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Sweetie here. A Indian Wife, aged 29 years, height 5’6”, vital stats 34B-30-32. I got married at the age of 23 years. And I will like to narrate the story of my sexual encounters.

Sex has always been on my mind and I really like when anyone look at me with sexual desires. I had my first sex at the age of 19 years and from there on there has never been pause to it. My husband Amit, is also very active in bed and we both share a amazing sex life by trying multiple things and kinky stuff. But I am a woman with uncontrollable desires. Though my husband is really good in making out, I usually crave for more. But I really love him so never thought of having a extra partner after marriage. But some or the other day my desires would have surely overtaken my principles and love and so this happened:

I was a frequent user of instagram and many boys use to send very naughty stuff in my inbox. I used to read and watch everything and enjoy but never replied to anyone as I never wanted my desires to effect my happy life. So it continued. One day, a random stranger with name Nikhil, sent me a meme on insta, telling about cuckold fantasies, where a girl was dressed in a bikini and asking her husband to sit and watch while she make out with other men. As soon as I saw that, a vibe ran through my spine, I really felt different and unique and started imagining me and Amit in that situation. I was really aroused but was shocked that how someone can humiliate their love so much by making out with someone else in from of the man they loved for their life. I don’t know why but I started thinking about it day n night and was imagining Amit’s reactions for that. I didn’t replied to Nikhil, but one day he texted me, do u want to see more like this.

I still don’t remember why my fingers automatically typed YES as a answer to Nikhil’s question. He started sending me one meme daily. Every meme was unique and erotic where in one meme a girl walked nude to her husband after being pounded by a black guy and telling her husband that he has cummed inside her, and in another a girl on her marriage anniversary asked her husband to wait for her at home while she makes out with her colleagues at office. I just imagined my self in that meme, as even I was working as part time accountant, and was thinking will my husband enjoy the fact that, I am being getting cum filled by other men on our marriage anniversary day.

In no time I started enjoying those fantasies, and there never been a day where Nikhil didn’t sent me a meme to make me wet. Though I never had any conversation with Nikhil, he knew that I was really enjoying the fantasies he is sharing. Amit and me were very open with our fantasies, like making on terrace, on beach, trying different positions, but our fantasies never involved a extra person. So I was bit afraid to share my hot wife side to my husband as I was worried that I may lose him.

On Amit’s birthday, I planned everything for his birthday party, and as just it was two of us to celebrate I decided to make it special for him on this birthday. I took a off from the office and my husband was going to return by 9 in the night, I had good time to make all the preparations. After completing all the household work, I decided to take the bath. And suddenly my phone beeped and I got one more meme from Nikhil. The same hot wife fantasy meme and really erotic where a wife asks her husband to stand outside the bedroom for whole night while some other guy make her moan heavily in bed. I really got wet just by reading it and have to finger myself to calm down my feelings, but again the whole Hot wife thing was back on my mind. I really lost all the excitement of Amit’s Birthday and started making arrangements for surprise with whole Hot wife thing on my mind.

I really wanted Amit to permit me to become a Hot wife and I could bring a different stranger every Saturday night and my husband enjoys watching me getting fucked. But again same fear of losing him which wasn’t allowing me to ask him anything like this. I got back to the party thing and started decorating the house with balloons and some naughty stuffs. But my cunt was really hot and really wanted someone to go inside and play with it. As it was afternoon where we usually never expect any guests to pay visits, I was just wearing my undies and a Robe of thigh length which was hardly covering my bra and panty. And the door bell rang, and I forgot what I was wearing and just went to the door to open it.

It was Amit’s friend Vinod, for whom my husband left a file at home and asked him to collect and informed me about that. As I opened the door, I greeted Vinod and asked him to come inside. As he was coming inside he looked at my whole body from top to bottom with wide eyes, and at that time I realized what a exposing dress I was wearing. I got back to my senses and asked Vinod to wait and went inside the room to wear a long robe. I changed my robe, but still half of my cleavage was visible which was enough to make any men Hard. I took the file and handed it over to Vinod, and asked him whether he would like to have some tea. And without any hesitation he said yes as he was enjoying the view of my little sweaty body.

