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Hi friends it’s me Vishnu I came with a hot story in this ( Kareena Kapoor is my MOM )

( SHRIYA is my doctor as well as my mom’s friend )

Kareena Kapoor divorces Saif Ali Khan due to him being no longer to earn enough money for her fancy lifestyle and now she is single. Meanwhile Shah Rukh Khan also divorces his wife because he became impotent and she needed someone else. There was an affair too which was going on since 5 years.

So, they met at a party in London and Shah Rukh Khan descended from his Bugatti and entered into the party when Kareena came in her Mercedes and saw Shah Rukh in his car,

With Shah Rukh was his son too and they both met Kareena at the party.

She was wearing a red saree and low cut blouse of matching color.

Kareena in her own seductive ways put marched towards the father-son duo and asked- How’s it going?

Shah Rukh- Great Kareena! How are you? Heard about the divorce- So sorry to hear about it.

Kareena- No Problem Shah Rukh, It is going better actually- We wanted different things in life so it all worked out to be great.

Shah Rukh- By the way, This is my son- ” Vishnu ”

Kareena- Oh! Hello Vishnu How are you? How old are you now?

Vishnu- I’m fine. Thank You. I am 19 now- By the way you are looking ravishing in this dress. I am a great fan of yours and your dance moves.

Kareena- Oh Thank You! By the way you look handsome too just like your father. Oh Shah Rukh- I heard you are also getting divorced…… What happened?

Shah Rukh- Oh nothing! Its just that I married that woman so that she can take care of my little Vishnu but when she refused something Aryan demanded from her, I thought what is the use of her then?!!

Kareena- What did you demand Vishnu, she asked with a naughty seductive smile sneaking behind her lips.

Shah Rukh- That he didn’t tell anyone but he said that it was pretty important……. I was going to give her a diamond necklace worth 10 crore but she did this so……….. ( He shows her the necklace and Kareena’s jaw drops. She composes herself and after a few seconds… )

Kareena- OK! Have fun and disappears..

Vishnu was checking up for Kareena in the whole party with sly eyes right from their corners like Kareena wouldn’t notice that but she did!

She was absent for a while from the party and then, Vishnu sees her again. Their eyes meet.

There Kareena was sitting on a couch when she sees Vishnu alone and calls him to sit beside her-

Vishnu- Kareena What’s up? What do you think of the party?

Kareena- Its good, but I’m a little bored…. Aren’t you?

Vishnu- Ya! A little- Actually, no one is here of my age and whoever is- are with their parents who are trying to showcase them to get them into show business, And my parents are getting divorced and so, they don’t care for me-

Well my father does!

Kareena- So, Looks like your father does anything you ask him to do?

Vishnu- Yes, Basically if I want anything, my father never refuses me- Actually my step-mother, Malaika Arora also came into my life because of me- One day, I was going to my school when I saw her with her daughter, Amrita Arora. I knew her from my father’s parties as he introduced her to me once. She introduced her daughter to me and Amrita smiled at me and said- Ya! I know him, I saw him beside Shah Rukh Sir at a party last Saturday..

Her mother asked her to go to home and asked me to join for a cup of coffee and said that she had something to talk to me.

Malaika- Vishnu! Do you like my daughter? I know how you look at her.

Me- No No No No nothing like that. I’m sure that there is some misunderstanding. Sorry if I sent some wrong signals. OK I am late for my school. See you later

( And as I started to get up, She held my hand and forced me to sit down )

Malaika- Well Vishnu- As you know my daughter is aspiring to be a movie star one day and it would become a reality soon if Shah Rukh backed her but, I know Shah Rukh owes a lot of guys a lot of favours and he doesn’t ever exploit them so, What do you think of my daughter now? You are a smart man Vishnu. Maybe we could both profit from a little help from each other’s side.

Me- Actually I like you more than your daughter and I like your songs too. So, what do you suggest?

Malaika- I like you too Vishnu!! So, you just make your father to marry me and we will all enjoy from that proposal……. If you know what I mean!!

