Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

My name is Jane, I’m in my late thirties now. The story I’m about to relate to you is true, happening when I was sixteen years old. I am an only child, my parents told me, “They didn’t want to mess with perfection by having more children.”

I had just come home from school. Dad and Mom were still at work, they wouldn’t be home until six. I was trusted at home alone after school, but I had to make sure every door and window was locked. Today was late gym class, I was sweaty and wanted to take a quick shower before doing my homework. But first I had to let Toby, our black lab, out, he had been cooped up since I left for school. He ran out into the back yard and pissed on his favorite tree. Then he comes loping back, wanting to get back into the house. I let him in, then I went to my room.

Being the silly girl I am, I put on some music and performed a strip for myself. I had a full-length mirror and watched myself take my clothes off. I had watched movies of female strippers, and I emulated them. The music ended about the time my last article of clothing hit the floor. I stood there and admired my reflection. I was developing nice breasts, I was already in a “B” cup bra. My waist was defined, my hips were widening. No wonder all the boys wanted to date me, I was hot. Being blonde, my pussy hairs were blond also. I could see the definition of my slit, my clit was safely hidden. I also know about masturbation and how to get an orgasm. I usually played with myself every night, dreaming of some male actor or rock star. I’m still a virgin, and I wanted to remain that way until marriage.

I had just finished my shower and was wiping down my body when I heard sirens, and they were close. They got louder and louder, they sounded like they were on my block. My shades were drawn, and I couldn’t see outside. I went to the window and peeked out, I saw the fire engines but couldn’t see anything else. I dropped down to my hands and knees and lifted the bottom of the shade. Now I could see the firemen dragging out hoses, there was smoke coming from the neighbor’s house across the street.

I was watching for maybe five minutes when Toby came into my bedroom. Seeing me on my hands and knees, Toby must have been enticed to come up behind me, and his long tongue licked my pussy. I jumped and rolled onto my butt.

“Toby, get out of my room,” I screamed at him.

He paid no attention to me. He stuck his nose between my legs and licked me again. This time his tongue licked me from my butt hole and over my clit. Now I don’t know if you know, but a dog’s tongue is very strong, it slipped inside my slit, across my virgin opening. It really felt good and I wanted him to do it again. I spread my legs, Toby didn’t need a second invitation, I let him lick all he wanted. It took a couple minutes before I had an orgasm. My orgasm was like I never had before. It felt so good, maybe because it was so taboo. I pushed Toby’s head away, and he ran out of my bedroom.

I went back to looking out through the window under the shade, watching the firemen work. I was on my hands and knees again, thinking that Toby was back downstairs. The next thing I felt was my head being rammed into the window sill. I felt this hairy body on my back. Toby was on top of me, his front feet on my thighs, holding me tight. He was heavy, and I couldn’t get up. When I tried, he growled.

Now I knew I was in trouble, Toby must have thought I was a female dog and he was going to breed me. I struggled to get away, I twisted sideways, that was no help. I tried to lay down on my belly, that didn’t work either, his paws held me up. All the time Toby was growling, then he snapped his jaws like he would bite me. I stopped struggling, there was nothing I could do now.

Toby started humping me like I saw him do to my Mom one time when she was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. I was only eight, but I remember Daddy laughing so hard. She couldn’t get Toby off her either. Mom was fully dressed, and Toby finally jumped off her. My Mom’s face was all red.

Dad said, “Next time he mounts you, you won’t be dressed.”

Mom threw the mop rag at Dad. “Shut up, your daughter is right here.”

But I was nude, and I felt his prick bumping against my butt and the back of my thighs. I tried again to get away. I must have made a mistake because I felt the tip of Toby’s dick go inside me a little bit. I started to cry, I was going to lose my virginity to a damn dog.

Toby’s dick pulled out of me when he pulled back. Again he humped forward, his dick sliding on my clit, I felt sensations I had never felt before. His dick was hot and wet, and he kept humping me, only harder. It was starting to feel good, so I let Toby continue. He didn’t do this long though. Toby jumped off of me, licked my pussy and jumped back on. He started to hump me again, his dick trying to find my vagina. I twisted my hips back and forth, trying to keep that from happening. Toby’s dick was bumping me harder and harder. I don’t know what happened, but Toby’s dick somehow lined up with my vagina, and his cock slipped inside of me. He rammed forward,and I felt a sharp pain when my hymen ripped. Then I only felt the heat of Toby’s cock thrusting inside me.