As I was preparing the tea, shockingly Vinod didn’t even moved his eyes from me, which was making me really uncomfortable but my Hot wife fantasy started to overtake it and didn’t resisted Vinod from doing so. Trust me, at that time I was so hot that, if anybody would have touched me at my private parts I wouldn’t have stopped him. I served the tea and we started to chat a little, and I could see the bulge of Vinod rising every second.

Vinod directly asked me, Sweetie ji, you are really looking very beautiful today, anything special?. I simply replied yes its Amit’s birthday so all preparations and surprise planning for him.

Vinod: Looks like I got a surprise before Amit

I didn’t knew how to react and simply smiled at him.

Vinod finished his tea and came and sat near me on sofa. I asked him to leave as I got his intentions but he just smiled at me started removing my hairs over my neck. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop him from doing so and this allowed him to go further and put his hand on my thigh and caressing them. I said Vinod please stop, its wrong and we should not do it. But he didn’t stopped nor said anything but continued moving his hands. He now reached my cunt area and was indicating me to spread my legs to enter his fingers in my cunt. I looked at him and he held me from back and locked his lips for which I didn’t resisted at all and started enjoying it by moving my lips all over his lips. In no time he opened the knot of my robe while kissing me and I was lying with my robe open and special lingerie which I bought to surprise Amit.

Vinod stood up and removed his tee and jeans and said “so this special lingerie is the surprise for Amit”. I didn’t said anything and stood up and started walking towards bedroom, for which he interrupted me in between and removed my robe from my body. I was just standing by the corner of the wall with my bra and panty on which hardly covered my nipples and cunt hole. His eyes were full of lust and my hot wife fantasy made me forget that I am betraying someone. He walked towards me and lifted me like Bollywood movies and took me to the bedroom. He removed my lingerie and within no time made me naked and started fucking me in missionary position, which was one of my favorite position.

His dick was not as big as Amit’s but the feeling of taking another men after marriage and that too on my husband’s birthday really made me hot. And I shot my first cum shot within 5-6 strokes he made inside my cunt and really came hard. As he was fucking me without condom, his dick totally got covered by my juices. He paused their and searched to make a eye contact with him. He looked at me and gave a naughty smile as he was feeling proud that he made me cum so soon, I felt little shy and smiled. I now got mad and kissed me really hard on my lips. I was very excited and my hands started moving all over his hairs and pressing him against me more n more. He again started drilling me and now with more power of excitement and I, Sweetie Jain, who never even thought about any extra man in past 6 years, is now enjoying getting satisfied by my husband’s friend on the occasion of his birthday.

Vinod might have average sized dick, but his stamina was really good and he fucked me for around 8-9 mins by pausing in between , kissing me, stroking me, everything. And I came again all over his dick. And even Vinod reached peak of his excitement and came near my ears and asked in a very tempting voice “Can I cum inside you”. I was in no senses at that time and held him tight close to my body and replied him “Yes”. Withing a second or two of receiving my answer as yes he shot all his juices inside me. And it was really hot to take his every drop of cum inside my cunt.

We both lied with arms in arms for few moment till his dick emptied totally inside me, and his hands had enough of playing with my boobs. He then got up and went to the washroom, and I covered myself with the bedsheet. He came outside and looked at me with the proud eyes and asked “so sweetie ji, your surprise is destroyed by me, what more for Amit” and to that I shamelessly answered “My cum filled Cunt Amit Ji”. We both laughed a little and he got his clothes back on body, took his file and went off. And I was lying on bed, wearing nothing, my cunt dropping the left outs of Vinod’s cum on the bed in which Amit used to bang me. I felt really relaxed after that making out session and started concentrating on my Husband’s Birthday party.

Ofcourse I made out with Amit that night, but he fucked me wearing a condom, and I enjoyed the fact that I am holding someone else’s cum inside me instead of my husband’s.

This made me little more bold and I started getting into this hot wife stuff more and more. I will surely share more of my experiences in later parts. Hope you guys will like this. Kindly send me your feedbacks on [email protected]


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