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They say there is a line where truth and fantasy crosses, and this story sparked from a true story (The Julie Journals – When the planets align) and is a pure ‘I wonder if’. The characters are the same and it is a ‘continuation’ and a couple of the incidents may have been drawn from real life but this DOES NOT form part of the Julie Journals and is no way true (well at least I don’t think so.)


I sat in the kitchen working at my laptop, completely engrossed in my work, when I heard my husband JJ enter the room.

“Will that bloody dog never shut up?” he said angrily, nodding toward the house next door.

I glanced up and saw him standing in the doorway, clad only in the plush, white towel wrapped around his waist. His dark curly hair was still damp from his shower and he stood there with a frown on his face that actually made him look cute to me.

“Awww baby,” I pouted, putting on my best bimbo voice and expression, “does that mean we can’t get a doggy woggy?” While outwardly I was being playful, inside my tummy was churning, as I knew that those plaintive howling sounds were from Hector, our next-door neighbour’s Great Dane, who had spent a whole week fucking my brains out last month. I looked round the kitchen and shivered with pleasure as I recalled how he had taken me hard on the kitchen floor not far from where I was currently sitting. I could feel myself flush I as I remembered orgasming on his cock as he pounded me relentlessly. JJ knew my lust indicators, but thankfully he could not read my mind, as he assumed my amorous feelings were due to him. He casually dropped his towel, allowing his semi-hard cock to spring free, and smiled at me as he flexed his muscles making it twitch like it was waving to me.

Switching to a Mae West voice, I drawled, “is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”

JJ smiled in a way that melted the hearts, and no doubt opened the legs of the many women that had come before, and had the same effect on me. It was a smile that made his eyes twinkle with a promise of devilment, excitement and pure fun, all wrapped up in a bundle of lust. He stepped next to me and without thinking I just opened my mouth and started to suck deeply on his cock, bringing it to its full, glorious hardness. With one hand working his foreskin back and forward over his throbbing member I moved my head faster, sucking him deeper. Once JJ gets an idea into his head there is little in this world that will deter him so I knew I was about to get fucked, the only question was where.

JJ was about to provide that answer as he went to swipe the table clear so he could bend me over it as we had done many times before, but I broke from my sucking and squealed, “MY LAPTOP!” Luckily he stopped himself before sending the computer flying and pulling me to my feet he laughed in his devilish way and spoke with his faint Irish brogue, “then it’s on the floor with you wench where I will ravish you.”

Pulling my sundress over my head and unclasping my bra, I stood naked before him, as I rarely wear panties at home, allowing him to feast on my body. I saw his cock twitch with lust and I turned and got on all fours as he knelt behind me. Taking his cock in one hand and placing his other hand on my pussy, he said in a heavily lust laden voice, “you are a very wet girl, aren’t you?” before curling a finger into my pussy.

I let out a long moan when I realized I was kneeling in the same spot as where Hector entered me last month. While JJ was happily under the impression that his naked body and thick cock were the source of my excitement, the truth of the matter was that I was recalling the feeling of fucking the neighbour’s dog, a sensation I hadn’t experienced for over 20 years. I felt JJ’s thick cock push into my willing body and trying to get all thoughts of dog cock from my head I rocked back against him. As I felt his strong hands grip my hips, and his hairy balls on my ass, I knew that it was pointless to try and forget how Hector felt inside me, so I gave into the sordid thoughts that were running through my brain as I fucked myself back on my husband’s cock.

Within minutes I was climaxing on JJ’s cock screaming out words of filth that often accompanied my more lusty fucks, and JJ responded in kind driving himself harder and faster into my open pussy. I felt him grunt and slam out of control filling me with his cum, before slowing and eventually stopping. He leaded over and panted into my ear, “WOW! You were pretty worked up, weren’t you?”

Deciding that discretion was still the better part of valour, I replied throatily, “You turn me on so much, baby.”

A few hours later, after both of us showered to wash away the earlier impromptu sex session, I was towelling my hair dry as JJ sat on the bed watching me. I knew that he loved to watch me naked as I dried my hair, as he often told me he got as much of a kick from watching me dress, as he did watching me strip.

“What time do you recon you will be back?” I asked him, my tits jiggling as I vigorously rubbed the towel on my scalp.

