Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The dance at the big posh house had finished earlier than expected because of a power cut that plunged the house into darkness, 17 year old Cindy was extra annoyed as she had getting on very well with one of the boys who had removed her panties and was rubbing her moist love tube when they were disturbed by staff telling them to leave, Cindy lost sight of the boy in the crowd of people leaving the house, Cindy had turned down a few offers of a lift home in the hope she would find the boy she had been with and be able to finish what the had started but despite trying hard and asking a few people if they had seen Gary she could not find him and as she could no longer get a lift she was walking home alone down the dark lane, Cindy knew if she cut through the grave yard she would get home half a hour quicker, Cindy ignored the warnings of a pack of wild stray dogs in the grave yard as fake news and entered the grave yard, the ball gown with designer splits down each leg was tight and slowing her pace down, part way through the grave yard Cindy heard a yapping and saw a small poodle just ahead of her laughed thinking wow a pack of wild stray dogs, looked at the poodle and muttered ” fuck off you walking flea home” and carried on walking, Cindy heard more growls turned and saw a pack of about twenty dogs behind her and straight away started to feel nervous, she carried on walking but kept glancing back and saw the dogs following her, Cindy tried to run but her tight gown stopped her being to quick and after a very short distance she tripped over a fallen tree branch, she roll onto her back saw the dogs right next to her then a dog nipped her leg went in for a second bite but got a mouth full of Cindy’s gown which he started to pull other dogs had grabbed parts of Cindy’s lower gown in their mouths and were pulling as if it was a tug of war, Cindy felt the flimsy material start to rip and the gown split right up the middle the dogs carried on with tug of war on the gown and soon the gown was torn away from Cindy’s body leaving her naked, the dogs carried on fighting over the torn garment, Cindy rolled onto her front then onto her hands and knees and started to stand but before she could get up she felt a heavy thud on her bum looked back and saw a Great Dane dog behind her the dog head butted her again Cindy then felt hot air on her bum and love tube this was followed by a heavy weight on her back and she saw a pair of paws drape over her shoulders and a wet patch on her bum cheek which was sliding about Cindy realised with horror what was happening tried to break free but the dog was to heavy for her, Cindy then felt the wet patch pushing  the lips of her love tube Cindy cried out no as her love tube was penetrated the Great Dane started humping Cindy’s love tube and Cindy could not stop it another dog started licking her face and before she knew what was happening the dog had got his front paws on her shoulders and was rubbing his dick over her face Cindy closed her mouth but the dogs dick pushed against her mouth forcing it open Cindy gagged as the dick slid in, Cindy chocked a bit then felt a warm sticky goo in mouth and realised what it was and spat it out, the Great Dane was still humping Cindy who to her surprise was starting to enjoy what was happening and after a few minutes was breathing heavy as the dog pounded her, then a minute later climaxed, she felt the Great Dane get off her but before she could get up another dog was mounting her and soon she was being humped again, after awhile Cindy climaxed a second time before the dog got down, Cindy looked behind her saw no more dogs and got up, she saw the remains of her gown she picked it up but found it was nothing but rags and realised she would have to walk home naked looked round saw no dogs and started walking towards home smiling and thinking that was better than some of the boys she had been with.

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