Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My name is Martin I’m 52 tall grey haired guy, stocky in build. been married to Val for 35 years. she’s only 4ft10 tall, dyed her hair red, slightly over weight, but had big tits and nice ass. over the years she has been moody, loving, kind and a bitch to live with. we had 2 children who have grown up and left home. she was 8 years younger than me, only 44. my problem was that she had a couple of affairs in the past. 3 in fact. I always forgive her. but I discovered one of them was back on the seen. he was taxi driver and would come and fuck her while I was at work. you could say throw her out, divorce her. end this nonsense. but I wanted more REVENGE. I wanted 2 fuck her up good. and get my own back on him. but for now Val was my target. for weeks I planned it. different ways off doing it. I new a guy who I could trust. I told him I wanted her gangbanged. by at least 5 guys, but they all must be black. they must fuck every hole in her cheating body. even double penetrate her. and one last thing they all must have big thick cocks. holy shit he said you do want revenge. after a few days he replied saying it was all arranged. the plan was 2 get her to go out to a bar and see if see falls into my trap, as one off the guys was going 2 chat her up. for my part we had cameras in a house rented for my deviate deed, so I could watch. getting her2 the bar wasn’t easy. so I said why don’t we go out for a drink, she said ok. at the bar we had a few drinks. she looked beautiful, nice blouse on a pair off black trousers and high heels. as we talked she was getting text messages and would reply. who’s texting I say, just a friend and smile. I new who it was. the plan was I get called away and persuade her to stay in bar. when I took call I said I have 2 go, but you stay, your enjoying yourself. I hardly left room when one off the guys moved in for the catch. she seemed to fall for him, they chatted he bought her more drink and even had long kiss. I arrived at house took my place in room so I could watch. I had to wait about your and half. but door opened and they walked in, she looked tipsy. but began kissing in hall way. they got to living room and he was all over her. her blouse was open and his hands all over her big tits. as he kissed her. then he began undressing her. sucking her tits hard and fingering her pussy, she was moaning, then screaming yes. I was actually turned on watching. he then got between her legs and started 2 eat her pussy. suddenly she screamed, she massive orgasm. she looked like she was in heaven. he then entered her wet pussy, she screamed o fuck it’s to big. but I thought fuck the cheating whore hard. he did he had at least 10 inches off black cock deep inside her. she looked shattered as fucked her hard, I heard her scream omg omg your ripping my hole apart. then plan b arrived, the rest off the guys walked in. she looked shocked, stunned. but the first guy was still fucking her hard. and she could only watch as the rest got naked. they began using her, she pleaded with the first guy not 2 cum inside her. but I heard him scream and full her battered hole. yes cheered the rest. and before she could complain. a cock was put in her mouth and another in her pussy. she was choking on his cock, suck it bitch he said. the second guy was fucking her without mercy, pounding that white hole 2 he cum inside her. he came out and was replaced by guy she was sucking, the one who just fucked her ordered to clean his cock. lick it bitch. they all took turns fucking her mouth and pussy, I even saw one cum in her mouth. she nearly choked on that one. then one was pushing his cock in her ass s, she screamed o fuck not my bum. he was well inside her and began fucking her hard in the ass. sperm was squirting out off her battered pussy as he fucked her ass. by now they using her like a ragged doll. sucking her big tits off her, fucking her mouth, pussy and ass. cum and shit was coming out off her battered ass. they lifted her and one guy sat on settee and lowered her onto his cock, straight in her ass, another opened her legs and pushed his cock in her pussy, holy fuck they were double penetrate her. by now she didn’t care and even shouted fuck me you black bastard’s. they fucked her again. she lay on the ground shattered her body looked sore. that wasted look. everyone fell asleep as did I. I was awoke by moaning and looked on screen and there she was on all fours getting fucked by one of the guys again. she was silent as he fucked her good. she was dressed and went home by taxi. when I got back she was in bath soaking all her pains. I opened door looked at her, you ok. she looked anything but ok. yes I’m ok she replied just tired. I retreated 2 our room. when she came in I was lying on bed naked with hard on. usually she say something, but not today she climbed on my cock and began moving up and down, fucking riding me. I could see she was in pain as she moved up and down. which aroused me more. and turned her over and fucked her hard. to I filled her pussy with my cum. after a few weeks, in which I fucked her more times than I have been aloud by her. she looked shocked and announced she was pregnant. we’re too old for a child she said. no we’re not. I’m 44 she said you’re 52. I kissed her said be things be fine. I kept quiet for four months. observing her, watch her every movement. she was still seeing taxi driver, though I’m sure he knew she was pregnant. by her body change. then one day after we had sex. I made us breakfast and as she was eating toast, I said I hope this baby’s not black or the taxi driver’s. her face dropped, she looked white very white. because if it is your cheating whore feet won’t touch the ground and I throw you out, and divorce you. when I got dressed she was still sitting at table, but crying, sorry she said I’m sorry, I’d be good wife promise. sorry about what I replied, you carrying my child, I then kissed her and said have nice day whore, before leaving for work. yes revenge was mine. now for that fucking taxi driver, but that’s another story.

By Yumiko

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