“Not sure,” JJ replied, as he shrugged on a soft leather bomber jacket, “but should be before pumpkin time”

I knew ‘pumpkin time’ meant midnight, so I laughed as said, “You’d better bring an extra shoe then, Cinderella, because you’re always late coming back from pub on darts night.” I leaned forward and ‘dropped’ myself into my bra, the term JJ coined for my action of putting the shoulder straps on then leaning forward to pull it over my boobs before fastening it, and said “I’ll go have a word with Lucy about her dog Harry, or what ever it’s called, “then stepped into matching black panties. I wiggled my ass at him with a smile, before pulling on a pair of harem pants and a light camisole top. Sliding my feet into a pair of open toed flat sandals, I pecked him on the nose, and then giggled as he slapped my ass playfully on his way out of the door.

I strolled down our garden to the gap in the hedge where I could cross into Lucy & Richard’s garden, a gap that evidently had been there for years as previous occupants of both houses were great friends. ‘Probably wife swappers,’ I thought to myself with a giggle, trying to work out a plan to lure Hector away from Lucy for a few days so I could enjoy his wonderful cock again.

As I approached their back door, I could hear noises coming from round the corner on their patio. I stepped around the corner of the house, and was about announce my arrival, when I stopped dead in my tracks. There was my lovely, innocent, petite, redheaded neighbour on all fours getting thoroughly fucked by Hector. I was behind them, so neither noticed me, but I had a clear view of Hector’s large red cock slamming in and out of Lucy’s pink pussy, making her moan and pant with pleasure. I quickly opened my camera phone and clicked record, and captured Hector’s heavy balls swinging as his knot was about to vanish into Lucy.

“Oh yes! Fuck me Hector!” Lucy panted and moaned, and Hector duly obliged by driving his knot into his willing bitch who pushed back eagerly to meet his thrusts.

Still recording with one hand, my other slipped into my panties, and I started to rub myself as I watched the erotic scene before me. Though Lucy’s face couldn’t be seen, it was quiet clear that it was her under Hector, as her red hair thrashed about and her cries of orgasm were very clear.

Lucy dropped her head to her arms and moaned incomprehensibly, as Hector’s knot throbbed and pulsed inside her. I stepped back around the corner of the house and reluctantly pulled my hand from my panties deciding I could diddle properly when I got home. It was at that moment that Hector’s knot had subsided enough to pull out of Lucy with an audible plop, and she groaned as their combined cum splashed from her pussy onto the patio.

An hour later, after watching the video a dozen times at home and getting off about the same number of times, I picked up the phone and dialed Lucy’s number.

“Hey Lucy, its Julie, can we have a chat about Hector, I meant to mention something to you when I looked after him last month, but it slipped my mind.”

“Pop round now if you want,” Lucy replied, “Have been doing nothing all day apart from sunbathing.”

Crossing back through the gap in the hedge that separated our houses, I rang Lucy’s doorbell and she smiled and hugged me, as I stepped into her hall way, “Wow you look absolutely radiant,” I said emphatically, “did Richard pop home for a quickie at lunch time?”

Lucy didn’t blush or bat an eyelid and simply smiled back and said, “must be that all this nice weather that is making me feel good.”

We walked out onto the very same patio where I had caught her and Hector fucking a few hours earlier and I couldn’t help but scan for any signs of wetness. Hector spotted me and came straight over to lick my hand, and then pushed his nose into my crotch and sniffed deeply.

“Oh my I am so sorry,” Lucy stammered as she pulled him away, “he gets like this some times.”

“Well that’s exactly what I wanted to talk to you about,” I said smiling as I sat on the patio chair, “he did seem very excitable at times when he was with me last month, like he was expecting something, but I wasn’t sure what.”

“Yes,” said Lucy, “ever since we got back from holiday, when you were so kind to sit for him, he has been very… excitable.” I stared intently at Lucy who looked down before she said in a quiet voice, “and very friendly.”

“You mean like this?” I said as I placed the camera phone down and pressed play and the sounds of Lucy and Hector fucking filled the air, while Lucy watched open-mouthed.