( Vishnu continues to tell Kareena )

Vishnu- Then, Malaika, I mean Mom placed her hand over my thigh and started to graze it slowly. As I was wearing summer uniform for school, She was brushing her soft hands over my bare thighs. Then, after giving it a thought for 5 minutes, I said ” See, Malaika- My father already has a lot of women lined up for him and he is not at all interested in marrying anyone right now.

Then, Malaika takes his hand, places it between her thighs and squeezes it between her legs.

Malaika- See Vishnu, I don’t care if I marry SRK or YOU! Just as long as you can take care of me and my daughter.

Vishnu- Okay Malaika- I can probably convince my father to let me marry you. Because its you- I’m crazy about. But, Amrita- I haven’t even seen her properly.

Malaika- Tell you what Vishnu, If you can convince your father to marry me, you can marry my daughter and, in the night, we both will make your acquaintance. Don’t think too much Vishnu. Just say yes, and you will not regret it.

Then, she opened her legs and freed his sweaty hand squeezed between her thighs. She took her phone out of her bag and after tapping over it for a while, she puts it back, comes closer to Vishnu’s ears and whispers-

Malaika- Me and my daughter had a couple of photoshoots done recently. I have sent you the pics to have a look when you lie in your bed and think about the offer. Also, just remember, we still have all the clothes from these photoshoots!

Then, she gets up, winks at him and leaves. Vishnu opens his phone and his jaw drops! A considerable tent was formed in his pants and as he looks at the pictures, he jumps up and starts chasing Malaika down the street.

He keeps on shouting ” Malaika ” till he almost reaches to her in the middle of the road and as soon as he was just behind her- Malaika turns and says, ” So, you thought already? ”

Vishnu- Yes! I believe I can convince my father to marry you. But, my marriage with Amrita is kind of difficult. You know I am not that big to get married.

And, suddenly, Malaika comes closer to Vishnu till he can almost feel her boobs going up and down with every breath and pulls out her phone from her bag. She looks down at the phone for a split second and then, looks right in his eyes.

She pulls his zipper down, right in the middle of the road and holds his erect penis in her hands.

Malaika ( in a seductive tone )- Vishnu, just imagine your cock inside her asshole while she is screaming, ” Ah Ah Ah Aryan ” and your balls in my mouth while my tongue plays with them.

While doing this, she squeezes his cock with tremendous pressure and shows him pics of Amrita on her phone-

Malaika- And after that, just imagine yourself spraying your cum inside her mouth while she drinks it all. Meanwhile, she was stroking him very hard and as he was about to cum, he started throbbing. She knew it was going to happen and she again goes closer to his ears and says in a seductive whisper-

” And if not her, you can always unload yourself in my mouth- Like this! ”

She bends and takes his cumshot in her mouth. But that’s not it, she collects it in her mouth and squeezes all of it from his cock while jerking him for a couple of minutes in her mouth.

She gets up patiently, while Aryan’s cum still in her mouth- puts her phone back into her pockets and with her one hand, pushes his cock back inside his pants- closes his zip with another and then, takes his hand dragging Vishnu on his feet while he was just dumbstruck doing whatever she wanted him to do in the middle of the street.

After a 15 minute walk, she reaches her home. Malaika rings the bell and Amrita opens up. She was just about to leave for a low level movie shooting and was wearing a skimpy outfit of black top and shorts in a detective theme.

Meanwhile Malaika was holding Vishnu’s cum in her mouth without gulping even a little of it. In front of Amrita, she opens her mouth and shows Vishnu his cum collected in her mouth.

Malaika looks at Vishnu and he gets his indication.

Vishnu- Amrita, if you will play with my cum right now, then, I’ll consider marrying you.

As soon as she heard it, she opens her mouth wide open standing at the front door, bends below Malaika and Malaika slowly drops the cum in her mouth. She stops when about half of it was in Amrita’s mouth and suddenly, Amrita rises and starts kissing Malaika.

