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Jenny wakes up in the middle of a lush green pasture, having no idea where she was or how she got there either. She stands up realizing that she is naked and muddy, she hears a creek off in the distance and heads toward it. She could at least get a drink and clean up a little. As she approaches the stream she hears some dogs off in the distance, she slows her pace and looks off into the direction that she thinks the sounds came from, not seeing anything she turns her attention back to the sound of the creek and continues to head for it. After a few minutes she reaches the edge of the creek, it is gently bubbling over a bed of small pebbles and sand.

She puts one of her toes in the water and is surprise at how warm it is, so she puts her whole foot in. After a few seconds she puts her other foot in as well. She stands there, enjoying the soothing feeling of the warm water flow over her feet, then she sets down in the water and extends her legs. The water comes up to her belly button, she cups her hands and begins to rinse off the mud caked to her body. Jenny was thinking about nothing but the warm water cleaning her dirty skin and hair when she heard a rustle in the tall grass behind her. Thinking that some local boys were looking at her naked body she covered her small breast with one arm while sliding the other into the water to cover her bare little pussy. After covering herself, she quickly turns around to see who is there and is surprised to see three big dogs.

At first she can only register shock at the sight and size of them. She was not sure what their breed was, but she bet that if you stood them on their hind legs they would be close to 6’ tall. She sat there for a minute unsure if the dogs were friendly or not. They have not shown any signs of aggression, but she was always told that just because their tail is wagging doesn’t mean they won’t bite. One of the big dogs walked to the creek and began to drink, when she did not move the other two joined him. Jenny just sat there, water gently flowing around her, watching the three massive dogs drink.

One of the dogs raised his head and looked at her, water dripping from his muzzle, and began to walk closer to her. She tenses up, not sure what to think or to do, he walks right up to her, sniffs her hair then licks her cheek with a tongue that had to be 12”s long and 6”s wide. Goose bumps instantly cove her body and she giggles, at the sound the dog cocks his head to stare at her, then licks her again. The other two, now interested, come over to see what is going on then join in licking her. In a fit of giggles she begins to push them away so that she can get up and out of the creek. They back off, tongues lolling out of their mouths and tails wagging, and she gets up and walks out of the creek and into the soft grass of the field. She begins to look around to once again try to figure out where she was and how she got there.

As she stood there thinking she heard the dogs playing in the water, she could hear them splashing and wrestling, she turns around to watch them when she feels something warm run down her leg. Thinking that she probably just peed herself she whips her crotch with her hand to get rid on the excess pee, but when she loos at her hand it is red. “Fuck,” she says, “What a time to start my period.” The dogs hearing her speak come running over, hoping for more attention. She pets each of then in turn then walks back to the creek to wash her hands and legs, the dogs closely following.

She gets on her knees and begins to wash her hands when she feels one of the dogs put his nose in her butt and begin to sniff and lick. She is startled and jumps, she turned and scolds him for his actions then turns back to the creek. When her hands are clean she slightly spreads her legs so she can wash the blood from her legs and pussy, caught up in the task she has not noticed that the dogs cocks have began to swell in their sheathes. She is there on the side of the creek, on here knees with one hand resting on the creek bed and the other splashing water onto her crotch when she feels something tickling her back.

She begins to raise up to see what the dogs are doing now when she thuds into the chest of one of the dogs. Confused she puts both hands down and notices that her hands are next to his fore legs. She looks to her right where one of the others is standing and after a few seconds her eyes grow wide with shock. She sees the red tip of his cock sticking out of his sheath and the knot beginning to slightly swell inside it. Suddenly she feels something large, hard, and wet, poking at her butt cheeks and it dawns on her, these dogs think she is in heat and they intend to rape her.

The big dog continues to poke at her, but his cock slides up onto her back every time it hits her butt crack, she is re-leaved thinking that he is too short for them to be able to get inside her. ‘If I just set like this he will give up and get off of me,’ she thinks to herself and then it happened. The dog paused for a few seconds dropping his haunches to the perfect level, after two pokes with the sharp tip of his dick he had slid two inches into her tight pussy. Now that he had a start he paused for a second, she tried to inch forward and the dog gave out a low growl so she stopped. He began to start humping.

At first he was sliding in and out of her an inch at a time, every thrust getting him deeper and deeper, until he had about 6” deep inside. He eases out of her one more time before pushing into her hard, impelling her with 9”s of doggy cock, and he wasn’t all in yet. He paused again, with trembling fingers she reaches under her rubbing her sore little pussy, then she feels further back to see how much more he had, there was another 5”s before she felt the start of his knot, which was already the size of a lemon. She hung her head resigned to being raped, as she did this he slid 3”s out and pushed hard until the base of his knot was pressing hard against her bleeding opening. She screamed when he slammed his whole 14”s of doggy dick into her, she was on the edge of passing out due to the serious pain she was now in, but determined to keep the knot out of her it had to be the size of an orange by now. He begins to push hard into her, wrapping his large paws around her shoulders and pulling her to him as he pushed into her from behind. One last push and she feels the tip of his dick push into her cervix as the last of his knot enters her. She passes out as she feels his knot swell pushing deeper into her cervix, and filling her womb with stream after stream of hot doggy cum.

The next morning she wakes up in her bed, covered in sweat, ‘It was a dream,’ she thinks to herself as she tosses the covers off of her young naked body. Then she notices a large red spot on her bed, she drops her head back to her pillow giggling thinking to herself, ‘I better stay away from the creeks for about a week,’ She lays there thinking about her nightmare when her bedroom door opens and her dad walks in, naked and horny. As he closes the door her giggles die away and he starts toward her. All she can think of is the brutal rape the dog gave her in her dreams is about to happen in real life, and would continue for the next month.

To Be Continued……. Poor Jenny is a long way from finishing her punishment so y’all be sure to check back regularly to see what penance she has to pay next. Thanks for reading.

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