Toby was humping me hard now. He was inside me all the way, I was being fucked for my first time by a dog. Toby stopped humping me, I could feel his cock expanding inside me. He was swelling up, his dick felt good. It was so hot, it felt hot like a curling iron. Toby pushed more of his cock into me. Toby’s paws were tight against my thighs when he pushed his cock deeper into me. I felt the bump on his cock slip inside my pussy. Little did I know that his knot was inside me and it would swell into a huge ball.

I soon found out how big that knot would swell. My pussy was full of Toby’s cock and knot. A few seconds later he was fully swollen, and he was pumping a liquid inside me. I was sure he was coming, he was pumping me full of his doggy sperm. I knew that I couldn’t get pregnant from a dog fucking me. His hot semen was coating the insides of my vagina. I liked that feeling.

He relaxed, his weight resting on my back. Toby stayed this way for a few minutes before he tried to get off of me. There was no way he could pull his cock out of me. I had heard of a dog doing this when he bred another dog. Now it had happened to me. Every time Toby pulled, I had these crazy sensations, and I would have another orgasm. I was resigned to the fact that I would be found by my Mom, knotted with Toby.

Toby was getting anxious, he wanted to get off of me. He jumped up, his front legs were now along the side of me. His one back leg was up off the floor, but his cock was stuck fast in my pussy. I looked back and saw both of us in the mirror. I saw his pinkish red shaft buried inside of me. I cried, thinking about what I would say to my Mom and Dad when they found me. They would think I was fucking Toby and that was not true. Toby had basically raped me by growling and snapping his teeth.

Toby turned, his butt was now against my butt, but he was still locked tight in my pussy. His tail was over my back and I could feel his balls against my ass. He pulled, and I slid on the floor. He started walking towards my bedroom door, dragging me behind him. His cock firmly locked in my pussy. I was moaning because his knot felt so good inside me. He jerked hard, and the sensations gave me another orgasm. He continued jerking, my boobs were flopping he was jerking that hard. I kept having orgasms, some almost made me scream, they felt so good. Then Toby stopped pulling, he stood still, but I could feel his sperm still being pumped into me. We stayed this way for maybe thirty minutes.

My pussy was so full of his doggy sperm, it was starting to leak out. That’s when Toby pulled hard again, and his knot and cock pulled out of my pussy. There was a gush of liquid, it splashed when it hit my wood floor and puddled under me. My pussy felt empty now. When his cock was out, so was the heat from it, my pussy felt cold inside.

I held my pussy closed and ran to the bathroom. I dribbled dog sperm all the way until I sat on the toilet. I pushed, and another gush of Toby’s sperm and cum spilled from my pussy into the toilet. I kept pushing until it was all out of me. I wiped with toilet paper, my pussy lips were still wet. I kept wiping until my pussy was dry. I took a big ball of toilet paper and cleaned up the floor. Toby had licked up most of it, so I was mostly cleaning up his slobber. I went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet paper down the drain.

When I went back into my bedroom, Toby was lying on the floor, licking his cock. It was huge, thick like a big pointy red pickle and about five inches long before his knot. His knot was still quite big, I couldn’t believe that my pussy let that slip out. Toby kept licking his cock, and I kept watching. Soon his knot disappeared, and his cock slid back into his hairy sheath. No one would know that I had just been fucked by a dog.

I dressed in shorts and a top. I peeked out the window again, the fire was out, and the firemen were putting away their hoses and equipment. This time Toby could only smell my pussy, it was totally covered. He sniffed, turned around, and walked out and downstairs. When I went downstairs, he was lying in his dog bed in my parent’s room.

Mom and Dad came home at their usual time. I had already started supper. Dad would do the grilling as soon as he opened his evening beer. Everyone acted normal, including me. After supper, the evening was spent watching TV and reading. About nine, I decided to go to bed. I said my good nights and gave kisses and hugs. I thought that Toby may follow me up the stairs, but he didn’t. He was sitting by my Mom and didn’t even open an eye. Upstairs, I got ready for bed and climbed between my sheets. I was tired, and it wasn’t long, and I was asleep.