After a couple of minutes, they broke the kiss and Malaika opens her mouth- It was empty. While Amrita’s was full of white thick Vishnu’s cum.

She comes closer to Vishnu and puts her lips over him… She opens her mouth and cum flows from her mouth to Aryan’s and he gets startled over this. Instantly, Amrita takes his hands and keeps them on her boobs.

After circulating it for 2-3 minutes in his mouth, she sweeps all the cum from his mouth using her tongue and breaks the kiss.

Amrita again shows him the cum- only this time it was more bubbly and thick. After 30 seconds, of gargling, she drinks the whole in front of him.

Hearing this story, Kareena reached out for a glass of water placed beside her and asked Vishnu- So, just merely thinking about this, makes you get excited huh? ( Looking and smiling at the tent formed in his pants )

Vishnu- Yeah, but as soon as they got married to my father, they didn’t hold their part of the deal and so, I had to break them up with my father. It took me only 2 months to get my dad divorce that stupid b***h.

Plus, I’ve got a girlfriend now and she takes care of me fully. In return, she just wants small gifts that I can easily get from my father.

Kareena- Oh, gifts like?

Vishnu- Like you saw the necklace in my father’s hand when you arrived at the party, right! I’m gonna get that for her before this evening ends.

Kareena- Oh, I see. ( She thinks to herself for a while and meanwhile, Vishnu gets bored and gets up to leave )

Vishnu- Hey Kareena, I think I should get going. It was pleasure to meet you and share a little gossip. ( He winks at her and leaves

After the party ended, Kareena went to the parking garage to leave for her home when she saw Vishnu getting into Shah Rukh’s Bugatti. He was on the phone with someone and was sitting in it talking over the phone.

Kareena waits for him to end the conversation over the phone and when he did, she walks up to him and says-

Kareena- Hey Vishnu, where is Shah Rukh?

Vishnu- Hey there. Oh, my father is going to come afterwards, he handed me over his car to go home. And I was just leaving. By the way, did you change?

( Kareena was in a orange saree and black backless blouse. It was sleeveless and a deep neck in its design )

Kareena- Oh, my previous saree was a little tight. I was feeling a little uncomfortable in that. Hence, I changed to this. By the way, how do I look in this?

Vishnu- Stunning, Kareena!

Kareena- Good! Listen- My car is troubling me and is not getting started, would you please give me a ride to my home? I know it is a big request as it is on totally opposite side from your home, but, please help me here.

Vishnu- Umm… Okay. But, I don’t know any navigational ways around there. Do you wanna drive? It would be better if we don’t get lost. ( He winks )

Kareena- Oh no, you drive. I’ll sit in the front and guide you through the ride. ( Kareena passes a seductive and naughty smile, almost undetectable to Vishnu )

( As Kareena says this, she sits beside him and places her palm over his thighs, saying- Lets go! )

Vishnu- ( Suddenly a current goes through him ) and he closes the door and accelerates.

After about fifteen minutes through the journey, Kareena suddenly breaks the silence, and asks Vishnu- ” Hey Vishnu, Can you look here, its itching a lot and I don’t know what it is ”

She had twisted in her seat, and was looking away from him into her window, while caressing her waist side slowly. Vishnu, stares at it for about 2 minutes with gaping silence and suddenly a loud horn catches his eye on the road.

He brings his right hand closer to it and touches Kareena’s milky waist. At first, he brushes with his fingers and tries to satisfy her itch by scratching with the nails.

Suddenly, Kareena moans, ” Uff ” No Vishnuuu, please don’t use your nails, they will leave a mark there. And, I can’t have an itch mark hindering my shoots.

Vishnu- Then, what should I do? ( While still caressing her waist and occasionally squeezing it slightly )

Kareena- You know, what my husband used to do- He used to roll his tongue over the area where I used to experience an itch and the saliva actually puts down the itch.

Vishnu- Oh! Okay. If that helps.. Sure, I’ll be happy to be of assistance.

