Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

This is how my gf told it happened. So at the party  my buddy and my gf talked all normally. After few drink, was getting later people were dancing in living room.  She would meet up with my buddy dance and carry on.  She knew he was there with my other buddy. Guy 2.  So they meet up again dance. She tried dancing away few times but he would not let her go. So she kept dancing on him rubbing her ass on him when she feels his cock buldging out his pants. She turned  round and with out realizing she grabbed his cock and oh my god seriously?? He got completely red  and tucked it in. She felt bad, she apologized. She then turned round and kept dancing with him. Sorry I couldn’t help it.  ” While I’m like grinding on him I kept feeling his dick. He would pull my hips again his thighs  just t make me feel it.  If we would have been naked he’d be fucking me. So dancing starts getting more intense. We both knew we were both horny. He starts feeling her stomach, going down to her legs. Going around going inches from her pussy kissing her neck  till he knew he would be able to fuck her.  He knows what it takes. So anyway shes soaked wanting to get fucked when he asked her how she was getting home? She laughed and answered. Why? Would you give me a ride? Yeaaa. Shes like well too bad my dads home.. Thats when he started saying he had his parents house for the night. She wanted to go but didn’t because I didn’t give her permission.  “He ended up convincing me” me : how? Kept telling me just do it and tell him bout it after . He wont be mad. Hell love it. He loves it when I fuck you.  So she said yea but I still had to know bout it.  Thats when she said she called me.

She couldn’t bring it up so asked buddy to ask me. Buddy couldn’t really bring it up. Till he text me. So there he texts asking if he can give my gf for ride. I was already picturing everything  I agreed. Once we agreed he went found her and started dirty dancing with her. He whispers in her ear. I can bring you for ride. At same time she started feeling his dick on her ass . Oh my god really?! Yea only if I tell him how it happened… They kept grinding, buddy’s talking dirty to her. Oh my god I want to fuck you. I’m so horny.  She agrees. Me too I haven’t had sex since you. He whispers : do you mind if guy 2 comes with?  She turned round what noooo. He explained to her how it was already planned, he was supposed to spend the night before, he told he they were going to try tag teaming her till guy 2 wanted to tag team my gf instead.  Its  not like we never.. Yaya I know , he talks bout time at your camp all the time. And she asks if I knew? Thats when he showed her texts. She seen I was aware everything, only if you guys fuck her good.  Last thing he told me was I’m going to treat her like my little slut. She starts flirting. Ohhh only if  you boys fuck me good? Shes grinding on him again, hes playing with her clit, she eventually starts stroking his cock.   I wanna fuck you. Not here. Can you give me head? Not yet.. I’m just gonna be able to fuck you better.  You are my slut tonight? He convinced her once again, she told him she had to pee and come in bathroom upstairs in bout three minutes.”When he walked in, I was washing my hands. He walked towards me started feeling me up, pushing his dick on me. He eventually grabbed my face and started making out with me.he kept rubbing my boobs till he pulled my shirt down, then our pants came off. She was just bout to start fucking him till she stopped got on her knees and started giving him head. Guy 2 randomly walks in. We were both shocked. Buddy 1 guided him over. As soon as his pants were pulled down guy 1 pulls my head off and makes me suck guy 2’s cock.  I kept getting pulled off and pushed on different dicks. Guy 1 kept talking dirty, you gonna make us cumm? Gotta make sure we fuck you good tonight. He kept being rough with me making me gag pulling my hair forcing me to take his dick.  They eventually came. Nights almost over, we hop in taxi. Were all in back seat .guy 1 starts touching and before you know it my shirts down, 2 guys sucking on my boobs  with my hands being guided to their cocks. I remember the taxi driver kept looking in back threw his mirror. Shes giving 1 head and taxi was cheering for her to give other guy head, he wanted to see. Then omg he wanted me to give him blow job instead of paying the bill.  I didn’t. I just let him feel my boobs. Then frighten buddy mentioned my ass. They made me go doggie style infront this old creepy taxi driver. I was so glad to get to his house omg.  As soon as I close the door 1 starts making out with me stripping me.  Didn’t take long I was naked. He walked me downstairs put me on my knees, helped me get his cock out. They kept talking dirty between them too. What do you mean baby? ” Well guy 1 told guy 2 he was the last guy I had sex with.. And that he lets 1 sleep with me  and omg they were so rough with me. He said he knew how to fuck me. He full out pics me up puts me laying down and rams his whole dick in!!the whole thing! Going deep right away. Guy 2 shortly took 1’s spot. 1 Let 2 fuck for me for bit. They were holding my legs up. Then I get put doggie style on couch by 1. 1 Was inback fucking me doggie style pulling my arms pulling me by him till one stand/sits on top of couch 1 was infront of everything, the fucking and me sucking.  Eventually 1 told 2 to come fuck her. As hes fucking me, 1’s telling him to go harder, pull out more go deeper. So 1’s going to take over. He turns her rounds lays her on couch pulls her ass off couch and boom all in. Omg james it hurt. He did it like 3 times till I got a hand free and was stopping him with my nails. You know what he does?! He pins my arms down and tells 2 to hold my legs down. So there I was taking 1’s hole dick. I asked him to stop but he woudn’t. He kept saying he knows what I can take. This how we fuck her. You make her take the dick?. You fuck her like a fuck toy! Didn’t  you get asked to treat her like a little slut? Yea. You like being treated like whore? Omggg yeaaa then 1 cumms and 2 takes his spot. He fucked me for bit. 1 Made me suck his dick till he started playing with my ass. Then started going in my ass. Omg it was hurting.  After few minutes 1 takes his spot fucks me for bit then they put me doggie style. They would take turns fucking my ass. I don’t know why guys like doing that so much. I knew when 1 was in and when 2 was in. Then I’m riding 1 and 2 starts going in my ass. It hurt a bit. 1 Had to stop for bit.they fucked me like that for quite a while, I was loving it. They would change me from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. 2 Ended up cumming in my ass. Thats when 1 picked me up kept fucking me while he walked to his room. He put me on the bed and started fucking my ass. 2 Was on top me making suck his dick. Omgg I tried a new position. 1 Picked me up , he was in  my pussy with 2 in my ass. Omg the way my legs were I was like supper tight they could feel everything. I couldn’t take it anymore I felt so good I had to stop. I’m riding 2 when 1 starts fucking me in my ass. They kept fucking they were going pretty deep pretty hard, I started to feel cumm.  I told them I was gonna cumm and not to stop. When I was cumming 1 pushed on my back told 2 to hold me and not to stop fucking. They were going so hard both going as deep as they can, they talked dirty till they came. : What they say?

Well they’re saying how much of a good fuck I am.

How much of a slut I can be they said.

By Yumiko

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