Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Lina is in bermuda as well as boxer. She is in dinning hall watching t. V with my younger sister Nina. I crossed them walking to balcony and is sitting on chair with a newspaper. After a while Lina walked to me and sit on a chair, looking at me she smiled…… “Garry tonight I will be in your room, so be ready for war.

(Garry laughed) sure my piston will fire in the war zone but if your aunty or sister caught you

(Lina) no way I will wait for Nina to sleep. “And she left me alone..

Its 10:45 pm and I am on my bed with my mobile watching a porn clip and waiting for my cousin Lina to come. My penis is in full erection and while watching porn, I am too hot so I walked to washroom for refreshment and after a while, I came back. I have just pushed the door not locked it and my long wait is over while Lina enter my bedroom. Looking at me she smiled and locked the door, I am sitting on bed while Lina removes her sandle and put her legs on bed. She is in bermuda as well as boxer, now sits on bed and hold me tightly. She is pressing her boobs on my chest while my palms are rubbing her back. Now Lina is on my lap with her legs on my waist. I put my lips on her lips and while kissing it my hand is moving on her back. Lina now took my lips in her mouth and sucked it for a while, later on I took her tongue in my mouth to suck and while sucking it my hand is unhooking her boxer..

Lina is kissing my face as well as neck and pushed me on bed, while I am sleeping on bed Lina is on my top. Her both boobs are eager to come out of brassier as she is kissing me and my hand is rubbing her bum to back. I unhooked her brassier also and she has removed my bermuda to t’shirt. Now I am complete nude while Lina is in bermuda. Looking at me she took out her bermuda and we both are complete nude. Lina moves on my top but her face is in opposite direction, we are in 69 position and her lips started kissing my penis while my face is in between her thighs. Looking above her glittering glory hole is inciting my tongue and I put my fingers to open her vaginal hole, now my 1/2 of tongue is licking her cunt. I can feel my penis in Lina’s mouth, she is sucking it and my tongue is fucking her glory hole. Later on, Lina took out my cock and started licking it with her long tongue. Our oral sex ends after sucking her vagina for 3-4 minutes and she poured the cum in my mouth. We both walked to washroom..

Lina is now on bed and I came near her legs, while sitting in between her thighs, I pushed my long cock in her vagina and started fucking her. She is in pleasure and I came on her top, my penis is roaring inside her deep vagina while she is moving her bum up and down. After 5 minutes of fuck, her cunt become dry. Now Lina is on her knees and I pushed my penis from behind, while holding her waist I am fucking her fastly. Lina is swinging her bum to enhance our pleasure. My penis is moving in her soft as well as smooth vagina and my hot married cousin is moving her round ass, looking at me she screamed……. “Oohhh uujmmm Garry my cunt is too hot pour your cum…. ” And after 10-12 minutes of fuck my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina. Our sexual night ends.

By Yumiko

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