Vishnu stops the car on the side and bends towards Kareena’s waist. He comes real close to it and opens his mouth and squeezes his waist between his lips. Kareena lets out a slight ” Ah.. ” Aryan keeps on squeezing while roaming his tongue all over her waist between his lips. He was automatically covering her entire waist side and was swiftly descending downwards.

After about 2 minutes, he reached to the point where her saree was tied. Kareena smiled and said- ” Its okay Vishnu, I. M not having itch there ”

Vishnu stops, starts the car and accelerates again on the road again.

Due to this, Vishnu had formed a large tent in his pants and was adjusting it so that it is not visible to Kareena.

Kareena- What happened Vishnu? ( While giving a naughty smile to him )

Vishnu- Oh, nothing! I guess I am having an itch down there. ( He points to his penis )

Kareena- Oh! Let me take a look. Almost without asking for permission, she shifts herself to face him and slowly while brushing her hand on his thighs, opens his zip and sees a bulge in his underwear.

Kareena with one finger starts touching various areas of his penis starting from base- ” Is this where it itches? ”

Vishnu- No, a little higher.

Kareena moves her finger up his penis over the underwear and with two of her fingers she innocently asks- ” Is this it? ”

Suddenly, Vishnu cock throbs and Kareena looks him in the eye.

Kareena- Lets take a look without the underwear, Vishnu.

She slides her hand inside his briefs and takes out his cock. She examines it for a few minutes in utter amazement of its size and then, says- ” It looks fine on outside Vishnu ”

Vishnu- Actually, it itches inside Kareena. Do you think your husband’s remedy would work?

Kareena- Lets TRY Aryan.

Saying this, she brings her mouth closer to his cock and licks its tip. It throbs again. Kareena looks up from below his wheel and their eyes match. Vishnu says- Please Kareena, it itches a lot inside, and now its even paining.

Kareena puts half of his cock in mouth and while keeping it there, she mumbles- ” Is now better? ”

Vishnu- No. The itching is still there.

Kareena slowly starts swallowing his 9 inch dick and when it was almost fully inside her mouth, she starts gagging. Vishnu keeps his right hand over her head and pushes it with brute force.

Vishnu- Yeah, now its getting better.

Kareena then starts moving up and down his shaft vigorously. Meanwhile, Vishnu says- Kareena, I don’t know where to put my right hand, now that you have blocked all the space. Kareena stops for a moment, takes his cock out of his mouth and utters- ” Oh, I have a job that your right hand can do. The knot of my blouse is troubling me from treating your itch. Can you please open it, for me? ”

Vishnu- Oh, ofcourse.

Vishnu starts grazing her back while she again starts gulping his cock. He slowly reaches out to the know and pulls off one of its loops. The blouse becomes loose and he was able to see her full boobs now. Then, he says- ” Hey Kareena, what are those two things hanging from your chest? I’ve never seen them in your songs ”

Kareena stops again, and looks him in the eye while licking the base of his shaft and replies- ” Oh, sure you have. Wait. ”

Kareena gets up and stares him in the eye while a seductive smile lingers on her lips. She grabs her iPhone ( iPhone X ) from her purse and opens her gallery. There were a lot of pictures in it of her many photoshoots from before.

Kareena- See, they all present in all of my pictures. Its just that they are covered. After she passes her phone to him, she takes out her blouse as well as bra. Now, she was stark nude from above while having her orange saree still tied on her waist and her pallu hanging from her waist itself.

Vishnu- Can I touch them to see exactly what are they?

Kareena- Ofcourse Vishnu. Just squeeze them while you are at it.

She bends again and slowly slides his underwear further, exposing his balls and cupping them in her hand. Vishnu had her sexy pics in his left hand and vigorously squeezing her tits from below. As he looked to his right, he saw her bare back moving as she moved up and down on his cock, his hands cupping those soft, silky melons and he again glanced over her pics over her iPhone.

