love tube Mark smiled thinking better than a porno film he looked back at Tracy and saw her nipples were very erect and heard her cream yes oh yes and relised that she had climaxed the gorilla continued pounding into her love tube the gorilla pounding Sara suddenly let her go Sara got on her hands and knees and started to crawl away but one gorilla who was in front of her grabbed her and pulled her towards him Mark saw it’s dick slide into her mouth when he looked back at Tracy he saw that she was now on her hands and knees with a gorilla pounding her bum and one pounding her mouth he also saw that she was rubbing her love tube as he looked at Sara Mark saw a juice sliding down her chin and could see her swallowing when the gorilla let her go Sara looked round and went to Tracy and started pulling at the gorilla saying fuck me Tracy replied he is mine and after another half hour Mark had seen gorillas pounding both girls, the gorillas suddenly dropped both girls and ambled off, after twenty minutes both girls staggered up the stairs past Mark and into a room, after a couple of minutes Mark went in and saw both girls laying on tables rubbing their love tubes after watching them for a minute Mark undid his trousers letting his nine inch erection spring out, Tracy looked at Mark and stopped rubbing her love tube Mark walked over to her and was soon sliding his throbbing dick into her sticky love tube and started to pound away and after ten minutes felt her cum and as she did Tracy cried out yes, after pulling his dick from Tracy’s love love tube he looked at Sara who stopped rubbing her love tube and said me now my turn, Mark walked over to Sara and was soon pounding into her sticky love tube glad that he had taken extra viagra that day, in one of the rooms down stairs police marks men had shot the gorillas with darts and were watching as the circus staff carried them away, the inspector said that tutor was half drunk but good job he called us the kids must have known he was off to get drunk and gone home, just after midnight three tired kids were seen staggering down the road the two girls wearing brown overalls a few days later Mark was at the circus and saw both Tracy and Sara looking at the gorillas both girls had pokies in their tee shirts and twenty minutes later after following Tracy into the woods stood watching as she took her jeans off and after a couple of minutes was thrusting in and out of her love tube and when Sara appeared with her jeans off and rubbing her love tube and saying hurry up I want fucking as well Mark smiled and thought gorillas are good very kind and very considerate harmless animals.

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