Toby didn’t bother me for the rest of the week. He didn’t even sniff my crotch or butt. He bothered my Mom though. He was poking his nose pretty hard into her crotch every chance he got. She kept shushing him away until he finally went to his bed and laid down. I saw Daddy watching her. Every time Toby poked his nose into Mom’s business, he smiled. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it.

Dad is the regional manager for an agri-equipment manufacturer. Dad would have to travel for his job and usually would be gone for a week or sometimes more. Next week he would be out of town and would be flying back on Saturday. Dad left while I was at school and Mom was at work. When I got home from school, Toby was already in my bedroom waiting for me.

“Get put out of here. mutt,” I yelled at him. Toby just wagged his tail and sat up. “Go, get out.”

Toby stood up and walked towards me. He stuck his nose under my dress and shoved his snout into my crotch. His nose was cold when it touched me. I pushed his head away and undressed, taking off my school uniform. This would be my last year that I had to wear it. Next year I would be going to the public high school. “Yeah!”

As soon as I was standing there in my panties, Toby came over and pushed his nose back into my crotch. “Get away… Go,” I yelled at him. That didn’t help the situation at all, maybe it made things worse because he started to growl again like last time. Was my fucking dog going to rape me again?

Toby insisted on pushing his nose into my crotch. He was pushing very hard against my clit. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling sensations in my pussy. I pulled my panty crotch aside so Toby could lick my slit. Toby’s long tongue was at the ready, and he started licking. The licking lasted only a minute or two before I was feeling horny. I stuck my thumbs in my panties and lowered them down. Doing so I leaned over, and Toby licked my pussy from behind. His wet tongue went right in my slit and licked my clit. It felt so good. Toby kept licking me, and I let him.

I was standing bent over, leaning on my hands on the top of my mattress. Toby gave one last lick and then he mounted me. My pussy was too high, and Toby couldn’t reach me as he humped. Somewhere in my mind, a switch went on, and I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. Toby immediately mounted me and grasped my waist, his paws pushing back on my thighs, locking him and me together. I could feel his pointed cock trying to find my hole so he could fuck me. This time I didn’t move to stop him, I wanted Toby to fuck me. He kept trying, and his cock kept bumping me. I reached back to guide his cock into my pussy, but he did it by himself.

As soon as his cock touched my wet opening, he rammed his hips forward, sinking his hot red cock inside me. I rocked forward so he wouldn’t go deep in me. I wanted him to work his way in at a slower pace. Toby kept humping me, he only had a couple of inches in. I used my hand stop him. That is when I noticed that his knot had grown. It was so big that my hand stopped it. I let go of Toby’s cock and he pushed the rest of his cock in me, except his knot was too big to enter. Toby kept trying to ram his knot into my pussy. Trying as hard as he could, it never happened. I reached back to feel how big the knot had grown, it was very big. I wondered how my poor vagina could hold that inside me.

The next time Toby pushed, I held his knot tight so he couldn’t pull back. He must have thought that his knot was in because a flood of liquid gushed into me. Toby kept pumping his sperm into me for the longest time. After a few minutes, he tried to jump off me. I let go of his cock, and he pulled it out. There was a sucking noise coming from my pussy. I stayed on my hands and knees, hoping his cum would stay inside until I crawled to the bathroom.

I started to crawl when Toby started to lick me. He was licking up all his cum as it spilled from my cunt. Toby’s tongue was licking my clit, and I had my first orgasm. I crawled some more, and Toby kept licking. I had two more orgasms before I sat on the toilet. I pushed the cum liquid that was left in me out. I used a bunch of toilet paper to wipe myself dry, just like I had before. I went back into my bedroom and pulled on my panties. I dressed in shorts, leaving my white school blouse on. I would be putting on a clean one for school tomorrow. Mom came home and fixed her and me something to eat.

After supper, I did my homework and watched some TV. I was tired, so I kissed Mom good night and went up to bed. I fell asleep, I woke up about 11 PM, I had to pee, so I got up and went into my bathroom. I was headed back to my bedroom when I thought I heard a voice downstairs. Did Mom leave the TV on? I went down the steps, the TV was off, but the voice was coming from my Mom and Dad’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, and I could see the light was still on. I crept silently nearer to their doorway.

