Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Tony is a hot blonde lady in her early thirties. She is our neighbour and we both are in illicit relations for last 3-4 months. She is of dominant nature (on bed) and her physical outlook is too hot as well as sexy. Her white complexion with height of 5’5 feet and her round dome shaped ass makes me hot. Her medium sized breasts with long brownish nipples as well as her strong thighs and reddish vagina makes me wild..

I am in my class room and my mobile started vibrating in my pocket but I made no response while receiving it. I left my classroom and took out my mobile to see its Tony who called me. I called back and Tony received my call…… “Hi Garry are you busy ?

(Garry) I was in class room, so I was not able to

(Tony) ok are you coming soon ?

(Garry) yes after 30 minutes. ” And I left my college premises and hired an auto rickshaw to reach her home soon. I reached my apartment and moved to her home. She opened the door and I moved inside her home. Tony is wearing a short frock upto her thighs length and I hold her in my arms tightly. Now my hand is on her back with her soft breasts pressing on my chest. I took no time to took her lips in my mouth and while sucking it, my hand has lifted her frock upto her waist. She is so horny that she pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, my hand has grabbed her fleshy ass to massage. My penis has erected and she took out her tongue, her lips are kissing my lips and face as she pushed me back. I fell on sofa and she smiled, walking towards me, she put her one leg on my thigh and her inner parts are visible now. She is in a G string panty and I started rubbing my palms on her strong thighs. Looking at me, she took her frock to waist and removed it. She is wearing a G string only with full nudity..

I stand in front of SEX DIVA and put my lips on her lips as well as my hand is pressing her breasts hardly. Tony is removing my clothes and I am complete nude, now my tongue is rolling on her nipples and I removed her G string. She is holding my penis tightly while my palm is moving in her vaginal zone. She took me to her bedroom and I slept on bed with my legs straight. Tony is now on my hot body with her face near my waist. My face is in between her thighs and she put her lips on my glans. She is running my glans on her rosy lips as well as face, she than smelt it hard and took my cock in her mouth. I hold her waist and put my tongue on her vagina to lick it while she is sucking my penis fast. Now Tony is licking my penis while my tongue is fucking her vagina, we both are in joy and after some time, Tony took my long cock in her mouth to suck and I am licking her glory hole. Soon after, she started screaming……. “Oohh uumm aahhh Garry suck my cunt darling and drink my cum….. ” I took her vagina in my mouth and sucked it till she ejaculated cum in my mouth. I left the bed after tasting her vaginal juice. We moved to washroom..

Tony wants to be fucked in a cow girl position. So I slept on bed and she is sitting on my penis. While holding her waist, I can see Tony stretching her legs wide and pushing my cock in her vagina. Now Tony is pressing her bum on my penis and my whole cock is in her vagina. Now she is moving her bum up and down to enjoy my penis. After 5 minutes of her ride on my penis, she is tired, so I started pounding her cunt with my long cock from below. Tony leaned on me and while holding her waist, I am fucking Tony from below with speed as well as power. She is screaming in pleasure… “Oohh uumm Garry fuck me hard I am in heaven. ” And my penis is moving in speed but after 10-12 minutes of deep fuck my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina. We both slept like a hot couple.

By Yumiko

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