Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Hi my name is Sarah, I’m 24 small slim redhead. I’ve nice breasts and firm bum. So my husband tells me. I got married young at only 19 and have a child (a beautiful wee girl ). My husband works hard, and is kind and loving. But with work he always has go away or works late. But. I have become lonely, and just wish I had more friends to hang out with. Then one day at play group I met Jane, friendly but tough looking, not the kind of girl to mess around with. Gradually we became friends and had a great laugh together. Then I started to notice every chance she got, she had grope at me. Touching my bum, squeezing my tits for a laugh, even slapping my bum. Then one summers day, I was in kitchen in my summers dress. When Jane arrived for coffee. Whom you look pretty, thanks like the dress, I blushed, stop it. Why she replied. You not like me seducing you. I was confused, I’m not a lesbian I said. She laughed, don’t knock it to you tried it. She said. Then she told me to come over. I hesitated, then with a demanding voice come here. I was shaking as I walked over and stood infront of her. She smiled as her hands ran up and down my legs, I was nervous, excited and confused. As they moved up under. My dress, slowly moving up to my pussy (which was getting wetter by the minute ). She began rubbing my pussy through my pants, which sent me wild. Holding onto her shoulders with grim death, as her fingers slid under them and into my very wet pussy. I was gone, I was in heaven as she fingered fucked me. Then she got me on the floor and dragged my pants off. She told me play with myself, as she striped naked. She was slim. Small tits, shaved pussy and plenty of tattoos. She pushed my legs open and began licking my pussy. Omg as I had a massive orgasm, then another. She was still licking my pussy when her finger tried to enter my asshole. No I pleaded, but she wasn’t listening as her finger entered my bum. One finger became two as fucked my virgin ass. Pain turned to excitement as she used me. She then lowered her pussy over my face, I started licking her, mmmm it tasted nice. I then fingered her to she came big. She then stood up looked at me, stood over me. And to my shock began peeing over me. She left, I cleaned up and had shower, wow my heart was still beating fast. Later my husband came home and we talked, but my mind was still on what happened earlier. For the next four weeks Jane would call once or twice a week and we always have sex. Then one morning when my daughter was staying at her granny’s, she rang me come over when I arrived we where soon in her bed making love, when the door opened. Their was Jane’s husband standing naked playing with his cock. Wow what’s happening I screamed. Calm down as. She kissed me. Now her husband was in between my legs eating my pussy. Mmmm it felt good. Jane then said my old man going to fuck you and your going to let him. I nodded, then he pushed his rather big cock inside me. He was big, and began thrusting deeper inside my wet hole. I looked over at Jane who was sitting in a chair smoking. She smiled as I moaned. By now he was pounding my pussy without mercy, then felt him tighten up. No don’t cum inside me I screamed. But then felt his cum full my battered pussy. Jane walked over and began licking his cum from my pussy, which give me another orgasm. I lay their shattered. But her husband was ready for more and again mounted me. Again he fucked me hard and shot his load inside me. I lay their asleep for a while when I was awoke by voices. I looked up to see Jane her husband. And another guy. He began to undress. I stared at them all. Well Jane said. I opened my legs inviting him in ( omg I’m a slut ), he was soon inside me, fucking me hard. In the next hour I was in different positions, sucking cock and getting fucked. Every time they cum inside me, when they finished with me I was like a rag doll. But Jane began kissing me. Sucking my sore nipples then eating my sore sensitive pussy to I cum. She then slipped a finger then two in my bum, I didn’t try to stop her as she probed my ass. She turned to her husband fuck her ass. He was inside me, inch became 2 to be was fully in my bum. Then he fucked me slowly, pain turned to ecstasy, then he filled my ass with cum. Jane licked his cum from my bum. When I got dressed I could hardly walk. Jane got me home. I lay in the bath washing my aching, holes. My daughter stayed the night at my mum’s. I decided I had to fuck my husband, just incase with all the cum inside me I fall pregnant. We made love and I made sure he came inside me. Not learning my lessons I found out Jane had been grooming me for ages to make me her slut. But I was addicted now. Jane continued to make love to me and once a month I go to her house and her her husband fucks me. I even slept with about five of his mates. I’m 24 now 4 months pregnant, who’s ?. Jane is also pregnant, but with a sly grin claims it’s my husband’s. I’ve been turned from a loving wife, mother. To a used a slave, a whore of Jane’s but I can’t stop.

By Yumiko

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