“Oh god, oh Toby, that feels so good… fuck me… jam that knot of yours into my hot cunt.”

It was my mother, and she was fucking Toby! I crept up to the door and peeked in, Mom was on the floor on her hands and knees. Well, she wasn’t really on her hands, more on her elbows. Her face was turned sideways on the floor. Toby was mounted on her, and I could see that his knot was in my mother’s pussy. I could see Toby’s butt hole moving, he was pumping his sperm into her pussy. I couldn’t pull my eyes away, I had to see what would happen next.

Toby stayed locked in mom’s pussy for a couple minutes before he tried to pull out. He pulled hard, and his knot started to appear. Mom’s pussy lips spread wide and his knot popped out. The rest of his cock was still in her. Toby moved, and his fat cock popped out of her and hung down between his legs. Mom just stayed like she was, ass in the air, her pussy lips wide open. Toby returned to her pussy and started to lick it. Mom slowly rose up onto her hands while Toby kept licking up his cum. When she was up, she humped her back and pushed the rest of Toby’s sperm out, Toby’s tongue lapping it all up. There was no mess at all.

I headed back upstairs before I could be caught. I remembered how Mom finished her fuck with Toby. I would have to try that next time. I wanted him to knot me again because that felt the best and I had a ton of orgasms.

I had a feeling my mother would be fucking Toby every night while Dad was gone. I would sneak down and listen by their door. Mom made sure her door was closed and I couldn’t see anything. I could hear though, and from the sloshing sounds, Toby was fucking her pussy hard. I would slip my finger into my wet pussy and finger fuck myself, thinking it was Toby’s cock.

Saturday morning came, Dad would be home today. Mom said, “I’ll pick up Dad, and we’ll be home around 3 PM. Finish any homework you may have left, and clean up your room.

I couldn’t wait for Mom to leave, this meant that Toby and I would have at least three hours to play. Mom dressed up all sexy to welcome Dad home. Usually when he came home,they would spend an hour or so in their bedroom. Mom and Dad always fucked a lot after his trips. I wasn’t supposed to know that, but I’m not that naive or stupid.

My homework was all done, so I cleaned up my room. I left the mop and bucket in my room in case I left another mess on the floor like I had the first time. I closed the window shades and stripped all my clothes off. I lay back on my bed, my feet on the floor. I waited to see if Toby would come to my room. I started to play with my clit, it felt so good when I rubbed it. I must have scented the air because Toby was in my room in a flash. I spread my legs, and his snout went right to my pussy. I let him lick me for the longest time.

My pussy was wet, and I was horny as all caboggies when I dropped to my knees on the floor. Toby tried to mount me, but I stayed upright, teasing him. He didn’t like that, and he growled. I didn’t move, Toby growled again, I still didn’t move. That is when he snapped his jaws and pushed me down. I was flat on the floor. He pulled on me with his legs, trying to get me into position to mount me. I teased him more by not moving. That is when he growled hard and put his mouth on the back of my neck. His teeth were against my neck, he could have bitten me and probably broke my neck, killing me. I lifted my ass in the air fast.

Toby jumped off me and stuck his snoot back into my pussy, licking me good. I was horny, but when his tongue went into my vagina, I felt like a dam was released in me. My pussy flooded with my juices. That is when Toby mounted me. His cock lined up perfectly with my hole, and he drove his tool deep in me. There was no hurt like before. Toby was fucking my pussy so hard. I wanted his knot in me, so I did nothing to stop it from entering my cunt.

I felt his knot go in, but when he pulled back, it came out. Toby pushed his cock back into me, and the knot went in again. He did this a few times until he stayed still so his knot wouldn’t slip out. I started to move my butt back and forth, it felt good inside me. Toby started to fuck me again. When his knot was swollen big enough, he pulled it back tight against the inside of my pussy and his river of sperm flowed into me. I kept moving my butt, I was full of Toby’s cock, and his knot filled me completely. My pussy walls were stretched tight.

