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Karl Williams had been with Accura Systems for 3 years now. It wasn’t a bad firm or a bad job. He installed and serviced fire alarm systems at commercial premises and offices. He was largely left to his own devices provided the work was done. He worked from home, traveling to clients in the firms van, and only called into the depot every 2 or 3 days as and when necessary.

Today’s job was at a town centre police station. He’d been there a couple of times now. They kept getting false activation and had to deactivate the system. Maybe a bit over sensitive, he thought, like some of these new systems. The main control panel was situated on the top floor near the station kitchen and canteen. Probably just the heat from the kitchen, or could be some other fault.

He pulled in front of the police station and parked in the visitors area outside. It was a large, modern 3 storey pretty ugly concrete building. He presented his works order and booked in at the front office. He walked up 2 flights of stairs with his tool box to the main control panel. A fault was shown on the display. He’d just need to reset the system and do an alarm test. No big deal. Some of the faults that came up at some places were really weird. Hed kept getting call outs to a warehouse where they were getting regular false activations. It turned out eventually that the culprit was a tiny spider that had got into one of the sensors. It had taken him a month to sort that one out.

He reset the main board and went to the police station office. He said he’d just like to do a test and activate the alarm before he left. A sergeant told him they had something going on that day and could he leave it a bit, preferably about an hour. He nodded and called the depot to let them know he’d be at the premises a bit longer.

In the meantime he went to the canteen, put his toolbox down and got a cup of coffee. There weren’t many people about, just half a dozen policewomen drinking tea and eating bacon sandwiches. He wondered what the sergeant was talking about. All seemed fairly quiet.

His attention turned to the policewomen. They were dressed in jogging trousers and sweatshirts or track suits and trainers, raging from about 20 to mid 30s. They were sitting quite close, so he asked what was going on today. “No idea,” one said. “We just work here. Were here for this new handcuff training.” She was about 30, quite tall and slim with short fair hair. It turned out she was a sergeant. He was attracted to her straight away. She had a fresh open face and bright blue eyes, and a warm infectious laugh. Despite her casual dress, she was wearing more make up than hed expect from a policewoman, lipstick and eye shadow.

“What handcuff training?” he asked. The blonde sergeant showed him a pair of handcuffs. “Its these new handcuffs,” she said. “They’re called speedcuffs. They’re replacing the old ones and were doing the training today.” Karl examined the handcuffs. He hadn’t seen ones like that before. They had a rigid plastic bar in the middle. “Are they better than the old ones? Are they difficult to use? They look uncomfortable to me.”

“They are a bit,” she said. “Try them on me.” She turned and put her hands behind her back. Karl picked up the handcuffs and fastened them quickly around her wrists, locking them behind her back. The sergeant laughed. “They are uncomfortable when they’re put on you,” she said. “We’ve got our bondage session in the training room today. Were going to be handcuffed most of the day, handcuffing one another. That’s what the training is.” The other girls laughed.

A younger policewoman unlocked the cuffs from the sergeants wrists to free her. She said she disliked the way the cuffs cut into her wrists, and the other women agreed. He said, “Why not tape up your wrists to avoid the chafing?” He gave her a large roll of white adhesive tape from the toolbox. She used it to tape round her wrists, and gave it to the other girls, who did likewise. She apologised for using up most of it, but Karl said it didn’t matter. He got talking to her. It turned out she had a flat quite near where he lived. They started to get on well together. He told her about his job, and she began talking about herself. It turned out she had been in the police force for 8 years, and was divorced. Her name was Alison Cox.

Two male figures suddenly appeared, a stocky black man and an older white man, also in track suits and trainers. It transpired they were late and were the officers training the policewomen to use the new cuffs. “Okay, ladies,” said the black officer. “Were a bit late, so can we have you all in the training room now, and well get on with it.”

Two large fabric folding screens were pushed back horizontally, revealing a large open carpeted room with several mats on the floor. “Can we have you in three pairs, well go through the programme, and you can take turns as the subject, handcuffing one another.” The policewomen went over to the training area with the two men, and Karl watched with interest. He’d told the station office he’d leave it a bit before testing the alarm, so he sat back and watched as they went through the programme.

