Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

So buddy stops by, we start talking and starts thanking me for the other night. I ask my buddy how it went. Told him I wanted to know everything, details how it happened and I didn’t care bout anything.

So at the party they seen each other and met up in living room later on . Thats were everyone was dancing.  Before all that guy 2  was seeing a girl. He had a girl for the night.  Buddy one and buddy 2 were going to try and tag team his new gf. My buddy one had his parents house to him self.  So w.e they started talking and guy 2 mentioned it was 2 bad they couldn’t tag team my gf and try bringing her over and w.e so buddy one and gf start dancing. Shes rubbing her ass on him and feels his cock stiffening up. Oh my god seriously?! He knew she was pretty buzzed. And w.e asked how she was getting home? Her reply why ? What you want to give me ride or something?!  Giggling away.  I cant my dads home and he says he had the house to him self. She agreed. Saying shes horny and. Haven’t had sex since me and you!!

Thats when he whispered. Can “do you mind if buddy 2 come with us?  Sh turned round right away blushing omgg nooo   her with smirk on her face. The look on her face meant yea. Asked her why not?!  Not like we haven’t.. And yaya I know. But still. Oh my gosh im going to have enough with you. Well.. Don’t you rather have me to your self?  He told her I can still act like its only me and you.?n it was already planned that he was going to stay the night. Less travel  and that buddy 2 already had lay but if he was able to get with gf that he was going to ditch the new gf.  So she agreed . With out realizing she was lightly stroking his cock on top of his pants.  He turns her round and starts saying oh my god I want to fuck you so horny and all and she grinding on him.  Then tells her she should give him head n  he would be able to fuck her longer.  So she said she had do pee and to come in bathroom upstairs in 3 mins.  She left and buddy 2 goes and sees him asking how its going.  And yea dude shes coming over tonight she knows your coming  too and shes in bathroom upstairs. Come see us in bathroom upstairs in bout five mins.  Guy 2 asked why?  He answered shes gonna make me cum now so I can fuck her harder tonight.   So when he walks in bathroom shes turned round washing her hands. He walks up to her starts feeling her  and starts kissing her neck. Right away she starts moaning and grinding. Pushes her face towards his and starts making out with her grabbing her throat. She was wearing yoga pants with nice fancy shirt/tanktop. With no bra. While making out with her he started grabbing her tits and pulled her shirt down and took her tits out. She started reaching in back grabbing his cock. He pulled her pants down, sh bent over and they starting dry fucking. When she was all wet bout to take it  she stopped and not here not here. So he guided her to his dick. Shes on her knees , pants pulled down sticking her ass out  with her tits out. Shes gaging away when door opens. She stops in panic and sees guy 2.  Whaaaaaat are you doing here? Hurry close door! Welllllll. Seriously you boys cant wait? Guy 2 was hesitating when buddy puts her face back on his dick. Tells  guy 2 to lock door in come here.  Gf didn’t stop gagging.. As soon as his pants were off he pulls her head off his dick and shoves her head on  guy 2 cock. Holy fuck her blow jobs. He got hard in no time.  Hes been pulling her head back and fourth from their cocks . Your gonna make guy 2 cum too? I want to make sure he  fucks you good tonight.   Started sucking more intense. Whens the last time you got laid? She giggled and said last weekend. He asked with me? Guy 2 all surprised. He lets you too fuck randomly ? Alone?! Long story. So you gonna tell your bf??  So anyway asks guy 2 if he was gonna fuck her good? Oh fuck yea ill fuck her good bro.hope we do good job. Fuck her more often. Shes sucking 2 off when he said she sucks dick like pornstar. Guy 1 was sucking her tits. Sucking your cock like lil slut?! Make her suck your cock like a lil slut. She started gagging but guy 1 was making her gag alot more. He pulls her hair and put her head up and starts making out with her. He tells her your my lil slut tonight, guiding her back at 2 cock.  2 Came, not to long after one came.

Gf was getting more drunk and more drunk so before she passed out buddy called night. They called me after she sucked them off.

They in taxi, all three in backseat. Cocks and tits are out.shes skiing and buddy grabbing her tits with taxi driver swerving  looking at her tits.  Taxi drivers telling her to give them head and is she gives his head she dont have to pay taxi bill. She didn’t. She ended up letting him feel her tits and licking them. And went doggie style with her panties on. They started rubbing her when she stopped. So now they get to buddy’s house. U walk in u can either go upstairs on downstairs.  Downstairs wreckroom with fire place tv a bar l couches. With buddy’s room.  He walks in first heads to sofa with gf stripping inback of them still in entrance.  Shes completely naked in her knees unzipping their pants.  So last time you got fucked was with me? Her yeaaa.  Guy 2 cant believe james lets you fuck his gf. Guy 1. I probably fucked her as many times as james did. Thats hot and shes gagging. I know how she likes to get fucked, right now shes drunk, horny and able to take cock! He lifts her up puts her on her back shoved her legs on his shoulders. She wasn’t wet enough so he started eating her. Spitting on her pussy.  There he goes first shot three quarter way deep her with big moan, second shot all in. Her omggg taking it, berely stopping him. Pumped few more times when guy 2 was waiting to fuck her too. Oh my god.  This tight pussy omgg tight.  Guy 1 holding her legs up watching her take it.  Guy one grabs her and puts her doggie styles. Are you my lil whore tonight? Yeaaaa  you like when I fuck you?  Yeaaaa love it. Make sure you tell your bf we do good job.  Yeaaaaa. He stoped pics her up. Tells guy 2 to sit on top sofa. pushes her on her knees on sofa waits till she’s sucking 2 off and starts fucking her.  Hes standing up with her doggie style in  infront his when he grabs both her arms by her elbows and pulls her to him.

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