Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Brittany had just turned 18. It was the day after the party. She awoke at 8 am Sunday morning. Her mother waking her for church. She really hated church. A religion she wasn’t interested in.

She got up and showered. Went to her room putting on a lacy black matching bra and pantie set her boyfriend had given her. A boyfriend she had been seeing now for some time. Lost her virginity to a year ago on her 17 th birthday. If her mother knew. Her strict religious background. Sex before marriage was a no no.

She slipped on a black dress that just hid her knees. According to her mother a dress higher than the knees was not acceptable. Especially for church. It was a round neck. No cleavage either, she was proud of her C Cup breasts. She brushed her long auburn hair putting a headband in her hair. She put on her shoes and waited for mother.

They arrived at the church and took their seats. Hymns been played by the elderly organist slouched over the keys. She saw him. Simon. He was a 28 yr old tall handsome and married to a controlling wife. Their two children in tow. He saw Brittany and returned her smile. She felt a tingling in her wet pussy.

Half way through the service she needed the toilet. She excused herself and went to the lady’s on her way out she met Simon. He said he had to prepare morning tea, she decided to help. They went to the kitchen and talked as they prepared morning tea. She could see lust in his eyes.

She walked past him brushing his arse. He jumped. She was horny. She knew he had a key that unlocked every door in the church.

” Do you want to fuck me ” she said quietly.

” Pardon ?” He said.

” Do you want to have sex ” She said.

” Sex ” he whispered.

” Well we have been flirting for the last few months.” She said.

” I’m married with children ” he said

” So I have a boyfriend ” she replied.

” Brittany .” He said

” Oh come on, its just sex.” She said.

” Ok ” he said. ” Lets go to my office.”

They quietly walked out of the kitchen ans snuck to his office. He closed the door. He hugged him careful not to kiss him. Her lipstick.

She undid his trousers smiling at him pulling his cock out. ” Shit ” he said as she took it into her mouth sucking it for a minute.

She stood up and lifted her dress pulling her underwear down and sat on the desk her legs wide open her pussy looking at him. He lifted his cock to her pussy guiding it in. The heard the hymn been played.

” Communion hymn” he said guiding his cock in her thrusting her. He caressed her busy as he fucked her. She reached behind unzipping her dress pulling the front down. She lifted her bra her breasts falling out he fondled them as he fucked her. She orgasmed. He groaned as he cum in her. ” Ive cum gosh, don’t want to get you pregnant. ”

” No ” she said “I’m on birth control.” She said.

He withdrew and used tissues to wipe his cock. She cleaned the oozing cum from her pussy and put on her underwear. She put her breasts away and dressed again.

” Should not have done that ” He said.

” No ” She said smiling. ” But it was fun. Lets go finish morning tea.”

They went to the kitchen and finished and served morning tea. Her mother pleased she was getting more involved with church.

By Yumiko

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