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My association with the two old bastards remained happy. One was 68 -years old and his name was Purushottam, another was 78-years and his name was Pathan Khan Jalalabadi. The friendship was a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity and integrity. In fact, after my friendship with Pathan Khan, I began to think to fuck a good number of Muslim girls, and I offered a good number of pretty Hindu girls for the health benefits of Mulla Pathan Khan. I even made a tentative list of girls, ranging from 17 years to 27.

We managed a good guest house to entertain two of my old bastard friends. Here I will bring young chicks to satisfy the lust of each grandpa. I preferred Mulla Pathan Khan, and so I asked him how he will fuck the chicks. What are his priorities, etc?

Pathan Khan told me frankly that he will like to fuck three girls together, at least three. If more are available he will welcome. So I arranged three young chicks — one was Hindu, the other was a Christian, and the last girl was a Sikh. All girls were of the same age, that is 17-years old. The Hindu girl, Susmita did not mind to fuck with a Muslim and did not mind that he is 78 years old. The girl was poor and wanted money immediately. I helped her. The Christian girl likewise also did not mind the age and religion; the last girl, a Sikh girl Loveleen Kaur was too happy to fuck with a Muslim Mulla. I do not know the reason for her unwanted happiness.

I assembled these three girls, ( 1 ) Susmita, Hindu; ( 2 ) Lily James, Christian; and ( 3 ) Loveleen Kaur, Sikh. All were of the same age, that is 17-years old. I say seventeen years YOUNG. Indeed why we call young chicks “old”?? They were invited to a Hotel, and my task was to introduce the content of their ordeal at the cruel hands of the said two bastards.

The girls were specially recruited through a special escort agency.

I disclosed that the 78 years Pathan Khan will do BDSM with each of the three chicks there was some murmur as neither of the three girls could understand what BDSM stands for. So I explained to them that the Mulla will beat you, spank you, and will do all the dirty things with each one of you. Initially, the girls were hesitating as they never experienced these abnormal things.

However, after much persuasion, they agreed to accept this act as it can make them bold and their personalities strong. After all, what is wrong with if you are beaten, abused, harmed, and humiliated if you get a nice amount of money which you otherwise can not earn. I told them that many girls are now taking part in such acts, and they perform well.

Moreover, It was my duty to initiate a sort of sample and training so they can stand well in front of the two old bastards.

I chose Loveleen Kaur for a sample test of her sexual understanding and to infuse correct boldness into her body and body parts.

I slept hard to the face cheeks of the little girl then I squeezed her nose. Afterward, I spanked her bare tits; ass globes, and of course her cunt. In fact, I penetrated three things into her tight pussy hole. : My Hard Cock, a special red rode, and my fingers. In the end, It was my wise duty to assfuck her tight, very tight asshole. All this has been done faithfully, religiously, and attentively. I am 59-years old, and Loveleen Kaur mere 17-years Young!

The two girls watched and tried to learn as much as possible. I instantly rewarded Loveleen Kaur with a bundle of currency notes, and I also put some money into the panties of the rest of the two chicks.

I brought the girls to the guesthouse where Pathan Khan was waiting. He ordered the girls to stand in a row, as he will first watch the status of their bodies, particularly the flesh and meat which he will taste with his wild tongue, widened lips, and sharp teeth. He will also smell the smell of the chicks’ fresh pussies. Afterward, he will perform like a surgeon all the cruelties to the body beautiful of these young chicks.

After the initial checkup of the girls’ flesh and bones, he ordered all three girls to lay on her backs, stark naked as he will crush their tits, belly, pussy, and ass globes with his boots, and later with his barefoot. He kicked the three, then beat them up. The girls soon began to sob and weeping. They prayed before Pathan Khan for mercy as He was threatening the girls by putting a sharp knife over their necks.

In brief Pathan Khan showered every type of pain, and cruelties to the three fresh, virgin chicks. When his lust was satisfied to the full he retired to his chamber room without bothering the fate of poor girls.

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