Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Back then, when I was studying engineering. I used to go to tuitions from first sem itself. One girl used to come and her name is Meera (name changed). She was dark in complexion but she was very beautiful. We became close in 2nd sem. I fucked her 3 times!!

I also had a gf from 12th grade. Everyone was going well. She wanted to get physical on our wedding night.

Coming to Meera, she was basically a nympho because her Instagram captions was double meaning which was related to sex and she was very open about sex.

I was in 4th sem and our lab externals got over and I was texting Meera and sex topic came in the middle and we both really became horny. She admitted that she lost her virginity to her ex bf. She told me that her ex bf was worried about STD and pregnancy and used condoms. She also told me that she wanted to try raw sex before her wedding but not with her BF. I sensed something’s gonna happen and started to talk more about sex. 2 Days later she texted me out the blue “my parents have gone to village to attend a marriage, can you come over and teach me Mathematics 4.”

Only 7 days was remaining for the main exam but I knew this chance would never come again and I agreed for that.

The next day I told my parents that I’m going for group study and I’ll stay at my friend’s home itself.

So, that day at 7pm I left my home and reached her home at 7:20. Meera gave me noodles and she started asking doubts. I thought this is why she called me for.

So after teaching her some problems she asked me whether I’m sleepy as the time was around 9:30. I said I usually sleep around 3. Then she asked me whether I need milk. I said no. Then she kept on repeating ‘then’, ‘then’…

I didn’t know what to do and asked her where is my room. She said she will clean my room and later she will show the room. She went to clean my room. At that time, I just thought for what did I come here?!

Then the time comes!!

She came out completely naked and that made me blank. I didn’t know what to do as this was my first time. She came near me and asked me “how am I looking?”. I asked her to kiss me. Then she kissed on my lips and that was the best kiss ever. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and it was inside her mouth for more than 2 mins and we kissed like anything.

Then, she asked me to remove my pant and shirt. I did the same and while I was removing my underwear she said she will do that for me and she took me to her bedroom where she had already put 2 big towels on her bed.

I slept on her bed and slowly she removed my underwear and my dick was not completely erected as I was little tensed up as this was my first time.

Then she spat on my dick head and pushed my foreskin down. She started to give blowjob and was playing with my balls. Within 10 secs my dick was completely erected. I was about to come but I was asking her to stop for few secs and was able to control as I had practiced kegel exercise because I was reading a lot of things about sex. Then she sucked my dick and balls for 8-10 mins. Then I made her to lie on the bed and kissed her lips and then spat on her neck and licked and kissed her neck for 2 mins. Now her boobs was damn good. I caressed, licked and sucked her boobs, nipples and areola for 4-5 mins. Then, I kissed and licked her stomach. I didn’t go directly to her pussy but I went to her inner thighs and her under knee and kissed there. Then I came to her pussy. Damn… The scent was very good. I didn’t go to clitoris but I teased other areas like perineum, labia, clitoral hood. I kissed, spat, licked, sucked all the areas other than clitoris and she was enjoying that like anything. I gave her head for more than 30 mins. I had read many books on how to eat pussy. Liquid was dropping from her vagina and I was licking all those. Finally, after 35 mins she got orgasm. Then she gave me handjob for few mins and her parents called her to ask if she was studying. She spoke to her parents for 5 mins and gave me handjob for another few mins.

She asked me about the position and I wanted to try missionary and also asked whether she’s fine with unprotected sex. She said “fuck me like I’m your wife”.

Then she laid and I asked her to guide my dick inside her. She did the same. It was very tight. As even I tried to push and even she was helping finally my dick my inside her and this feeling was completely different. More pleasure than masturbation. After few thrusts it was even good. I fucked her in that position for around 2 mins and I was about to cum but I pulled out and tried my kegel method. I asked her to sit in doggy position and she did the same. Now I could see her asshole. I spat on her asshole and tried to insert my thumb finger inside her asshole. Then I tried I tried to insert my penis inside her pussy and now it was still more tight. But I managed to penetrate and the pleasure is unexplainable. Within 40 secs I could not control and I came inside her. That orgasm was something which I never had in my life. I moaned like anything. She understood but she didn’t say anything. She said “it happens, don’t worry. I’ll take morning after pill”. Now when I took my penis out my cum started to drip. I never expected so much semen.

She went to clean her pussy and I just thought of taking some rest but I slept off.

Later when I woke up she was biting my nipples. The way she was biting was painful. But I didn’t tell her and with another hand she was stroking my cock. Then I asked her to go for 69. She did the same. Licking pussy in this view is very good. Now after exploring other areas other than clit and later I sucked and licked her clit for which she started moaning while having my dick inside her mouth.

Now she stood and slowly took my penis inside her and started to ride. She was enjoying as it was stimulating her clit. My dick was deep inside and the pleasure is really unexplainable. After 3 mins I told her that I was about to cum. She took my dick out and started to stroke and finally my cum got into her eyes. She smiled squeezed my penis and licked my cum. Then she went and took bath and I went to another bathroom and took bath. She was still taking while I came out and I was really tired and slept off.

I woke up at 7:30 am and she was sleeping naked beside me. I could not control and started tease her pussy, inserted 1 finger inside her pussy. She woke up. She said she wanted to have sex in bathroom.

She gave me milk and we drank while being naked.

She took me to her parents bathroom where there was a bathtub. She filled little water and sat inside and asked me to give her head. I did the same for 15 mins. It was somewhat uncomfortable in the bathtub so we went back to her room and I told her that I want to try prone bone. She laid on her stomach and I slowly inserted my dick inside from her back. After 5 thrusts I used to go deep and fall on her and I used to repeat this for another 5 times. After 5 mins I was about to come and I pulled out and came on her ass. After this my mom was calling me so I had to leave.

This was my first and best sex experience. She’s my lucky sex partner because after sleeping with her I slept with many other girls.

By Yumiko

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