Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Sara was sat in the farm house of the farm owned by her dad looking at the list of jobs that her dad had drawn up for her to do and noticed that top of the list was cleaning out the boar pen, Sara’s mum had left home when Sara was ten years old leaving Sara’s dad to bring her up on his own, now at sixteen years old Sara was quite an expert at working on the farm and knew how to do nearly all the jobs on the farm so when her dad had to go into hospital for a routine operation he was happy to leave Sara to run the farm. Sara finished eating her breakfast Sara slid her overalls on over her naked body thinking it would cooler to wear nothing under her overalls as it was going to be a boiling hot day again, Sara headed out to the boar pen and ushered them inside closing the gate behind them then started to clean the muck up as she worked she heard a loud thud turned and saw the gate open with the boars entering the main part of the sty, Sara moved towards the boars as she did she tripped over the fork she had been using and fell against the fence as she started to straighten up her overalls caught on a large rusty nail ripping them straight down the centre, Sara freed her overalls from the nail realising her large boobs were hanging out she then felt the boars pushing her legs and she fell against the fence again before she could do anything the boars knocked her off her feet as she fell Sara felt her overalls rip even more and felt them fall away from her body Sara was now laying naked on the floor and could feel the boars licking her back, Sara got up on her hands and knees as she did she felt her bum being head butted and before she could react a boars legs were hanging over the sides of Sara’s back and she felt a wet patch between her bum cheeks, Sara realised it was a boar’s dick, the boar was to heavy for Sara to get free from Sara screamed as she felt the boar’s dick slide into her tight bum and start to thrust in and out Sara then felt a boar licking her face and when it reared up and it’s dick slid into her mouth Sara gagged and realised she could do nothing to stop the boar thrust in and out of her mouth or stop the one thrusting away in her bum after a couple of minutes Sara felt a warm sticky mess flood her mouth and had no option but to swallow, the two boars climbed off Sara’s body giving her chance to start to squeeze through the bars of the pen as she did she realised to late that the front of her body was facing into the sty a boar started to push it’s snout against her love tube Sara tried to pull herself right through the bars but was unable to do so and soon felt the boar’s dick slide into her love tube and start to thrust in and out after a few minutes Sara started to feel aroused and was surprised how good thing were feeling and soon started to groan then climaxed Sara felt the boar climb off then another started to sniff her love tube and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube Sara climaxed again then a third time before the boar got off Sara climbed right out off the sty and walked still naked back to the farm house and showered not believing how good it had been with the boars and thinking better than with her boyfriend, next evening after the farm hands had gone home Sara was in the boar pen laying naked on two hay bales with her legs over the ends of the bales groaning as a boar thrust in and out of her very wet love tube and when a boar put his paws on the bale near Sara’s head she opened her mouth and was soon sucking the boars dick.

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