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Ginger had just turned 16. School break her parents decided to go on holiday to a resort island. It was a birthday present so she knew she has to go.

They touched down at the local airport a small runway a island style airport. After clearing customs she started to feel she might enjoy been on holiday with her parents even though her friends were probably home with boys and partying.

Ginger her nickname known for her long wavy ginger hair. She was 5ft 10. She wasn’t tanned but she loved her pale complexion and her freckly body. Her slim athletic body looked great in a bikini her C cup bosom well pronounced and admired by boys. She was still a virgin but her hormones were telling her to get busy.

She noticed the driver of the transfer shuttle. A handsome well toned man wearing a island style shirt. Board shorts. His toned body hidden under his clothes.

They caught a look for a second her eyes meeting his. She wore a white long dress hugging her slim busty body. Her parents with her.

She thought maybe this holiday she might have a short island romance. Although her boyfriend back home might not approve of that.

Next day.

9 Am. Sun shining, beautiful hot day she dressed in a bikini and short sleeved dress. They went to breakfast. He was their. He was serving their breakfast. Again a look between them. He probably flirts with all the young girls she thought.

1 Pm.

She got a break from her parents she decided to go for a walk along the beach. Other tourists sunbathing and swimming. Other couples arm in arm. She noticed him walking towards her. Their eyes met.

” Hi ” he said. Sam was handsome. 6 Ft well toned.

” Hi. ” Ginger said smiling. He was topless. His well toned body.

” I’m Sam. ” He said putting his hand out. She shook it.

” Ginger. ” She said.

” Ginger ? Ah the ginger hair. ” He said.

” My real name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Ginger. ” She said.

” Well Ginger you a very beautiful. ” He said smiling. ” How old are you ? ”

” Eighteen ” she said. A small lie been only sixteen.

” I’m 27. ” He said ” Would you like to go for a walk ? ”

” Yes. ” She said smiling they walked in the direction he had just come from.

” You on holiday with your parents ? ” He asked

” Yes I though it would be nice to come along to. ” She said smiling.

” I am so glad you did. ” He said. ” I love your hair. ”

” Thank you, my boyfriend does to. ” She said then realised what she had said.

” Boyfriend, lucky guy having such a beautiful girl. ” Sam said.

” Well yes, I mean its not serious. We are together but not thinking about marriage or anything. ” She said.

” That’s ok. ” He said admiring her body in her off the shoulder white short dress. She wore a blue halterneck bikini. Sam admiring her bust and cleavage.

” Do you have a girlfriend ? ” She asked.

” Me no I don’t. I’m more a free spirit. ” He said smiling at her.

” Do you chat up all the beautiful girls ? ” She asked.

” Well, living on tourist island has its advantages. ” He said.

” Yes I suppose it does. ” She said.

They walked up to a lookout. The view was amazing. They stood next to each other.

” Come up here a lot. ” He said. They stood their hands on the rail. Their hands an inch away from each other.

” Really, its a nice spot. ” She said. He creept his hand closer.

” Come to have time out, wonder whats beyond the ocean. People come in aeroplanes. ” He said.

” Are you saying you have never left the island ? ”

” Yep, never left, never been over that ocean. ” He said looking at her.

” Shit. ” She said.

” I mean. I’ve seen photos of other places, one day. I would like to leave and explore the world. Once when I was 10. I built a raft, packed food, clothes, and blankets. Told mum I was going to go overseas. ” He said

Ginger laughted. ” So cute. ” She said looking at him. There eyes meeting in a gaze. His finger touching her hand.

He waited for her to pull away. She couldn’t. She loved feeling his finger on hers. His hand sliding onto hers. She smiled as he leant in. She waited as his lips touched hers. They kissed holding hands. Their tongues touching their lips tasting each other. His hand moved to her side on her hip. She held his hip moving close to him he hugged her. Her hands on his bare chest feeling his toned chest. Her palms flat on his chest. Her breasts pushing against her hands. His hands on her hips.

” My parents would freak. ” She said.

” Really ? ” Sam replied.

” There 16 yr old daughter… ”

” 16 You said you were 18. ” He said pushing away.

” Shit sorry. I’m 16 yes. ” She said

” Why did you say you were 18 ? ” . He said.

” I like you and didn’t want to scare you off. ” She said.

” Wow 16, I shouldn’t pursue you. ” He said.

” No, ” she said leaning in kissing his lips.

They kissed. ” Our secret then. ” He said.

” Yes ” she said. They heard voices as a group came to the lookout. They walked off and went back down the track.

One day later 2 am.

She woke up looking at the clock. She dressed and opened her bedroom window sneaking out. She met him at the arranged spot. They walked in the moonlight along the beach arm in arm.

They walked up the track to the lookout. They sat on the seat his arm along the back of it she sat next to him leaning into him. She looked up kissing his lips. His hand sliding onto her shoulder.

They french kissed. His other hand on her hip. It slid up her side towards her breast slowly waiting to be pushed away. It touched the underneath of her breast. It stopped. She knew she should stop. She didn’t want to.

