Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

It was a long day and I needed to blow off some steam, I was extremely happy when I got home and realized I was alone. I went to my room and reached under my bed and found my box with my “toys”, my pussy was getting so wet thinking what I was gonna do to myself. I took off all my clothes laid down on my bed and grabbed my phone, I dialed the number for a chat line that I liked to call when no one was home, see I loved when other people could hear my cum. I quickly found some one that was willing to help me out so i played my role and fucked myself so good and came so hard, i hung up and must have fallen right to sleep, I woke up to this feeling of my dog sniffing and licking my cum on my pussy. I pulled myself back and was freaked out at first, he came a little closer pawing at me and  Whining and since he was sitting I could see the red tip of his cock poking out of his sheef. I looked at the clock and saw I had at least 2 hours till someone would come home, so I laid back down and stuck two fingers inside my again wet pussy and then offered them to him. He gladly licked them and stood up and started to nose my pussy again, this time I opened my legs and let him lick all the way inside me. I came harder then I ever have before, my body shaking I had to push his head away.

I looked down and saw that his cock was poking out a bit more, and I thought to myself I should return the favor so I started to rub his hairy sheef till his cock started to come out more and got much bigger, he stared to hump his big doggy cock in my hand I started to notice so much cum coming out. I bent on all fours and started to suck his cock I never thought I would like the taste but mmmmm it was good. He then put his paw on my hip and with one swoop a turned me around and tried to mount me, I tried to push him down but he was to strong, I felt his cock poking my ass and just couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel. I guided his cock till it found my pussy and he slammed it in me hard, I felt him pump my pussy about 5 times harder and harder with each pump till I felt a pop and then he stopped the knot I saw and felt grow in my hands was in my pussy I instantly came, I could feel his cum jetting inside my pussy and filling me up. I came 3 more times while he was stuck in my pussy harder and harder each time. By this time my legs are shaking, it took 30 minutes for his knot to go down enough to release with a pop I could feel all that doggy cum just pouring out. He licked my face and then went and licked himself clean in the corner. I sat at the end of my bed rubbing my dripping wet sore pussy thinking to myself I couldn’t believe what just happen, and how I couldn’t wait for more.

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