Toby stopped fucking like he did the last time and tried to pull his knot out, that wasn’t happening. We were locked tight together again, and it felt so good I had my first orgasm. Toby’s knot was swollen tight inside me, I couldn’t move anymore. My fingers found my clit, and I started to rub it. Toby had other ideas, he jumped off me and started heading for my bedroom door. He was dragging me across the floor. I grabbed at anything within my reach, trying to stop him from dragging me out my door and down the stairs. I weigh eighty-nine pounds, Toby eighty, I didn’t stand a chance. I was able to grab the leg of my bed’s foot board, I clung to it like my life depended on it. Toby tried to drag me more, but couldn’t, his knot was still big enough to stay put in me.

The pressure I felt inside of me was intense, my body shook from the concentrated stimulus I felt inside, as another orgasm rocked my small frame. Toby’s muscles were much stronger than mine. My fingers could no longer hang on, and I was dragged out my bedroom door. Toby headed right for the stairs and started down. My poor body thumped from stair tread to stair tread. I was crying by the time I was on the last stair. Toby pulled me towards the kitchen. I never felt so helpless, being dragged around by my pussy. If any of my friends saw what I was going through, I would be the laughingstock of the school, maybe the whole town.

I worked my way back up on my hands and knees. Toby looked back at me and stopped moving. I still had another hour before my parents would return. I got down into position like my Mom did. Toby stood still as his knot started to soften. He kept pulling, trying to release himself from my cunt. I felt my pussy lips stretch, he would be out soon. He pulled again and I felt a snap and heard a pop as his cock and knot pulled out. This time his cum stayed inside me, my vagina opening was upwards. Toby turned and started licking his cum from inside me, his long tongue felt like a scoop. I raised up a bit, and more cum rolled onto his tongue. Toby knew what to do, my Mom made sure of that. I just copied what she had done.

Finally, I was empty inside. Toby stopped licking, and I flopped down on my back. I looked under Toby’s belly, my eyes opened wide when I saw the size of his cock. The thickness was unreal, how could my little pussy take such a large cock. Toby’s back was humped upwards, for what reason I didn’t know. His cock hung down, almost reaching the floor.

He laid down and started licking his dick. I was fascinated as I watched it shrink back into his shield. Soon he looked like a dog ready to take a nap, which he did. I returned to my room to dress, but first I washed clean.

There were heretofore passions that were woken up in me, there was no going back. My virginity was torn asunder, my pussy had been filled with cock and cum. Surprisingly, I was very happy. The only drawback was nobody could know.

I was sitting on my bed reading when Mom and Dad returned home. I dashed down the stairs and ran to my Daddy’s arms. He always has been and always will be my hero. After a bunch of kisses and hugs, Daddy reached into his pocket and took out a phone.

“Here, this is for you.”

It was a new iPhone, the latest and best. My old phone was about four generations old, this was the latest and brand new. I had lived with hand-me-downs since I was ten, now at sixteen I had my own brand new one. I gave Daddy the biggest kiss I could.

“Okay you two, the love fest is over, time to unpack and then start supper.”

After supper, the dishes were loaded into the dishwasher, and the big stuff was hand washed. Mom and Dad usually go to bed early after he returns from a trip, tonight was no different. At nine, I was told to go to my bedroom because they were tired and would turn in early.

I went to my room and undressed. I was looking at my image in the mirror when I looked and saw my window shade wasn’t drawn. Anyone driving by would have been treated to the sight of a naked teen. I peeked out, and no one was around, I drew the shade down.

I put on a long T-shirt, my hard nipples pushing out the fabric. I could see my dark areola’s through the thin material. I put panties on, I was going to go downstairs for soda. No sense showing my pussy to my parents or making it easy for Toby to stick his nose in my bare crotch.

I went down the stairs, I saw that Mom and Dad’s door was closed. There was a light shining from the crack at the bottom, and I heard voices. I crept closer and listened.

I heard my Dad say, “Miss me while I was gone?”

“Of course I missed you. I always miss you.”

“Did you get horny?”

“Yes, very.”

“Did you rub one off?”

“Many, each one better than the last.”

“Did you miss my cock?”

“For sure, I wanted that thick cock deep in me.”

“Did you use your special dildo?”

“Yes, a couple of times.”

“Did Toby benefit from my absence?”

“Every night.”

“That’s good, I wouldn’t want you searching for strange cock outside this house.”

“I wouldn’t do that, you’re all I need.”

“I think it is time to show me how much you love me. Where’s Toby?”

“He’s in his bed, but he has one eye on us.”

