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Lawrence sat at his desk in his office. He took a drag of his cigarette. George had done what he had said he would do. For some reason Lawrence did not really want to know. George had convinced the jury to come back with a guilty verdict.

Was it really worth it in hindsight he though the humiliation having sex with him. He didn’t have gay or bi sexual bone in his body. He felt disgusted with himself. It had been a two months now. He hadn’t seen his wife naked let alone fuck her for over a month.

He looked at the clock, 6.57. He needed to get home. He spent a lot of time at the office now, in his own shell. Hes seen Jennifer at cafes and around the court rooms. Her beautiful body. She was now three months pregnant to her husband. Her shapely breasts imprinted in his mind. Hows she fucking a arsehole like George.

He was startled with a knock at his door. He got up and unlocked it, opening it the slim beautiful figure of Jennifer.

” Hi remember me ” She said smiling.

” Yes” Lawrence said ” Come in.”

” Nice office.” She said smiling. Lawrence sat in his chair. Jennifer sat on her couch. She wore a knee length black skirt, Blue satin blouse, her wavy dark hair hung down her back and front. She wore black stockings and high heels.

” George gone ” Lawrence said.

” Crossed that bridge, the fuckin creep.” She said pulling out a cigarette.

” Finally realised.” Lawrence said sarcastically.

” Yeh well it got me what I wanted.” She said.

” Well it got me what wanted to ” Lawrence said.
” Hope he rots in hell.” She said.

” My sentiments exactly.” Lawrence replied smiling standing up ” Drink”

” Water” she said patting her stomach.

” Yes ” I heard after Georges funeral. Lawrence replied.

” They are saying the explosion was a accident.” Jennifer said.

” Yeh right.” Lawrence said. He fucked over more people than anybody. Some one finally got to him. It is the 50s he said.

” I’m not here to talk about him.” She said standing. Lawrence handing her her drink. He mesmerizing perfume filling the office. Her beautiful figure, her breasts.

” Why are you here, not to honourvor talk about George ” Lawrence replied.

” No, ” she said. ” I’m here to fuck you.” She said smiling.

” Fuck me.” He said

” Yes ” she replied putting her hand on his chest.

” Wow really, why me why now. George isn’t available. I see that. ”

” No since George died, I’m pregnant, my husband isn’t that great in bed. I need to be good. Your cock is much bigger than my husbands,and Georges.”

” Well.” Lawrence said

” I know you want me, take me. I’m pregnant and horny.” She said. ” My wet pussy’s on fire.”

” Well then. ” Lawrence replied. She put her hand in his groin.

” I really want you.” She said.

Her lips met his, he stood letting her kiss him, not kissing back. Lots of thoughts going through his mind.

‘Fuck it.’He thought. He kissed her back putting his hands on her hips. They french kissed.

” That’s better.” She said putting her drink down. She got onto her knees undoing his trousers pulling his hard cock out. ” Yeh ” she said putting it in her mouth sliding her lips down his shaft. She held his balls as she looked up at him smiling as she sucked his cock.

” Oh baby ” he said. She held the base of his cock as she licked his shaft underneath to his knob circling her tongue around it.

” You like that” she said. ” Do give a better blowjob than George. ?”

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said ” and my wife. ” He added.

” Oh good ” she said smiling getting back to his cock.

For five minutes she sucked then stood she kissed his lips his hands moving to her bust. He smiled as he undid her blouse revealing her bra he slid it if her back, then reached behind her back undoing her bra taking it off. Her breasts falling out. He dropped it to the floor smiling as he fondled her bosom. Leaning in circling his tongue around her nipples.

” Oh fuck ” she said smiling ” I love that. I think your my mew lover.” She said

” Your lover ? ” Lawrence said.

” Yeh, every girl needs a lover.” She said. Lawrence thought if his wife. Did she have a lover ? He felt he had neglected her, with the hours he worked, was she seeing someone sexually with her was working. He looked at Jennifer’s breasts, at Jennifer a married pregnant 22 yr old. He fondled her as he kissed her. His hands moving to her arse undoing the zip to her skirt. It fell to the floor, she stepped out of it, he sat in his office chair.

He admired her suspender stockings, her suspender belt, her knickers.

She looked so sexy. Her young body.

” You like that baby.” She said.

” Oh yes, ” he said smiling.

” George wouldn’t let you go below my waist, he thought my pussy was his. ” She said.

” Hes dead.” Lawrence said smiling. ” Your mine now. ”

She sat back on his desk her legs open. Lawrence seeing her pussy behind her lacy knickers. He undid her suspender clips on her stockings. He pulled her underwear down her legs.

He took off her suspender belt opening her legs feeling her pussy. He looked up at her smiling as he felt her womanhood opening her wet moist pussy lips. She looked down at him, he slid his fingers into her smiling she groaned closing her eyes, as he slowly fingered her. He licked her clit flicking his tongue over it.

He groaned as he explored her pussy with his tongue and lips, tasting her sweet young pussy, aware she was pregnant.

After a few minutes he kissed up to her stomach.

” There’s a baby in there ” she said smiling.

” So sexy, ” Lawrence said. ” Fucking a pregnant woman. ”

” You would have fucked your pregnant wife ” she said.

Lawrence found her vagina opening with his knob pushing deep into her pussy, kissing her lips.

” Different when its someone else’s wife and baby.” He said.

” Your a naughty boy.” She said smiling the palm of her hand on his chest as he slowly thrust her pussy. He kissed her lips slowly thrusting her. Finally the taste of her pussy on her lips, finally he hard cock inside her vagina. After been humiliated by George in front of her. Here he was fucking her.

They kissed, he held her arse with one hand pulling her into him as he thrust her his other hand feeling her ample breast, squeezing and fondling them.

” Oh yes.” He said.

” I love you cock.” She said smiling. Lawrence thrust her speeding up, he looked down watching his cock in her. He loved her suspender stockings on her legs and high heels.

They kissed as they fucked. Her legs wrapped around his back. After a while she lay on his desk, he pushed papers out the way, he would sort them later, he just wanted to fuck her.

She lay down, as he thrust her, watching his cock push in her pussy, admiring her sweet pussy.

” You have a nice pussy.” He said admiring her body. Her breasts.

” Cum in me.” She said. He plunged faster, then he cum. He filled her with cum. Both groaning as he emptied himself into her.

Finally fucking her. She sat up wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him.

” My lover ” she said.

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