The black officer seemed to be the main one conducting the training. He asked for a volunteer, and Alison Cox stepped forward. “Ill be your stooge, Derek,” she said. The black officer demonstrated the correct use of the cuffs with her on one of the mats. He demonstrated using the cuffs in various positions and situations. She was handcuffed with her hands in front of her and then behind her back, standing and kneeling, prone on the mat, passively allowing herself to be handcuffed and then struggling to resist. It was quite an energetic session, leaving her flushed and sweating.

Karl found it all quite a turn on. He had tried bondage with a previous girlfriend, not handcuffs but tying her to the bed with scarves. He had enjoyed it, but other partners had objected when he asked to tie them up. It was something he had fantasised about since, and as he watched the training session he had a rock hard erection he was careful to hide.

After the black officers demonstration with Alison Cox, the women officers formed into 3 pairs who practiced what they had been shown on each other on the mats, taking it in turn to play the part of the arresting officer and the person being arrested. The blonde sergeant paired off with a younger woman. Karl watched fascinated, and became absorbed by what he saw. Nobody would miss him today if he took a bit longer.

Then the session was over. Some of the policewomen went to the ladies toilets or to the kitchen for some water. Karl saw Alison Cox come out and asked her how it had gone. “Okay,” she said. “Just a bit hot and sweaty. Could do with a shower. Your tape was a good idea, it stopped the chafing.” They chatted briefly and he got her phone number. He carried out the alarm test and left.

Karl called her the following day to ask her out. He was a bit surprised when she agreed straight away. Alison was quite a looker and he wouldn’t be surprised if there were other men in her life. Their first night out, he was surprised again to find out there weren’t, and hadn’t been since her messy divorce from another police officer a year and a half ago. Alison was 28. There hadn’t been any children. He hadn’t pushed things too far the first date, but it was obvious she was attracted to him and wanted to see him again. They were soon in a regular relationship and talking of moving in together. Alison seemed to be making up for lost time after her period of celibacy when the divorce came through.

Karl had thought he might be put off by an authority figure like Alison, as he disliked dominant, bossy women. But things turned out quite different. Alison was very much in control and in charge while at work, but despite this, or maybe because of it, in her private life she was very sexually submissive and liked him to take charge. She told him to give her instructions and make her comply with what he wanted. Alison seemed to enjoy it the rougher and more forceful he was.

Alison was very sexual and readily performed oral sex on Karl. She was even receptive and passive when he took her anally. On some evenings together, Karl would “do the treble” when he took her in all three orifices. She would dress to please him, dressing a little bit slutty with plenty of make up, short skirts, high heels and tight low cut tops. He photographed her as she stripped for him on one occasion and videotaped her using her vibrator on the bed.

He sometimes collected Alison after work, when she dressed in stockings and suspenders for him, or sometimes no underwear at all. He would get an expert blow job in a lay by on the way home. When they got in, he would take her roughly while she was still in uniform, without even getting undressed. It seemed that as far as Alison was concerned, the rougher the better. She liked being held down, having her hair pulled and even being choked, having her face slapped, and having him come all over her face. In bed she was completely wild.

Alison kept her old style handcuffs in a drawer at home. She produced these during one of their sessions and Karl
cuffed her hands behind her back, pushed her to her knees and fucked her mouth and throat. After that, every blow job she gave him was in handcuffs. Bondage became a regular feature of their life together.

When Karl picked up Alison from work, dressed in her police blouse and skirt, she was usually in stockings and suspenders with a lot of make up. When they got home, he would push her on the bed, take off her shoes, and then her stockings and uniform knickers. He would force her wrists behind her back and secure them with one of the stockings, winding it taut around her crossed wrists twice vertically before knotting it tightly, then repeating this horizontally, rendering her completely helpless. Then he would push the wadded knickers into her mouth, tying the other stocking tightly over her mouth to gag her. A vigorous all night session would follow, generally involving them “doing the treble.” This too became a regular feature of their love life.

Karl considered himself to be a very lucky man. A girl like Alison was one in a million.

By Tommy

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