“Do you like Toby’s cock?”

“You know I love it.”

“Why do you love it?”

“Because it’s big and his knot is large.”

“Will you show me how much you love it?”

“Of course, just say when. You know how much I love to fuck him.”

“How do you feel when he is inside you?”

“Like his bitch, I fantasize I’m being bred. His prick is so hot, and he cums so much.”

“Tell me what you like best.”

“His knot, I like it when he pulls it out of my cunt. The pressure makes me cum every time.”

“Time to strip, Honey. Time to prove to me that you love me.”

Their room was quiet, my Mom and Dad must have been undressing. I tip-toed around the corner and out of sight of their bedroom door. I didn’t want to be caught and ruin their night and mine also.

“How do you want to do it tonight, missionary or doggy?” My Dad asked.

“Doggy, I want to be fucked good.”

I heard my Mom call, “Come here, Toby, come to Mama, she needs you to fuck her.”

I heard Toby’s nails as he walked on the hardwood floor.

“Not too fast, Honey. Make him work for your pussy. I want to hear him growl and snap.”

There were scuffling noises coming from their room. Mom must be pushing Toby away, not letting him at her pussy. I heard some low growling, then I heard Toby’s jaws snap shut. I wish I could see what was going on inside that room.

“Not yet!” I heard my Dad say. “I want that mutt to be horny as hell. I want to see him slam your cunt hard.”

There was more growling, louder now. I heard my Mom, “He’s going to bite me if I don’t give it to him soon.”

I could tell by the tone of my Mom’s voice, that she was horny and wanted Toby’s cock in her cunt.

“No he won’t, make him work harder. I want to see if he can make you be his bitch.”

“John, he’s biting my arm and trying to bite my neck. Toby is trying to rape me!”

“Lay down, his cock can’t reach your cunt if you are on your belly.”

I heard growling, and then my Mom screamed, “John, he’s lifting me up, I can’t stop him. He’s going to fuck me.”

“Shut up, let him work for it. Move your ass so he can’t stick it in.”

“You know that doesn’t work, he’ll keep poking me with his cock until he gets lucky and it slides in.”

“I know, but I like the thought of Toby raping you. I want to see you fight him off until he succeeds in fucking you.”

I heard some loud noises now. I remembered how Toby forced me to submit to him. I wondered if he was doing the same to my Mom. I heard my Dad say, “Has he hit it yet?”

‘No, but he is getting closer. His cock tip almost found my opening. You know how he rams into me when he feels my cunt around his cock.”

“OWW… he almost got it in that time. He hit my taint!”

I heard a real scuffle break out now. Toby was growling, and his jaws were snapping loudly.

“Damn it! He bit my cheek, and it hurt. I have to fuck him now John before he really hurts me. Please!”

I heard my Dad say, “NO… don’t fuck him yet.”

I heard my Mom crying. Toby must be really hurting her. Then Dad said,“Okay, let him find your cunt and fuck you.”

I heard Mom scream, “Oh god… his cock is so hard. It hurts.”

“What hurts?”

“My pussy, his cock is hurting my pussy.”

“How is it hurting your pussy?”

“It’s long and thick. His knot isn’t in yet.”

“Tell me, Honey,. What is the best part of fucking Toby? What do you really like the best?”

“Tied with his knot. It feels so good tight inside my cunt.”

“What’s happening right now?”

“He’s fucking me.”

“You like fucking him?”

“Oh god, yes. His knot is in, and it’s swelling.”

“Is his cock tied in your cunt?”

“Not yet, but soon. He’s pumping cum now.”

“Tell me when he’s tied.”

“I think he is tied now. He pulled back and didn’t pop out.”

“Is he pumping a lot of cum?”

“Oh god… he’s pulling hard, I’m cummiinnggg… oh my god, it feels so good. The pressure in my pussy is fantastic! I’m so full of his cum, and he’s still pumping more into me!”

I listened as Toby fucked my Mom. I could hear noises, his cock sloshing around in her wet pussy. I wished I could see what was going on. I had a good idea from my experiences with Toby, but seeing is better. I was getting pretty hot myself, from the noise. I rubbed my clit, feeling how wet I really was. I slipped my finger down, pushing it up into my pussy. I fingered myself for awhile until I heard Mom squeal, “He’s pulling, so damn harrrddd…”

I heard my Dad say, “Is he tied to you that tight?”

