Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Anjana stood in the farm yard looking at the farm house where she knew that Karen who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what she was lived, when Karen’s dad had asked Anjana to look after the farm while he was Anjana had hesitated but when Karen’s dad had told her that he knew Bengali.s were very good farmers and she would be in complete charge Anjana had agreed to look after the farm, Anjana knew that Karen was a violent bitch who was often involved in fights and that her dad was very strict but was still very surprised when Karen’s dad walked out of the farm house leading Karen behind him, Anjana saw that Karen was wearing a dog collar with a chain that was being pulled by her dad, Anjana was a lesbian and had always thought that Karen was very cute and sexy, Karen’s dad handed the chain the to Anjana and said she will do what ever you tell her or I will sort her out when we get back, he then handed Anjana a cane saying do not be afraid to use it on her, Anjana could hardly believe her ears as she took the chain and cane, twenty minutes later Anjana watched as Karen’s mum and dad drove away, Anjana pulled the chain saying come with me and took Karen into the barn, Anjana got a pair of overalls off a peg threw them at Karen and told her to remove her day clothes and put the overalls on, Karen pulled the zip on her hoody down and took it off, Anjana saw that Karen was wearing nothing under her hoody and smiled at the sight of Karen’s naked boobs when Karen took her jeans off Anjana thought cool as she saw Karen had no panties on and her smooth love tube was showing, Karen put the overalls on and said ” there is no buttons ” Anjana said ” wear them or work naked ” Karen did not say anything just stood where she was, Anjana pulled the chain and told Karen to get a hay bale, after Karen had got the bale Anjana led Karen out to the field, as then walked across the yard Anjana saw that Karen’s boobs were hanging out her overalls, while Karen spread the hay in the field Anjana stood watching, after she had finished spreading the hay Karen returned to the fence where Anjana was waiting, as Anjana took Karen back to the barn she saw her little brother who was four years younger than Karen in the farm yard, Anjana took Karen into the barn told her to get another bale which Karen did as the pair walked out of the barn Anjana’s brother’s eyes lit up as he saw Karen’s boobs hanging out of her overalls, Anjana told Karen to stay where she was and went to her brother and said to him ” like her tits ” when her brother said ” yeah they look good ” Anjana said ” want to see her naked ” the boy said ” you bet ” Anjana went to Karen and led her back to the barn and after telling Karen to put the bale down took her to the house at the door Anjana said ” no overalls inside take them off ” Karen said ” he is here it is bad enough him seeing my tits ” Anjana hit Karen with the cane saying do as you are told, and watched as Karen took her overalls off, when her brother saw Karen’s love tube and bum he thought very cool, inside the house Anjana started using the cane on Karen’s bare bum telling her she would get more if she did not obey her, she then told Karen to sit in the chair and feed her brother, when Karen said ” where is the food ” Anjana said ” he is still breast fed so feed him ” when Karen hesitated Anjana raised the cane, Karen quickly pulled the boy to her and soon he was sucking on Karen’s nipples, after twenty minutes Anjana said ” enough ” and when her brother stood back Anjana saw that Karen’s nipples were erect and could hear her breathing was a bit heavier, Anjana looked at her brother and asked him if he was still hungry and when he said ” yes he was ” Anjana said to him ” get more feed ” soon the boy was sucking Karen’s nipples again, after ten minutes Anjana could hear Karen was breathing very heavy her eyes were glazed and her nipples were very hard, Anjana sat watching as her brother sucked Karen’s and after twenty minutes Karen was breathing very heavy and started to rub her love tube, Anjana told her brother to stop which he did, Anjana saw that Karen’s nipples were sticking out like little match sticks and her brother had his four inch erect dick out, Anjana said to Karen ” look what you have done to my brother ” Karen looked and said ” sorry ” Anjana said ” stop rubbing your pussy and deal with it ” Karen stopped rubbing and took the Bengali dick between her finger and thumb and started to jerk it and after a few minutes felt it twitch and knowing he had dry climaxed stopped, twenty minutes later Anjana’s brother was walking down the road smiling and happy at what had happened and when it started to rain he ran home as fast as he could, on the farm the two girls were sheltering from the heavy rain in the barn, Karen was still naked her nipples still pointing out, Anjana ran for the house dragging Karen by the chain behind her, once inside the house Anjana said ” the rain is not going to stop ” watching as the rain poured down, suddenly there was a knock on the door when Anjana opened the door she saw Mark a boy in her class at school, he was soaking wet, Anjana knew that Mark was the brother of Karen’s boyfriend who had just been sent to prison for three years, when Mark asked if he could shelter from the rain, Anjana smiled and said ” of course you can ” and let him in, when Mark saw the naked Karen his eyes went wide and he said ” fucking hell that is nice ” Anjana told Karen to go get a towel and when Karen had gone Anjana said to Mark ” do you want to fuck her ” Mark said ” yeah ” Anjana then told Mark to take his clothes off, Mark did not hesitate and was soon naked his seven inch erect dick pointing up like a flag pole, when Karen returned she looked at Mark’s erection and when Anjana told her to let Mark fuck her Karen lay on the floor parted her legs thinking at last, mark knelt between Karen’s legs and was soon thrusting in and out of Karen’s love tube and after ten minutes was squirting his cum over Karen’s body, Anjana was smiling as she put her classmates clothes in the dryer looking at Karen’s open love tube as she did, a hour later it had stopped raining so Mark dressed and left, after he had gone Anjana told Karen to go run her a bath when she had gone Anjana stripped naked unaware that Mark was watching her through the window, Mark looked at the naked Bengali girl thinking lovely tits pity she is a les then walked away, Karen returned saw the naked Anjana and her erect nipples and thought cool this could be interesting and ten minutes later the bisexual Karen was obeying orders and washing Anjana’s boobs thinking well done dad what a way to get the sexy girl but I got more than I expected and there is still a few more days to go before you are due to be back.

By Tommy

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