His hand slid over her jersey over her breast. He squeezed her breast. She moaned as he caressed her knowing it was wrong. He was 27 she was 16. She was a virgin. He had probably fucked many tourists around the island. She would just be another number for him. Just one not one night stand he would never see again.

She found that thought quite erotic. His hand slid down her side to her hip onto her thigh. He pulled her dress up. She opened her legs sliding it up her thigh feeling her underwear. His hand touching her wet pussy.

” I’m a virgin. ” She said.

” A virgin wow. ” Sam replied.

” Yes. ” She said.

” Would you like to skinny dip. I know a good spot. ” He said smiling

” Ok, no guy has seen me naked. ” She said.

” Can I be the first ? ” He said.

” Ok. ” She said. They got up he lead her to a clearing down the other side of the hill to a small inlet. ” Its high tide. This pool fills up. ” He said.

He took off his shirt and his shorts. She took off her jersey and unzipped her dress dropping it standing in her bra and knickers.

” Don’t be shy. ” He said pulling down his underwear. She saw his cock out half erect. She reached behind unclipping her bra taking it off. His eyes looking at her breasts in the moonlight. She lowered her underwear sliding them off. He noticed the ginger strip up her pussy.

They got into the water getting in up to there shoulders. He hugged her kissing her his hands fondling her breasts.

” This in nice. ” She said ” I bit nervous. But nice. ”

” Nervous ? ” He said

” Been caught. ” She said.

” All part of the risk. ” He said smiling.

” Am I allowed to take away your virginity. ” Je said

” Ok. ” She replied.

” Boyfriend wont know. Its not serious anyway. ” He said

” No. ” She said she kissed him, his hands groping her breasts. He lifted her up standing on the soft sand, the water lapping around their bodies. She straddled him her breasts out of the water his hands gripping his arse cheeks. He grabbed his cock rubbing around her pussy. She felt his knob on her vagina opening.

He pushed pushing his knob in her.

” Aaghhhh fuuck. ” She said tensing felling it in her.

” That nice baby. ” He said.

” Uummmmm yeh. ” She said holding him tight as he slowly pushed in in her more. ” Aghhhhh shit ” she said his cock now in her pussy.

He kissed her lips groaning feeling her pussy been ripped open. She felt sore as he thrust her. She didn’t want him to know it was sore as he slowly thrust his cock in and out of her. She held his neck tight feeling his hands grip her arse cheeks as he thrust her. His cock in her.

” No ” she said pushing away his cock falling out.

” Whats wrong ? ” Hr asked.

” I don’t want to get pregnant. ” She said.

” I wont cum in you. ” He said.

” I want to go. ” She got out of the water. Put on her dress over her wet body and left.

7 Am.

She woke. She had been asleep for two hours. Her wet dress on the floor. She got up and got into the shower. She was glad to have her own bathroom separate from her parents. She washed her breasts and pussy. His cock had been in her. Broken her. She thought as she showered.

It felt so romantic. Making love naked in the ocean in the moonlight. She liked Sam. Was she still a virgin ? ”

She loved the time she spent with him. She got nervous when his cock went in her. She was only 16. He was 27.

She got out and dried off. Getting back into her room she realised she left her bra knickers and jersey in the haste to get away. She dressed wearing a white bikini and white floral jumpsuit. She sat on her bed and crossed her legs. Her pussy still sore from his cock.

Sam sat on his bed naked his cock in hand. Her jersey bra and knickers at her side. He sniffed her jersey smelling her perfume and scent. He pulled a couple of strands of hair from her jersey.

He sniffed inside her bra cups imagining her breasts in them. He lifted her knickers sniffing then. Kneadling them in his fingers. He smiled as he wanked himself. He missed her.

Yes he had fucked many many women, mainly tourists from different nations. Everyone from divorced women on holiday celebrating their divorce, single women wanting a romantic holiday fuck, even a couple of honeymooners that surprised him. Different ages from 19 to 65. Ginger now been his youngest, although he hadn’t sealed the deal.

He groaned as he cum up his chest. He sniffed her clothing as he emptied his cock over himself.

He looked at the photo of his girlfriend. An air hostess for a international airline. He loved her been away. He got to fuck lucky they were tourists, who would leave before she got back.

Then sex with his girlfriend. Her thinking he was catching up after not fucking when she was away.

Ginger boarded the plane. She saw Sam around for the next couple of days, but she was sightseeing. She would always remember her island holiday.

No she never got her jersey, knickers or underwear back. She knew Sam kept them as a momento. How many other women’s underwear had he kept for that reason. She sat looking out the airplane window at the island as the air hostess walked up to her.

” Ginger. ” She asked.

” Yes ” Ginger said.

” You left this in the hotel. The cleaner found it. ” She said.

Ginger opening the paper bag seeing her neatly folded jersey. But no underwear.

‘ Bastard ‘ she thought.

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