Then I heard my Mom scream again, “I’m cummiinnggg…oh fuck… oh fuck… he’s fucking me so hard… he’s locked in my cunt, yes, he’s tied that tight. Oh my god, I’m cumming again…”

My ear was tight against their door, I wanted to hear everything. Mom was having orgasm after orgasm. Toby must really be fucking the shit out of her.

“OW, OW,” I heard her scream. “He’s pulling his knot out, and it hurts.”

I heard what I thought was a bumping noise. It must have been my Dad’s knees hitting the floor.

“Hold still,” he commanded. “I want to fuck you while his hot cum is still inside your pussy.”

I then heard sloppy, sloppy noises as my father fucked my mother’s dog cum filled cunt. In a few minutes, I heard him ram her hard and then stop. There were moans, my father was filling my mom’s cunt with more cum. I wondered what kind of mix of cum was in my Mom’s belly. I’d bet that Toby’s cum was a lot more than my Dad’s.

“Toby, come here.” I heard Mom say. “Come here and clean me up.”

I had a mental visual of what was going on now. Toby would be lapping his tongue at my mother’s pussy. Toby was an expert at cleaning the cum from a woman. After a few minutes I heard some movement, they were getting back in bed for the night.

I tiptoed back to the stairs, before climbing them to my bedroom. I crawled in bed, I was tired, and soon I was fast asleep. I heard rustling going on downstairs, that is what woke me up. Mom was shushing Toby outside. I heard her pouring coffee. I got up and put on my robe. I was on the last step when I heard Mom say, “John, didn’t you get enough last night? Let me make a cup of coffee without you trying to feel me up.”

They both saw me when I entered the kitchen.

“Sleep well, last night?”Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied. “I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.”

“Good. Dad and I are going over to Aunt Gilda’s today, she needs a visit from us now and then. Would you like to go too?”

If there was one place in the world that I didn’t want to go to, it was Aunt Gilda’s. Her place was old and stuffy, just like her. She was my Grandmother’s sister, which made her my Grand-Aunt. She usually ended up crabbing at me because I let it be known I didn’t want to be there. I always rushed out the door when I knew we were leaving.

“No, Mom, I don’t want to go. I’ll be okay here. I have a school science project that I want to work on. You and Dad go have fun, I’ll see you when you return.”

“Okay, dear, I understand why. You’ll have to fix your own lunch and dinner, we won’t be back until late, we’re taking her out for dinner.”

“I’ll be okay Mom, there are leftovers in the fridge to reheat. You guys have a good time, don’t worry about me.”

I was happy to be left alone for the day. There was time for me and Toby to try something new. I didn’t know what, but there had to be something. From the front window, I watched Mom and Dad drive away. I really did have a science project to work on, and I spent an hour rounding up the necessary items. I worked for another hour, building the project before I stopped for the day. It was lunch time, but I wasn’t hungry, my mind was on Toby.

“Toby, wanna go outside?” I called to him.

Toby came bounding out of my parent’s bedroom. I must have woken him up from his morning nap. It was a race to the back door, Toby winning by a landslide. I opened the door, and he rushed to his favorite pee tree. He really unloaded this time. His leg was lifted for at least a minute. When he was done, he came bounding back inside. He looked at me like, “What’s next?”

I ran to the stairs and climbed them as fast as I could. Toby right behind me. I ran into my room, tearing my clothes off. When I was naked, I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. I looked back and saw Toby rushing over to me. When he was close enough he jumped up, his front legs and chest landed on my back, that’s when I collapsed to the floor. Toby tried to crouch down to reach my pussy, but that wasn’t happening.

I raised my ass up, my knees now supporting my weight. Toby’s front feet were on the floor, I was now in position to be fucked doggy style. Now I was able to support his weight. His initial rough and tumble mount is what knocked me down. Toby sensed that I was ready and his front feet came up and pressed tightly against my thighs. There was no way that I could get away from him now. I felt his cock poking around, looking for the entrance to my vagina. I wasn’t going to help him out this time, he could find it on his own. It turned me on more to feel his cock looking for my pussy.

