Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

When I was in 5th sem I started going to gym. My gf used to come too. But after 1 month she left due to time incompatibility.

In the gym, I met a girl who was also doing engineering but in different college. We became close in the span of 2 months and we started sexting. Her parents had a jewelry shop. So everyday after lunch her parents used to go to shop. One day, she called me to her home. She was a virgin. She directly took me to her bedroom. She was little tensed. I initiated the kiss and even though it was her first kiss she did it well. While kissing, I was grabbing her huge ass. I removed her shorts and she removed are t shirt by herself and I removed my pant and t shirt too. Then I tried to unhook her bra but it was getting stuck. So, she removed by herself. Damn, those boobs were huge. I pushed her on the bed and I removed my boxers. She saw my dick and said ” wow, that’s kinda cute”. She also asked whether she can touch my dick. I didn’t allow and I fell on her and started kissing her neck and after the foreplay I went to coreplay ie eating pussy. I tried all my known tricks to make her achieve orgasm. She was aroused early and liquid was dripping from her pussy like a slut. I drank all of it. Then finally she experienced orgasm. She asked me whether I’m really a virgin as I had told her that I’m a virgin. Then I asked her to suck my penis and she asked me to lay on bed. She pulled my foreskin back started to take dick inside her mouth. She gave a mind-blowing blowjob. Then she asked me whether I bought condoms. I said as we both are virgins there’s no need of condoms. She said ok and asked me not to cum inside her. I said ok. She said she wanted to ride my dick. She did the same. She inserted dick inside her and slept on me. Her big boobs were pressing against my chest. Then we tried missionary. Her pussy was very tight. While thrusting I was caressing her boobs and pinched her nipples. Then when I was about to cum, I pulled out and ejaculated on her stomach. Then, I went down and ate her pussy and finally after 15 mins she came and experienced orgasm.

She asked me come tomorrow that tomorrow never ended until I sensed that she was getting emotionally attached to me.

She also asked me to cum inside her twice which I did. She said she will borrow and take morning after pills from her friend. I don’t know whether she took or not but she started to tell me that if she gets pregnant then she will tell her parents that I’m her bf….. Something and all she was telling. Later I blocked her and later I got to know that she is dating my former gym trainer.

By Yumiko

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