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We were talking about Laura, I described the beautiful place she lives at, while we were brushing augie to a nice shine, and as though she read our minds, when out of the blue she called! I put the call on speaker phone, so all three of us could converse. She said that she wanted us to visit her and her boys soon! We chatted for another hour and said that we would love to meet her boys, after we ended the call, we flipped a coin to see who got to get fucked by augie first, Judy won the toss, so she pulled down her panties and got down on all fours, augie was excited and mounted her and I watched as his cock grew and entered her pussy, as he began to fuck her, Judy asked me about getting fucked by malamutes, and I told her that their cocks were longer than augies, augie was fucking Judy faster and faster, and I watched his knot growing, I told Judy to get ready for his knot, then went to get a towel ready, and to mix up some margaritas and roll a fatty, Judy sighed as augie was cumming inside her pussy, and said how good it felt, then augie turned around so they were stuck together ass to ass, when he finally got done cumming and popped out, I caught the cum pouring out of her pussy, then cleaned her up with a babywipe! She stood up and put her panties on and we kissed hard, then fired up the joint, and drank a couple of margaritas, then fixed something to eat! I asked Judy if she wanted to get fucked in the ass by augie again, and she said maybe tomorrow morning, and that it was my turn to get fucked by augie, so I took my panties off, got down and raised the skirt on my sundress, and as augie mounted me, Judy guided his erect cock into my ass, he wasted no time driving his cock home, then began to fuck me furiously, I could feel his knot growing, and pushed back as he drove his knot inside me, I could feel him cumming inside me, and waited for augie to turn around, Judy got a towel ready, and when augie finally got done cumming, he popped out of me and Judy caught the cum pouring out of my ass, nothing like a dog cum enema! She cleaned me up with a babywipe, I pulled my panties on, and we had another margarita! Judy asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the ass tonight, to get her ready for augie, I kissed her and said let’s! , So hand in hand with matching sundresses, we went into the bedroom, and took off our panties and kissed, she laid down on her back, and I lifted her legs up, lubed her up, and slowly entered her, I held still inside her for a bit, then pulled out, and entered her again, then began to fuck her slowly! As I fucked her, she said that she was getting used to the feeling of being fucked in the ass, that all it takes is practice! I began to fuck her faster, and massaging her clit, and soon we both came together. We cleaned up, then fixed something to eat, then partied for awhile, when Judy decided that she wanted to get fucked by augie in her ass! She took off her panties and I lubed her up, then she got down on all fours and I called augie, and as he got hard, I guided his red cock into judys ass! As he drove his cock inside her, she said OMG, he’s big! Augie began to fuck her faster and faster, Judy said that it felt kinda good, then I saw his knot growing, and told her to get ready! Augie pushed his cock all the way inside, and then his knot started growing, Judy was cumming and groaning as augie was cumming inside her, I got some towels ready, but augie s knot was stuck inside her for almost an hour before he was able to pull out! The cum came pouring out of her ass, and as I was cleaning her up, Judy said she’d been fucked but good! Then she said that she now knew why I liked it! We cleaned up, and made plans to visit Laura. We made plans for augie to stay with some close friends for four or five days, and packed our bags(including the wedding dress), brushed augie so he looked nice, packed up some dog food and his water bowl, texted Laura that we were on our way! After dropping off dear augie and thanking our friends, we hit the road! Judy said that she was excited about meeting Laura and her boys, and I told her about Laura’s love of role-playing, and was getting ready to get fucked while wearing sexy clothes and makeup, and wondering if I was going to get tag teamed by tatsa and takla! We were almost to Laura’s, stopped for gas and some wine, and drove up to Laura’s, where she welcomed us with a hug and a kiss, then helped us with our bags, we unpacked and then began to party before we introduced Judy to tatsa and takla! Laura called her boys, who came running to the house, then sat and howled their greeting, then jumped up and licked my face hello, then got down and smelled my panties, with both of the boy’s tails wagging, Laura introduced them to Judy, as they greeted her by smelling her panties, I saw the red of their cocks start to show! Laura asked me if I wanted to get fucked while Judy watched, in response, I pulled down my panties and got down on all fours, Judy gasped at the size of their cocks! Tatsa mounted me and soon stuck his stiff cock into my ass and then began to fuck me harder and harder! My sister Judy got down to watch him fuck me, and after getting pounded for 30 minutes, I felt his knot growing as he slammed it into me, it began to get huge, then he started to cum, I could feel my insides filling up with cum, and after about 20 minutes, he turned around so we were stuck together, his furry butt and stiff cock inside me, I had forgotten how much they could