Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Hi my name is Avaama I have fetish story to tell you truly desi.. I worked in small time BPO in Noida, I had very hot senior named Preeti (ch n) very bubbly in nature I always admired her lovely funky feets.. and she being senior she always dominated me. She used to call me by nickname Ganju .. as last year when I came I had shaved my head and she enjoyed slapping on my shaved head.. Dusshera was approaching and everyone in the office was on vacation .. except me and my goddess .. as we together as a team has to complete a very important file .. suddenly a tight slap was posted on my head and I found Preeti talking in angry tone saying that you have done a lot of stupid mistakes in Excel sheet and won’t let go of not correct .. I said yes mam and she giggled .. and said if you are not going to complete this file tomorrow don’t come with this mop of hair … I was feeling cold shiver as I loved the way she used to dominate me and play with me. But work is work I have to complete it by 8.30, I completed the sheet and send her mail. She came to my desk .. she was not happy .. she said I wanted you to see in shaved head but you stupid saved it .. I too was feeling bad .. went home .. next two days were also holidays .. I received message on WhatsApp from Preeti saying that hey idiot .. we have one more big project from our client so don’t forget to come office in the evening .. and even before me. I reached office at 6.00 clock half hour before my goddess .. suddenly I heard her footsteps as she was wearing ethnic wear she wore saree and jutti anklets sound could be heard even from distance I was surprised by her new look, it was treat for me to watch her decorated feets .. but she was even more surprised than me .. she was shocked to see me sitting capped on my desk .. she just giggled and jingled while walking towards me and asked me why you wearing this cap … I said nothing and she just snatched the cap from my head … and saw my full sapat plain head .. she said aww you have done this for my happiness .. I said no .. I had to get my head shaved due to vow taken at Durga Puja .. she then slapped on my shaved head and said liar Ganju … extreme joy and happiness came to me due to her domination. By the way she said my head is looking cool .. and said I’m totally surprised .. I also mentioned to her that I am too surprised to see her in Ethinic .. she blushed .. She then grabbed by head tell me the true reason why you gone bald .. I said because you enjoy so much dominating me .. and she blushed and said even you like getting dominated .. Yes I said and even I would be more than happy getting dominated by your beautiful and funky feets. She smiled greyily and suddenly took her juuti and spanked on my head .. then asked do you like this also. I said yes my goddess if you want I can lie down at you feets. She ordered from now onwards you will be my slave and me your mistress …..

To be continued.

By Nasus

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