Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Tina was a well known hoodlum at just sixteen years of age she had served three  sentences in youth detention for robbery and beating people up and had only been released from her last sentence the day before and had only just left the house where her boy friend lived and was heading towards the hostel that she was now living at. As she walked down the road Tina was looking at the plans of a local shop that she knew was closed for a week because the owners were away on holiday, Tina planned to break into the shop and take what she could and decided to do it now while it was still dark. After arriving outside the shop Tina saw the signs on the door warning of guard dogs and thought they have not got any guard dogs and went round to the rear of the shop where it was a lot more quieter and less chance of being disturbed and after climbing the fence started to undress knowing that there was less chance of the police getting any fibre evidence if she was naked, unbeknown to Tina Amy who was two years younger than what Tina was and who Tina hated and had beat up because she was a lesbian and was watching Tina from her bedroom window and smiled when Tina took her tee shirt off letting her ample naked boobs fall into few and after a couple of minutes when Tina was naked Amy could believe her eyes and when Tina lifted her leg to climb through the window that she had forced open Amy saw her open love tube and thought what a sight. Tina climbed through the window legs first and as she climbed down onto the floor felt warm air on her legs and she looked and saw the big guard dog she got scared, Tina then saw a second dog appear and froze in fear, Tina recovered a bit and tried to move side ways but tripped over a box and fell to the floor, Tina lay still and felt the hot breath of the one dog on her legs then the hot breath of the other dog on her arm, the breath on her leg moved up and Tina felt it on her love tube then to her horror felt it on her love tube she then felt the dog start to lick her love tube and the other licking her nipples, Tina was to scared to move and when the dog licking her love tube stopped she felt relieved but the relieve did not last when she felt a wet patch rubbing round her love tube and realised it was the dog’s dick and when it pushed inside her love tube Tina cried out ” for fuck sake no” the dog started humping into Tina’s love tube while the other was still licking her nipples which were now getting erect, after being humped by the dog and the other licking her nipples Tina was starting to get aroused and was soon enjoying what the dogs were doing to her and after ten minutes climaxed after being humped by the dog for another five minutes Tina was totally relaxed and enjoying herself the dog humping her stopped and pulled his dick from Tina who had felt it cum, Tina rolled onto her stomach and was on her hands and knees trying to get up when she felt a weight on her back and the dogs dick on her love and was soon being humped again, Tina was moaning and groaning in pleasure then felt a wet match on her face and before she could react felt the dog’s dick push into her mouth and start to hump away, after a few minutes Tina felt the dog humping her mouth shoot it’s cum down her throat which she had no option but to swallow and soon after Tina climaxed at the same time as the dog humping her did, after ten minutes Tina was climbing back out of the shop window thinking I hope I don’t have puppies. Amy was at her bedroom room as the naked Tina stood in the back yard of the shop, Amy watched Tina as she got dressed and at the same time Amy was rubbing her own love tube. The next night Tina was walking the deserted woods her tee shirt in her hand with her ample naked boobs swinging free and her jeans open thinking where have all those fucking stray dogs got to.

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