Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Residents of the small country town were really worried, the weather forecast had stated that there was going to be a very heavy storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightening and winds of over one hundred and eighty miles an hour the strongest ever recorded, residents had boarded up their homes and stocked up on extra supplies but they were still worried for their safety and the safety of the town, some residents left the town and headed into the hills where there were old mines where they took shelter. Some residents took no notice of the weather forecast saying that the forecasters never got it right, sixteen year old Karen a racist hard thug was one of those who ignored the warnings and went to visit her friend who lived just outside of the town, on her way their the rain started to pour down and Karen was soon soaking wet with her clothes sticking to her body she was unaware that her tee shirt had become transparent with the rain and as she had no bra on her boobs were fully visible, when she got to he friends house Karen discovered the house boarded up and nobody in Karen saw the neighbours looking out their window with the ten and twelve year boy waving at her Karen stuck two fingers up at the two Bengali boys not realising that they were looking at her ample boobs, Karen started to walk back home and soon felt the wind getting very strong and decided to cut across the field which was a short cut, as she climbed over the fence the wind blew her off balance as she fell a piece of the wooden fence caught on the flimsy material of her trousers and tore them right up the back the material parted and fell to the ground before Karen cold pick her torn trousers up the wind blew them away, Karen was now wearing nothing but her tee shirt and was grateful that there was nobody about to see her, Karen started walking wondering how she would get in with out being seen, the wind was now very strong and Karen could hardly keep her balance and was being blown off her feet every time she got up she was blown over again, Karen decide to head for the old army base hoping to find shelter and after quite a struggle arrived at the base and found an old underground bunker once inside Karen could not feel the wind but could hear it blowing around the open door, Karen found a discarded lighter and soon had a fire going and took her tee shirt off and hung it up to dry, she sat naked on an old mattress glad there was nobody about to see her, after a few minutes Karen lay down to sleep but before she could sleep she heard a growling and saw a big dog just a few feet from her Karen froze in fear not daring to move and watch the dog edge closer and closer towards her till it was right beside the mattress, the dog started to sniff at Karen’s body she was to scared to move, Karen had always been scared of dogs, when the dog started to lick her boobs Karen just lay still in a very feeble voice she said ” shoo go away ” the dog carried on licking Karen’s boobs then her stomach after awhile Karen felt the dog’s tongue on her love tube Karen wanted to move but was to scared to move, Karen could feel the dogs rough tongue as it licked her love tube and wished it wold stop and go away, the dog moved and Karen let out a sigh of relieve when it stopped licking her love tube but when the dogs paws appeared either side of her face and she felt a wet patch moving around on the top of her leg Karen thought Oh heck after a minute Karen felt the wet patch rubbing her love tube and realising it was the dogs dick found the courage to try and push the dog away but when the dog growled Karen froze again then felt the dogs dick slide into her love tube and the dog start to hump her Karen lay there thinking I am being fucked by a dog the dog humped away and after a minute Karen was starting to find it good and was getting aroused after a few minutes Karen was real horny and enjoying what was happening to her and a minute later she climaxed then a few minutes after that climaxed a second time suddenly the dog got off Karen and wandered away Karen lay way she was and fell asleep when she woke the fire had gone out, Karen could see some overalls hanging on the wall and after putting a pair on went outside and found the wind had stopped and headed home when she got to the town she found a lot of damage her house seemed undamaged, Karen was able to get in but nobody was there, Karen saw her neighbour in his garden feeding his dog, Karen went out her neighbour told Karen that her parents had gone to check on her gran and that he needed to go to his sisters, Karen smiled and offered to look after the dog and twenty minutes later was waving good by to her neighbour as he drove away in his car, after her neighbour had gone Karen took the dog into her house closed the door stripped naked and looked at the dog saying come on you big brute you got some work to do and I need satisfaction then lay on the floor parting her legs as she did, neighbours of Karen’s had known for ages that she had a great fear of dogs and were surprised when she started to look after their dogs, Karen was happy looking after the dogs.

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