Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I had been working for five days straight in the hot sun, as a lifeguard, and I took my friends shift for the night of Saturday. Saturdays were slow and I could just relax and get paid. I showed up for work in my tight red bathing suit with my white short shorts that barely covered my ass. My fresh 18yearold tits were being mashed into me from the tight bathing suit but still looked nice and big.
A man came in about an hour before closing and i had seen him before. He came to sign in and whispered in my ear how happy he was to see me. I blushed and pushed the sign in sheet toward him. He looked down at it, then around the pool, once he saw no one was there he grabbed my arm.
“Follow me.”
“I said follow me!”
I was scared and my heart started racing, i tried pulling back but he just pulled harder. Sucking in a breath to yell he clamped a hand over my mouth.
“Trust me, baby, your gonna like what daddy has for you.”
I screamed into his hand and tried to get away but he grabbed my shoulders and led me to the break room and locked the door. Taking my towel from the shelf he ripped off a piece and tied it around my mouth. He threw me onto the ground and watched me wiggle under his stare.
“Ah, baby, daddy will make it all better.”
He knelt down by my legs and i tried to kick him but he pinned both legs under him. Using another piece of my towel he tied my hands to the poles behind me and used a knife he had to cut open the top of my bathing suit. My breast poured out of the bathing suit and he grabbed them.
“Oh, my baby has grown up!”
He put my nipple into his mouth and started licking and when i started trying to kick he bit my nipple and i screamed into the towel.
“Behave, slut! Or I will make this hurt!”
He put his face into my breast and started drooling and licking everywhere. I tried to move out from under him and he turned around and tied my legs apart to two different poles. He stood up and gazed down at me. My arms tied above my head with my breasts exposed and the bathing suit cut to my belly button. Then he looked down at my white shorts and saw a little wet spot.
“Hmm, whats that? You Whore! You like it! Nasty fucking Whore!”
Since I was wet he got furious and ripped my shorts off and cut the rest of my bathing suit off. He looked at my clean shaven pussy and slapped it hard. I arched my back in pain and he slapped my tits.
“MmMMM!!” I murmured in pain.
“Oh, if you liked that you will like what I have.”
He pulled his bathing suit down and exposed his 7in. dick and slapped me in the face with it. Then he went and rubbed it in my juices that were flowing out. I hated myself for liking what was happening but it just felt good.
I begged him behind the cloth to not do it, that i was a virgin. But he plunged forward and ripped through me. Holding it for a second as I screamed in pain before he pulled out and pounded back in. I thought I would rip in half with his force. He slapped my face as he plunged inside. Soon he started pumping extremely fast and hard and I could feel myself starting to get really excited.
“Fuck yeah, baby! Oh man your so fucking tight! Yes, yes, yes!!! Oh little slut ima cum all over your face, yeah that’s right bitch, fucking take it!!”
He started pumping harder and even faster and his head fell back and a groan came out of his lips.
“FUCK baby! I’m gonna…….cum…..FUCK!!!”
He pulled out just for his cum to come squirting all over my face and stomach. He was shaking in pleasure. He then looked down at me and started rubbing my clit really fast.
“Yeah, baby, your gonna cum for daddy. Fucking cum for me bitch. I know you liked it. I felt your pussy tighten. Fuck yeah baby.”
I started to shake with pleasure and felt my pussy contract and he plunged three fingers deep into my pussy and I screamed as I squirted onto his chest.
“Yeah baby, I knew you liked it. Fuck yeah. I’ll see you sometime soon baby.”
He got up and smiled down at me, pulling his bathing suit back on. Leaving me laying there, for someone to find me….

(wanna find me? lets create a story together baby. :]

By Nasus