Suddenly, his cock starts throbbing violently. He left Kareena’s boobs and pushed her head over his cock. Kareena started to gag and he ejaculates ropes and ropes of hot thick cum in her mouth. Kareena sucks his dick for about 2 minutes after he cums in her mouth and then, comes back to her seat.

Vishnu- Oh Kareena, that was so good.

( All the while, he was panting like a dog, Kareena put on her blouse silently and fixed her saree back to exactly as it was before. She was still holding his cum in her mouth )

Vishnu- What are you going to do with that Kareena?

Kareena swiftly picks up a wine glass placed in the Bugatti and puts his thick mouthful cum in it. Vishnu was watching it like a dumbstruck person. She picks up the champagne bottle and pours it in the wine glass. The mixture becomes a white viscous fluid.

Kareena- Well, Vishnu, I was thinking of drinking it with wine but, I would really like to wear that necklace while drinking it.

Vishnu quickly brings it out and hands it over to Kareena. She puts the wine glass down, puts on the necklace and picks the glass again. Then, she slowly starts sipping his cum from the glass.

Vishnu kept seeing as Kareena drank that thick liquid while teasing him as much as possible.

Kareena- Vishnu, is the itch gone?

Vishnu- No Kareena, it went out for a couple of minutes but, its still there.

Kareena- Oh, Vishnu, then, we should go see a doctor or a professional who will be able to help you in this condition.

Vishnu- Oh, what kind of doctor? I don’t want to go see anyone. I am very afraid of needles.

Kareena- Oh, believe me Vishnu. She doesn’t work with needles. She is actually a very good person and have a lot of experience in this sort of conditions. She isn’t a doctor but, she must be able to help you.

As she spoke that, they arrived at a clinic. Shriya is the only one famous sex specialist doctor in the town. Many patients used to come there to solve their problems as well as to enjoy her beauty. She was drop dead gorgeous and super hot. She never hesitated to do any nasty things related to sex problems in men ( touching cock, testicle balls & even some times sucking ). So, at least to enjoy these feelings many people used to visit her.

Kareena and Shriya made an appointment and waited for their turn to arrive, the receptionist upon noticing Kareena and Vishnu, gave a call to Shriya and they were instantly called inside.

( Shriya was wearing a blue saree with deep cleavage and showing ample belly, Vishnu cock instantly rose and Shriya passed a naughty smirk from her lips seeing the sudden bulge in Vishnu’s pants )

Shriya- Hello Kareena, I am a big fan of yours. Maybe later, I can have an autograph..! BTW- What is the problem that led you here?

Kareena- Shriya, this is Vishnu, SRK’s son. He is having uncontrollable itch in his cock and is totally unaware about the sex related things. Can you help him?

Shriya- Yes Mam, but I have a very varied payment structure according to the type of care the patient wants. I am sure Vishnu would like to use the full deluxe package.

Kareena- Ofcourse, money isn’t the matter, right Vishnu?

Vishnu- Yes, yes! He asks about the price of the deluxe package looking at Shriya and adjusting his bulge in pants in front of Shriya as he didn’t know what does this mean and only that it is not appropriate to display an erection so openly in front of a woman.

Shriya- ( While smiling and winking at Vishnu ) For SRK’s son, its 20 million rupees for one month ( 20, 000, 000 ). Also, I just take cash in only one instalment.

Vishnu goes outside and brings inside a briefcase. He opens it and turns it to Shriya- Here are 20 Crore rupees ( 20, 00, 00, 000 ) or 200 million rupees. And, I am giving it to you for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, I will again give 200 million. Just help me out here as happily as you can.

Shriya’s mouth remains open for 5 minutes and after gulping her saliva she says- ” Yes, Vishnu. Ofcourse. You will not regret it ”

Kareena- Good then. Can you start his sex education now Shriya?

Shriya ( while closing the briefcase and putting it inside her big wooden drawer )- Sorry Aryan, but we will start the lessons tomorrow. Today we need to leave this condition overnight so that it reaches to its peak. It is important for you to suffer a little before.