cum, it seemed like it took a long time for his knot to slip out of me, and the amount of cum coming out of my ass was amazing! But no sooner did Tatsa finish, then takla mounted me, and Laura told Judy about the time that I was fucked by both of her boys, after being fucked for close to 2 hours by both boys, I needed a break, I got up on wobbly legs, with cum dribbling out of me, Laura came over and kissed me, then Judy came over and kissed me, and said that she never saw anything like that before! I went to get cleaned up, pulled on some clean panties and a sundress, touched up my makeup, the went to sit with Judy and Laura, and drank some wine and smoked a joint, then made some plans, and Laura brought some gorgeous dresses for us to try on! Judy and myself spent awhile trying on all the dresses, telling each other how sexy they looked, I chose a cute lbd, and Judy decided to wear a lovely peasant dress, then went out to help Laura get the supper prepared, after things began to cook, we made a pitcher of margaritas and relaxed, because tomorrow was going to be Judy ‘s big day! The day began by dressing up as maids, I wore the black dress and Judy wore the pink dress, we did each other’s hair and makeup, then went out to greet Laura, who was lovingly giving both her boys handjobs, we said hello to Laura, who said the boy’s were ready to fuck! Judy and I lowered our panties and kissed, then got down on all fours, facing each other, I felt one of the boy’s tounge licking my ass, and watched the other mount Judy, then felt the weight of a malamute on me, and his erect cock searching for my ass, then he found the hole he was looking for, and slammed his cock home! Judy was grunting as she was getting fucked and soon I was too! Laura took some pictures of us getting fucked, and afterwards, as we were smoking a joint and drinking wine, she showed us the photos of us getting fucked by her boys! We cleaned up and then got dressed in matching panties and sundresses, then had a margarita, followed by a nice barbeque. The next day we got cleaned up and then dressed in matching peasant dresses, then went to say hello to Laura and her boys, Laura kissed us good morning, and her boys howled at us! Laura asked me if I wanted to watch herself and Judy get fucked, then they would watch while I was fucked by both boys! I said yes, but I wanted to change into the wedding dress, like the first time I was fucked by both boys! Judy and Laura got down, pantyless, and I watched as her horny boys mounted them, I was always amazed how powerful their thrusts were, and could feel myself getting ready to get fucked! After the boy’s finished, about an hour later, I helped the girls get cleaned up, then rolled a fatty, which we smoked, then went to get dressed up as a bride. As I was doing my makeup, Laura came in and braided my hair French style,, then we French kissed, then went out to greet Judy, who said that I was a beautiful bride! I went out and greeted the boys, whose tails were wagging, I lifted the skirt and lowered my panties, then got down on all fours! I felt a large tounge on my ass, then he mounted me, I felt his cock slipping around, then he slid his erect cock into me, he started to fuck me harder and harder, and the girls said you go girl, here comes his knot, he slammed it into me and I could feel it growing, then he began to cum, my insides were filling up with cum, after about 45 minutes, he slid out of me with a rush of cum, and with hardly a break, I felt the weight of the other boy as he mounted me, I felt his erect cock against my butt, and he slipped into me on the first try! I was all loosened up, and then getting fucked for the second time, god his cock inside me felt good! I was waiting for his knot to slip into me, and when it did, the second load of cum began to fill me up! Judy was awed by both boys fucking me! It seemed like he came for a long time, and when he pulled out of me, the cum came pouring out, the girls cleaned me up, I was all sweaty, and on wobbly legs, I got up and put my panties on, and both girls began to kiss me hard Laura was fondling my boobs too, which sent rushes though my body! Laura said she wanted to fuck me while I was wearing the wedding dress, so we went to the bedroom and took off my panties, Laura took off her panties and got on top of me, she slowly lowered herself on my cock and then began to fuck me cowgirl style, we came like a string of firecrackers, kissed, then went out to say hi to my sister Judy, I needed to take a shower and change my clothes, I picked out a cute denim jumper and a peasant blouse, then went out to roll a fatty, and found tatsa buried to his balls in Judy’s ass, I watched as his knot grew, and then he pushed it into her ass, and she said OMG! I could tell that Tatsa was cumming inside her, her head was on the floor, and she was panting heavily, I couldn’t believe how much they could cum, as he pulled out the cum came pouring out of her ass, I grabbed a towel and some baby wipes, and cleaned my dear sisters butt, I got her some clean panties, then we smoked the joint, and made a pitcher of margaritas, fired up the bbq, and made a very nice supper! We spent the last day taking the boys for a walk around Laura’s property then giving them a bath, sadly we had to leave. We promised Laura that we would come back soon, and she said that she’d visit us soon! Judy drove most of the way back, and soon we were back with dear augie! So until later, have fun, Avalana and Judy.

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