“Please Julie,” Lucy said with almost tears in her eyes, “promise me nobody else will see this.  It all started a few weeks ago. At first I thought Hector was just pleased to see me, as we had been away so long, but then it happened.”

I raised an eyebrow and queried, “what happened?” fully aware of what, but deeply curious as to how.

“I was loading the washing machine in the kitchen when Hector jumped on my back. You know how powerful he is, well, he knocked me on the floor, and I couldn’t get up, then he started to move.”

“Move?” I asked, still playing dumb, “what do you mean by move?”

Lucy blushed before she went on, “His hips… as his cock started to appear… and when I tried to push him away… I felt it… and it was so big and …” Lucy’s voice trailed off, still looking at the floor.

“You couldn’t resist pulling your knickers to one side and letting him fuck you, could you?” I said, watching Lucy for a reaction.

“No,” Lucy admitted, “and since then I can’t resist him. As soon as Richard leaves for work in the morning, Hector is on me, and I let him take me wherever I am.”

“Like here on the patio?” I said smiling at her.

I turned and whistled softly and Hector came to my side, bounding over from where he had been sitting after being admonished earlier. His cock was already starting to show as he could smell both his bitches, and was hoping that he would get to breed one or both of them soon. Turning back to Lucy I smiled deeply at her as I said, “Well I think I might have to take the blame for all this Lucy, you see it was me, I think that I got him started on fucking.” Lucy stared at me as I went on, “so looks like we both have a secret to keep, so if you don’t mind.”

With that I stood and stripped quickly as Lucy watched stunned into silence, but I could see the lust in her eyes as she feasted on my body. Dropping to all fours, I patted my ass and softly called, “Come on boy, Hector mount.”

Hector knew what was expected of him and now fully erect rose up slightly and started to thrust at my pussy. Lucy leapt to her feet and said, “look at me the poor host, here, let me help,” and with that guided his cock into my waiting hole.

As Hector slammed home I groaned, “fuck that feel good,” and pushed back to meet his thrusts.

Lucy stood and quickly shed her clothes and while Hector fucked me she started to explore my clit and nipples, gently stroking them before gripping each one of them between finger and thumb and tweaking slightly. From the way she moved she clearly knew her way around another woman’s body, and her touches were driving me crazy. Suddenly, with a loud yelp, I started to cum feeling myself climax as Hector forced his knot deeper into me. The gripping action must have sent Hector over the top too, as I felt his hot jets of cum spurt deep into my pussy, filling me with his seed. Lucy bent and kissed me deeply on the mouth as I panted into hers, still revelling in post orgasmic bliss.

Eventually Hector pulled away from me, and Lucy quickly rolled me onto my back. “Have just cleaned this damned patio, so don’t want more dog cum on it,” she laughed, as she parted my legs. I felt her tongue delve deeply into my pussy, seeking out every drop of Hector’s cum. Her hands gripped my ass cheeks lifting me off the patio so she could bury her head deeper into my dripping vagina.

Lifting my head, I could see that Hector had recovered and was clearly excited about the smell and sounds his two bitches were making. As I watched, he mounted Lucy, and after a few thrusts I knew he had found his mark, as Lucy grunted into my pussy as he drove himself home inside her for the second time that day. Lucy had trouble concentrating on licking me, as the power of Hector’s thrusts drove her face into my pussy and then back, as she pulled her head away.

I could feel my orgasm building from the rubbing and gripping her hair I pulled her tightly to my crotch as I arched up to her hungry mouth. My juices flushed out the last remaining drops of Hector’s cum, which she swallowed eagerly. I could tell by the way that she was moaning into my pussy that it was her turn to be filled, as Hector stood looking proudly at me while he filled his bitch full of his cum.

“Good boy Hector,” I said happily, “looks like I will get a nice snack now as well.”

Hector just looked at me with a satisfied grin, and as if he could read my mind, rather than move away this time after he had pulled out of Lucy, he bent his head and started to lick at her pussy.  This sent her back into the heights of orgasm and I couldn’t help but laugh as every so often Hector would lift his head and look at me knowingly before returning to licking and cleaning his Mistress.

Hector eventually retired back to his basket and I wiggled until Lucy was in my arms. Kissing her softly, I whispered, “looks like that gap in the hedge is going to get pretty worn out this summer.”

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