Hiking alone and ended up with a stray dog sex!

This happened when I was a pretty girl at that time I was sixteen years of age, great looking, and slim exercised body. I go to gym three times every week, and spend two hours at least. I would say I am 34-26-34; bob cut hair. I like hiking alone because I like to talk to nature and trees. I do not want someone thrusting words into my ears as I am trying to be in communion with nature. So be it!

One day I was hiking along the trail, I just thought to go in the middle of trees and relax a bit before going home. It was about 7pm almost getting darker, so I thought I should go home faster now before it get dark. As I sat there for about fifteen minutes, I saw a dog walking in front of me. I stood up and ready to run; as I saw the dog; it stopped and looking at me and started to brawl. I was scared and my body showed goose bumps. I really scared because it is dark and nobody around here either. I just walk side ways as I looking the dog. The dog started to walk toward me as well. Oh shit.. What did I end up now; my mind is feeling guilt and danger.

I started to run and just taking my first step hurryingly, got stuck on a root, fell facing down. I just lift my head up; I can see the dog already in front of me, watching with mercy and sympathy. As it came closer to me and lifted his front leg towards me, I just accidentally saw his red penis shooting out a bit. I felt horny, all of a sudden.

I lift my hand and trying to touch his leg too, but we are apart four feet, so, it is not possible. I got up and sit and seeing him as not known what to do? Go in peace with him? Or run away and got chased and get bitten? If I get peace with him, may be I got fucked, that’s a guaranteed situation right there because I saw his penis already. I can see the dog is looking very carefully onto my eyes. I just looked his eyes too. It slowly walks toward me, and stopped. I just lifted my hand again…It lifted his leg and moved beside me and stands right there. This time I can see his penis throbbing in and out. I just moved my hand to touch his belly area. Surprisingly, it moved little closer, but I stopped without touching. Suddenly, I felt wet in my ear; the dog just licked my ear. It brought me a very happy feeling and felt horny too. He just jumped on my back; I was not sure what it is doing. I am sitting right there, as it walking around and trying to lick my face. I refused few times, but it eventually gets me licking my face, cheek and neck area.

I just put my hands on his belly are and trying to reach his balls, as I became too stimulated by the darkness and loneliness. I reached to his stem of the penis and move my hands gently, he got very excited and jumped on my back. I realized that I should raise my back to him. I came on four-leggy position; He jumped from my back as grabbing my waist and pulling towards him. His penis tip touched my sides of my back thighs here and there all over the place. He got down and licked his penis as it dripping fore come. I moved my hand along his neck. He jumped again and right on the dot, his tip found my entry, he thrust all the way as pain and pleasure came at the same time.

He kept pounding and as I can feel his huge iron rod is swelling in me as I am loosing my virginity and senses altogether. My head is freezing as it pouring his pre-come in to me. It is a beast, I would say. It is so intense and I now shaking my head as I cannot handle the pain. It goes almost a minute, all I can feel is the swollen small table tennis ball sized steel kind of thing started to appear at my entrance. Oh my God..

I cannot handle the pain as it getting steadier and stronger. It keeps pounding too, and later it slowed down. Still the pain is there as I starting to spread my legs to give way to his control on me as comfortable as possible. He stopped humping, stay calm on top of me now. We stayed there over twenty minutes, I just didn’t want him to take it out from me without his completer pleasure, So, I kept holding his legs on top of my shoulder, once in a while, to show my intention. At the end, lot of fluid came out and he pulled out from me. I turned and hugged him. As I hug him he moved his back toward me and I can feel his balls at my elbow.

I stayed there few minutes and started to walk home. Few minutes later, I saw him following me too. I waited and called him by my hand sign. He continued to walk with me to my home. I gave our food and water for the day. I asked my mom if we could keep this new pet with us? Mom talked to my dad and agreed. It is so pleasurable moment in my life. I made bed beside my bed and kept him as my best friend ever. In the first few days we got hooked up every nights and when our parents were out. Then it became irregular; it is not only sex, but the passion and love in between us have strong bond that existed beyond any expectations at all. Unselfish Love conquers everything.