Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Once upon a time there was a guy and a girl. They were very best friend’s. She secretly like this guy.. Anyway this girl was very shy but very kinky. She didn’t want anyone to know of her secret fantasies. One day this girl was lying on her bed watching porn and playing with her self moaning and groaning she had forgotten that she had invited her best friend over.

But he had been standing there watching her for awhile.. he walked in the door and the chick was like WTF get out. He said don’t be embarrassed. Keep going . She felt awkward.. but she liked him so much she secretly wanted to impress him and arouse him.. then suddenly he lays down next to her takes over playing with her tight wet pussy.. he takes the phone off her grabs these random cable ties that were randomly next to her bed. :p Ties her hands above her head and kisses her all over sucks on her hard pink nips on the way down to her wet tight kitty pussy, she instantly cums in his mouth, he sticks 2 fingers in her tight pussy going in and out slowly whilst licking her wet pink clit… then suddenly things were getting really heated. He pulls her up by her hair to suck his big cock he shoves it all in her mouth without hesitation holding her head there every time then fucking her throat making her gag and eyes water. She was loving it. he then throws her on then bed in the doggy style position rubbing his big dick up and down from her ass to her tight pussy rubbing it all over her clit making her beg for him to fuck her hard and fast. He then grabs her hair pulls it right back slapping her ass until it is bright red and shoves his big dick right in her tight dripping wet pussy. He was thrusting himself in her so hard and fast that she squirted all over his dick. he grabs her hips and pulls her back harder and faster. She was screaming with pleasure. He then cuts the cable ties off and lays down, she comes over and sits on his face massaging her clit and smothering her pussy and ass into his tongue until she cums again, he gets up puts her on her knees again shoves his dick in her mouth one last time. Making the last moments very pleasurable.
He pulls his dick out lays her down on the bed standing over her and cums all over her face and body.

The girl and guy agreed to not wreck their friendship so they just stayed best friends and set a rule that they can only have sex with each other. Unless agreed upon to do otherwise. The girl and the guy had lots of heated sweaty rough sex for hours on end. One day the guy sat the girl down and ask if she wanted too be dominated by another guy as well. There was shock and fair in her eyes but she agreed because the thought of it made her so wet and horny. The day had finally come she had been waiting very patiently and anxiously for. The guy arranged for them to meet at his house. After the girl arrived they were waiting for the other guy to arrive in that time the girl was sipping on some drink to calm her nerves. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. The guy answers the door. The fun was about to begin. Suddenly the girl takes a look at the guy and realized she knew him and use to fantasize about him as well, the girl instantly get all flustered and hot. The girl thought it was all gonna be too much. And gets up and heads for the door the guys ask where she was going. She whispered I can’t so this.. the guy laughs and he said I’m not taking no for an answer. She drops to her knees he grabs her by the hair and takes her to where the other guy is sitting. Pulls his cock out and slaps her hard in the face and says fucking suck my cock you little slut. aggressive just the way she likes it. She grabs it and puts it in her wet warm mouth he grabs her head and slams his cock right Down her throat going in and out really fast n hard. Guy *no2* gets up rips her clothes off slaps her ass and fingers her ass hard and fast moving to two fingers .. he then lays down for her to suck his hard throbbing cock. The girl is shakey at the knees but so horny because she was loving every bit of it. Guy *no1* gets in behind and spits on her ass and pussy rubbing it all in to make it and slips 2 fingers into her tight wet pussy finger bashing it fast, he gets his hard cock teasing her rubbing the tip just where her wet tight hole is. She begs him to put his hard cock in and not stop. He shoves in right in her little pussy she let off a loud moan mmmmm yesss. Guy is slamming her hard from behind slapping and grabbing her ass and hips to go harder and faster.. Guy *no2* wasn’t to happy that she was getting distracted with sucking his hard cock so he grabs her head holds it there while he face fucked her hard teaching her a lesson.. she was begging guy *no2* to stop but he just went harder and fast… this made the girl more wet.

Guy *no2* sits up pulls her on to him to sick on his hard cock guy *no1* make his cock wet and shoves his hard cock in her ass. She was screaming but with pleasure as she loved it so much. Both guys stand up to cum.. she loved he taste of cum and asked nicely if she could have the cum in her mouth guy1 shoves his cock in and fucks her mouth until he cums guy2 did the same.
Thee end!

By Yumiko

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