He kept poking, a couple times he came close. I held my ass still, his cock poking closer until he found his mark. I felt the heat of his cock as he thrust into my well lubricated pussy. He pummeled my cunt, his cock spurting his juices into my clenching pussy. My pussy milking his cock as it swelled inside me. Toby pushed harder, his knot slipped inside, spreading my swollen pussy lips to the extreme. Once his knot was inside, Toby remained still.

I could feel the knot increase in size, effectively locking him and me together. I wanted to stay tied to Toby, the feelings inside my pussy were intense. It wasn’t long before I experienced my first orgasm. As a sixteen year-old girl, I would bet that I already had more orgasms than some adult women. My pussy was full of doggy cock and hard knot. The end of Toby’s cock was soft and flexible, I could feel it curling around inside my cunt.

Toby pulled back, his knot locking tight against my pussy inside. That was when I felt most of his cum explode from his cock. It was like a steady pump, pump, pump until I was full. Toby’s cum built up pressure inside me, I felt like a balloon being blown up. When the pressure was too much, small spurts would leak out between his knot and my pussy lips. Of all the sensations he gave me,this one always brought on more orgasms. My young body shaking because these were very explosive orgasms. Now I knew why my mother fucked her dog. She enjoyed the more intense orgasms.

Toby made a move to jump off me. I grabbed his hind leg, effectively stopping him from pulling his knot out of me. All this time, his cock was pumping more of his seed deep inside of my pussy. Toby didn’t like that I had a grip on his leg, he turned, trying to bite my hand. I let go when his growls became threatening. Toby turned, he and I were ass to ass, his cock locked inside my pussy. I looked over to my mirror and saw the two of us. The sight brought on another orgasm for me. This one not quite as intense as the last.

I had had enough cock for the morning. I wouldn’t stop Toby from pulling out now. Toby must have sensed that I was ready for him to pull out. I felt the pressure build as his knot spread my opening and stretched my labia. With a rush, his cock was out. Loads of juices and cum poured out of me, onto the towel that I had placed beforehand. I humped my back and more spilled from my stretched vagina. I waited a minute, then raised up onto my knees, gravity emptying the remainder from me.

Toby had cleaned his cock, and it was now back in its sheath. He came over to me and licked my crotch, his tongue licking from asshole to clit. I stood up when Toby stopped licking. I tossed the towel into the hamper, I had to remember to wash towels before my parents came home tonight. It was half past one, Toby and I had been fucking for about an hour. Right now I felt like I wanted to nap, but my science project needed to be done by Monday. I retrieved a cold soda from the fridge and went back to work on my project. Toby went into my parent’s room and curled up in his bed. No doubt resting up for his and my next session of fucking.

I could continue this story, but fucking a dog becomes pretty repetitive,. There is only so much you can do with a dog. Don’t get me wrong, dog sex has been my favorite sex since the first time. Men have pleasured me,women have given me pleasure, and I have returned that pleasure. But my ultimate pleasure is a horny, thick cocked, big knotted dog.

I’m married and have two girls. They have no idea that their mother is into dog sex. Maybe they will, and maybe they won’t have an experience like I did. That would be their business, just like it was mine back then. For sure I can’t condemn either of them if they do.

My husband knows, has known since our engagement. I wouldn’t take his ring until he knew what he was getting into. After he watched me the first time, we fucked like two nymphomaniacs. We have settled down some now, but I fuck my dog at least twice a week. My husband also likes to have his dick bathed in hot dog cum while he fucks my pussy.

I have a Labrador appropriately named Rox, he gets them off in me a lot. Labs are the perfect sized dog for women, the point of their cocks line up perfect with a woman’s pussy. Every time I remove my panties, Rox is at the ready. When I drop down, it takes only a few seconds for him to be deep inside my pussy. I still get that old thrill as he searches for my pussy opening. That doesn’t happen to often anymore, he pretty much knows right where to shove his cock. I sure love to fuck him.

My husband and I have joined a club and contacted others that have the same fetish. We meet with other couples and have sex with each other’s dogs and sometimes with their partners. It just makes for a fun time for everybody.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I enjoyed telling it to you. Maybe in the future, I’ll have more to tell, like the time I knotted with a Great Dane and it lasted for hours. His dick was okay size, but that knot was huge. I was tied for about an hour and quit counting after my sixth orgasm.

The End

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