Vishnu- Okay. Then, I’ll come tomorrow. ( And, they both leave )

( The next day )

Vishnu knocks on the door after his appointment time comes, and Shriya calls him inside.

( Vishnu goes inside and a sudden smile appears on Shriya’s face. Shriya was wearing a white churidar suit with a deep neck and very sexy round cut )

Shriya- Hey Vishnu. Come, sit. How are you doing today? How is the itch?

Vishnu- Well, it didn’t occur at all during the night as well as up till now. Just as I entered your chambers, it started violently.

Shriya- Oh, I understand your condition Vishnu but, we will conduct your education properly. It will pain a little in the start but, in some days, we will move on to advanced chapters and then, you will also enjoy the lessons.

Vishnu- Okay. If you say so. So, what should we do now?

Shriya- Our first lesson is on ” Kissing ” So, Come closer to me and kiss me.

( Vishnu like a robot, comes closer to Shriya’s chair while Shriya was passing a slight smile and gives a light peck on her cheek )

Shriya- Oh, Vishnu. That was not what I meant. Its okay, we are here to teach you only. Now, kiss me on my lips and when you put your lips on mine, first try to feel my lips with your tongue and then, force your tongue in my mouth, I will try to resist your tongue as most girls will do in your life but, you keep pushing it and when you enter, play with my tongue.

( Vishnu again comes closer and keeps his lips on her wet juicy lips. He brings out his tongue and brushes it on her lips. They were super soft. Then, as he forced his tongue in her mouth, Shriya clenched her lips tight. Vishnu again tried to enter, but, his tongue was unable to do that.

So, he took his right hand and kept it on the back of her neck and forced his tongue deep inside her mouth while pushing her head from back )

Then, he keeps his left hand on her left breast and starts massaging it over the suit itself.

After 5 minutes, Vishnu breaks the kiss and starts kissing on her neck. Shriya closes her eyes and with her left hand, guides his head while Aryan explores her full chest with his tongue. He was kissing it, biting it, licking it and sucking it with his mouth.

Meanwhile, Shriya’s right hand was caressing his full blown dick over his jeans and teasing him as much as possible. And Vishnu with his both hands were on Shriya’s back forcing her chest in her mouth.

As he kept licking, he reached the neckline of her white suit, in a sudden moment, Vishnu took both his hands from her behind, inserted his fingers in her suit and looked up to Shriya and said- Can I tear it down?

Shriya- After recovering from this episode, No Vishnu, the lesson is just kissing. We will progress in stages.

Then, Vishnu stuck his tongue out, inserted it in her cleavage inside the suit, and starts licking it.

He again brings himself above and starts kissing Shriya again. Meanwhile, Shriya had opened his zip and took his cock out.

She starts jerking him violently. As she starts doing that, Vishnu loses what he was doing and starts falling back in the chair to enjoy the handjob Shriya was giving.

Vishnu ( in desperate voice )- I thought this lesson was about Kissing?

Shriya- It is a lesson for you. I can do whatever I want.

While jerking his cock at an immense speed, she opens his shirt’s buttons to expose his bare chest. Vishnu’s head was resting on her shoulders as he wasn’t able to do anything after he felt Shriya’s soft hands on his cock and then, with her soft fingers, she was giving the best handjob ever.

Suddenly, she pulls him front him her left hand towards her and hugs him tightly, so tightly that her boobs and chest crushes on his bare chest, his lips touching her bare neck and his hands hugging her from behind. Then, she whispers in his ears-

” Oh, come on Vishnu, give it to me, just let it go. Ah, Ah, Ah, Vishnu, Vishnu! Your dick is so big and it feels so good in my hands. Come on Vishnu, now cum, cum for me, cum na please. Cum on my countdown- 5, 4, 3, 2,…….. She gives a long pause and,

Vishnu lets out ropes and ropes of thick cum on Shriya’s fingers while screaming, ” Oh, Shriya, Oh, Shriya. Take it, Take my cum, I’m cumming ” and she says- ” ONE “

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